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Archives at The Museum of Flight

Biographical Information Files - G

Individuals whose names begin with G:
Gabreski, Francis S. "Gabby" [Fighter pilot]

"A Nation's Loss," Flight Journal, June 2002

"Francis Gabreski, 83; Pilot Was War Hero," Los Angeles Times, February 4, 2002

Caption for painting

Biograpical sketch from the Department of the Air Force, undated
Gagarin, Yuri [Russian cosmonaut]

"The Gagarin Inquest," Air & Space, December 1988/January 1989

"Twenty Myths About Gagarin's Spaceflight," IEEE Spectrum, April 2011
Galland, Adolf [German pilot]

Folder 1:

"Adolf Galland, Top Aviator For the Nazis, Is Dead at 83," New York Times, undated

"Galland of the Luftwaffe," Air Force Magazine, October 1985

Folder 2:

Framed and signed photograph of Galland
Galvin, James B. [Barnstormer, Northwest aviation pioneer]

Folder 1:

"Family Had to Wait 27 Years to Confirm Dad's Death," Seattle Times, August 20, 1989

"Boeing Field Aviator is the Last of the Airborne Mohicans," Seattle Times, July 27, 1989

"A Dip of the Wing to Pioneer in Small-Plane Business," Seattle Times, September 8, 1991

"James B. Galvin, 87, Barnstormer, Pioneer in Northwest Aviation," Seattle Times, September 3, 1991

Pathfinder Awards program, 2000

Folder 2:

Photograph of Galvin and woman standing next to a Galvin Flying Service aircraft
Gann, Ernest Kellogg [Pilot, novelist]

Folder 1:

Mechanical drawing of 35 ft. cruiser

Gann, Ernest K., "The Magnificent Apollos," Flying, September 1970

"Gentleman of Adventure," Flying, December 1992

Folder 2:

The Antiquer, 1965

Gann, Ernest K., "The Ghost Squadron," True, March 1971

Gann, Ernest K., "On the Beak of an Ancient Pelican," Flying, March 1968

Invitation to recognition night for Gann, 1990

"After 18 Best-Sellers, the High and Mighty Ernest Gann Soars again with 'The Aviator,'" no source, 1981

"Ernest Gann," Journal American, June 13, 1980

Gann, Ernest K., "My Island in the Sky," Flying, April 1969

Book review of Gann's Flying Circus, Flying, December 1974

"Citizen Gann," Pacific Northwest, March 1982

Miscellaneous correspondence

Nomination for Achievement Award, undated

"Ernest K. Gann," Air West, undated

"Ernest K. Gann: Gutsy San Juan Son-of-a-Gun Paints it Like it Is," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 1, 1991

"The Factual Fiction of Ernest Gann," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 23, 1973

"Ernest Gann Prepares for his Biggest Adventure," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 12, 1986

"Ernest Gann: Still Itching for Adventure," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 21, 1980

Obituaries, 1991

Folder 3:

Four (4) small photographs of Gann in aircraft

Color photograph of Gann and woman by boat

Negative of photograph for Pathfinder Award

8-1/2x11" black-and-white photographs of Gann:

--In cockpit of airplane named "Ernest K. Gann"

--Two (2) photographs of Gann with other people

--Autographed photograph in cockpit

--Photographs in studio

--Gann in front of biplane

--Close-up of Gann
Gann, Harry [Aviation historian]

"A Tribute to Harry Gann," Airliners, March 2001

"Harry Gann: A Man Who Has Flown With Angels," Long Beach Business Journal, November 29, 1988
Gannett, James R. [Boeing test pilot]

Obituary, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 21, 2006
Ganzer, Victor [Airplane wing designer]

Obituary, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 28, 1993
Garber, Paul [Aviation historian]

"Aviation Historian Paul Garber: Sixty Years with the Smithsonian," Air Force Magazine, June 1980

Obituary, Smithsonian Institution News, September 23, 1992
Garbutt, Earl E. [Military aviator and commercial pilot]

"Pioneer Military Aviator Dies," no source, undated
Gardner, Booth [Washington governor]

Black-and-white photograph of Gardner and others
Garlatz, Ted [Pilot and air traffic reporter]

"Ted Garlatz, Eye in the Sky," Seattle Times, November 28, 1976
Garrison, Peter [Pilot]

"Target Tokyo; Part II: Melmoth in the Crucible," Flying, January 1977
Garros, Roland G. [French pilot]

"Pioneer Air Fighter," Aviation Heritage, May 1991

Photograph of Garros in cockpit (photocopy from a book)
Gary, Debbie [Pilot, aviatrix]

"People: A Champion, of Course," Air Progress, January 1975
Gasich, Welko E. [Northrop Corporation engineer]

Black-and-white photograph of Gasich standing by an F5

Black-and-white photograph of Gasich holding model of F-5B
Gaston, William [Aircraft manufacturing employee]

"Recollections of Helio Aircraft Company..., 1951-58," by Ralph Gaston (typescript)

"In the Shadow of Eagles," no source, undated

"Could They Get Away With Murder?," no source, undated
Gates, Bill [Microsoft chairman]

"Gates Has Vision of Home Museum," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 23, 1994
Gatty, Harold [Aviation pioneer]

Note regarding source for additional information
Gauthier, G. [French pilot]

Black-and-white photograph
Gebenini, Louie [Aviator]

"Louie Gebenini, Aviator and Civic Activist," Seattle Times, October 20, 1989
Geiger, Harold [Pioneer in Army aviation and ballooning]

Brief biographical note, no source, undated
Gentile, Don [American fighter ace]

Biographical sketch from Department of the Air Force, 1948
Gibbons, Ralph J. "Mike" [U.S. Air Force and United Airlines pilot]

Biographical sketches
Gibbs-Smith, Charles H. [Museum curator]

"Noted Wright Authority to be Keynote Speaker," Sport Aviation, September 1978
Gibson, Ernie [Bush pilot]

"NW Pilot, 64, Keeps Whistling," Oregonian, January 25, 1982 (includes photograph)
Giles, Barney M. [U.S. Air Force general]

Two (2) black-and-white photographs of General Giles at Washington National Airport Army Air Base, 1944
Gilliam, Harold [Alaska bush pilot]

"Harold 'Thrill 'em, Chill 'em, Spill 'em' Gillam," Northwest Living, undated
Gilpatric, Roswell L. [Department of Defense Deputy Secretary]

"Remarks by ... Gilpatric at the Aerospace Industries Association Conference...," June 8, 1961 (Department of Defense news release)
Givens, Tom [Boeing employee]

Autobiographical sketch, 1982

Information regarding Project Awake! and Greater America, Inc.

Letters of recommedation for Givens and letters regarding Project Awake
Glaser, Peter E. [Vice President, Arthur D. Little, Inc.]

"The Solar Power Satellite--Progress So Far," Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 1982

"The Solar Power Satellite--A Goal for The Economic Development of Space," 1984 (conference paper)

"Evolution of the Solar Power Satellite Concept," Space Solar Power Review, 1983
Glenn, John H. [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1:

Newspaper articles regarding Glenn's return to space in Space Shuttle Discovery, 1998

Biographical sketch of U.S. Senator Glenn

Biographical sketches

Folder 2:

"Astronaut John H. Glenn Orbits the Earth for America, February 20, 1962" (2 copies)

Newspaper articles about Glenn, 1983-1994

Program from a guest lecture by Glenn, 1983

"A Special SPEEA Perspective on the John Glenn Dinner," SPEEA Spotlite, September 1983

Bumper sticker Glenn for President 1984

Letter from Glenn to Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mecham, 1983

"You're the Pride of the Human Race," March song by Mary Jane Mecham, 1983 (sheet music)

"Glenn Tells Congress of MA-6 Significance," Aviation Week, March 5, 1962

Obituaries, December 2016

Email exchange and photocopies of Glenn's logbook regarding two flights he took in the Museum's Vought XF8U-1 Crusader on May 4, 1956

Folder 3:

Glenn and others at an event (negative and color photograph)

Black-and-white photograph of Glenn in F-8, 1957
Glines, Carrol V. [Aviation historian]

Obituary, BEAM, March 2016
Goddard, George W. [Inventor of aerial and space photography systems]

"'Zoom' Lens Gives Close-Up at Great Height," Popular Mechanics, 1932 (?)

Biographical sketch
Goddard, Robert H. [Rocketry pioneer]

Folder 1:

"Robert H. Goddard, Father of the Space Age," Sunday Telegram, October 3, 1982

"This High Man: The Life of Robert H. Goddard," 1945 (pamphlet)

Portfolio No. 1 of Goddard photographs, National Aerospace Education Council

Folder 2:

"Robert H. Goddard: American Rocket Pioneer," Goddard Space Flight Center, 1968 (pamphlet)

"Suggestions for Commemorating Goddard Day," 1967 (pamphlet)

"Historical Origins of the Goddard Space Flight Center," 1968 (pamphlet)

"Apollo 8 Flight 'Just Marvelous,'" no source, December 27, 1968

"A Trail to Space," The Bee-Hive, Spring, 1958
Godfrey, Arthur [Pilot, entertainer]

Cover photograph of Godfrey, Aviation Yearbook, 1950

"This Is My Story," Saturday Evening Post, 1955 (reprint)
Godfrey, John T. (Canadian ace pilot]

Caption for painting

Biographical sketch
Goebel, Arthur C. "Art" [Pilot, movie stunt flyer]

Folder 1:

"Plane Brings the East and West Closer," New York Times, undated

Newspaper advertisement for "A Flame in the Sky" (cast includes Goebel)

"In Garden's Air Picture," Seattle Star, May 11, 1928

Folder 2:

Photographs from Hatfield Endurance Air Races (photocopies)

Autographed black-and-white photograph of Hatfield, 1939
Goldsworthy, Robert [U.S. B-29 pilot]

"53 Years Later, Veteran Is Returning to Japan," Seattle Times, August 25, 1997
Goldwater, Barry [U.S. Air Force pilot, U.S. Senator]

"Diary of a 'First' Flight in Aviation History," AAHS Journal, Fall 1968

"The Senator and the Reporter," Flying, September 1967

"Pilot Barry Goldwater," AOPA Pilot, October 1964
Golem, Loretta Lederer [Secretary to Reuben Fleet]

"The Crash That Created Canada's Fleet Trainers," Air Museum News, volume 3, #11

Related newspaper articles

Golem's diary, 1929 (photocopy)
Goodlin, Chalmers "Slick" [Test pilot]

"'Slick' Goodlin, Bell XS-1 Test Pilot, Guest Speaker at May 21 Induction Dinner," Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey newsletter, Spring 1997
Gordon, Richard [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1:

NASA biographical information, 1966

“Honor Banquet for Astronaut Richard Gordon.” November 17, 1962 (program)

Folder 2:

NASA color photograph of Gemini VIII crews

Five (5) color photographs of Gordon and others at the Museum of Flight
Gorman, Bob [U.S. Air Force pilot]

"Carpets of Clover," Laconia, NH Citizen, June 23, 2000

Order card for Carpets of Clover, An Air Force Pilot's Story

"Love, with Wings," Monitor, undated
Gorst, Vern C. [Pilot and airline owner]

Folder 1:

Pages from a book, possibly Vern C. Gorst, Pioneer and Grandad of United Air Lines

Award nomination, 1990

Biographical sketch

"A Pioneer in the Short Air Haul," Western Flying, April 1930

Numerous articles on Gorst from newspapers and magazines

Notes about Gorst

Photograph of Gorst and family, May 1913 (photocopy)

Folder 2:

Overhead projector transparency sheets and original photocopies of photographs and text
Gorst, Wilbur H. [Pilot]

"73-Year-Old Pilot Still Into Flying," Renton Record Chronicle, September 27, 1982
Goto, Masashi [Japanese pilot]

"Death in The Uintas; Japanese Flier's Dream Shattered in Mountains," The Salt Lake Tribune, October 31, 1993
Graham, Donald G. [U.S. Army Air Corps pilot]

"Donald G. Graham." History of King County, p. 324-325. 1929
Granley, Bud [Pilot]

"Pondering the Gravity of the Situation," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 8, 1990
Grant, Kirby "Sky King" [Pilot on television show]

Black-and-white publicity photograph
Granville Brothers [Aircraft designers]

Folder 1:

"Stage Set for Air Races," no source, undated

"Shopping Center Lands on Former Air Field," Springfield Sunday Republican, January 14, 1973

"Aeronautics: Gee-Bee," Time, February 20, 1933

"The Greatest Thrill in Flying" (includes specifications on Gee Bee Sportster) (brochure)

Folder 2:

Photographs at 1933 races

Photograph of Gee Bee Y Senior Sportster X11049
Gratzer, Louis Bernard [Boeing Company engineer]

Obituary, May 30, 2014
Grawert, Fritz [German aircraft designer]

Folder 1:

"Die Grawert-Gleitpropeller-Flugmaschine" (article in German)

Photographs of aircraft and ships with captions in German (photocopies)

"To Fly Over Broadway in Aeronautomobile," New York Herald, July 3, 1907

Articles in German, 1909

Letter from Irma Bratke (daughter of Grawert) to Victor Seely, January 30, 1987 (includes list of documents and photographs)

Photocopy of patent in German

Folder 2:

Five (5) photographs of Grawert-Dreikammermotor

Photographs of Grawert

Photographs of craft designed by Grawert

Photograph of article from Berliner Stadtblatt, November 1930

Photograph of "To Fly Over Broadway in Aeronautomobile," New York Herald, July 3, 1907
Gray, Adeline [Parachute jumper]

"Girl To Test Nylon 'Chute at Brainard," Hartford Daily Courant, June 3, 1942
Gray, Andrew L. [Royal Air Force pilot]

Folder 1:

RAF Record of Service, 1955 (photocopy)

Royal Aero Club Gliding Certificate, 1956

Folder 2:

Strip of photographs of aircraft

One sheet with numerous photographs of aircraft and people
Gray, Harry J. [Chairman, United Technologies]

Black-and-white photograph of Gray
Grecco, Daniel D. [Aviation pioneer]

Folder 1:

"Dan Grecco, Aviation Pioneer, Still Active," Western Flyer, November 1972

"Pioneer Portland Aviator Now in 'Hall of Fame,'" no source, undated

Funeral program

"Aviation Pioneer D. Grecco Dies," Columbian, October 14, 1983

Folder 2:

Two (2) photographs of Grecco wing walking, 1922, 1925 (autographed)
Greenamyer, Darryl [Record-breaking pilot]

Pennzoil advertisement with photograph of Greenamyer and paragraph about him, Flying, January 1970
Greene, Elizabeth E. [Pilot and missionary, aviatrix]

Biographical sketch as nomination for Pathfinder Award

"Betty Greene, 76; Pioneer Aviatrix, Missionary and a Lady to her Core," Seattle Times, April 16, 1997
Gregov Architects [Architectural firm]

Folder 1: Brochure regarding Stuttgart airport

Folder 2: Four (4) color photographs of architect with drawings and construction of airport
Gregory, Hollingsworth Franklin, General [U.S. Air Force pilot, engineer, and scientist]

Caption for painting

Biographical sketch, undated
Grey, Charles G. [British airman and journalist]

Article about Grey, Time, July 31, 1939
Griffin, Bennett [Pilot]

"Flights & Flyers," Time, July 18, 1932

"Two Fliers Who Set a Speed Record Across the Atlantic," Mid-Week Pictorial, July 16, 1932

"Flyers Cross Ocean on World Flight," Des Moines Tribune, July 6, 1932
Grissom, Virgil I. "Gus" [U.S. astronaut]

NASA biographical data sheet, undated

Photograph (photocopy)
Grizodubova, V. S. [Russian pilot, aviatrix]

Photograph of "Hero of Soviet Union who commanded special women aviation regiment in WWII" (photocopy)
Gromov, Mikhail Mikhailovich [Russian pilot]

"Soviet Polar Flight Pilot Gromov Dies," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 25, 1985

Biographical sketch
Gross, Charles [Pilot]

"Charles Gross, 74, Flew All Kinds of Planes, Owned Gross Aviation," Seattle Times, December 18, 1995
Grossruck, Steve [Ultralite aircraft designer]

"Hey Dad! Come With Me in My Flying Machine!," West Seattle High School newspaper, June 4, 1982
Groves, Henry Watkins [Royal Air Force chief technician and pilot]

Royal Air Force Certificate of Service, 1957 (photocopy)

Statement of Service, 1957 (photocopy)

Certificate of appointment as officer in Royal Canadian Air Force, 1961 (photocopy)
Groves, Weldon K. [Tuskegee airman]

"World War II Aviator Broke Color Barrier," Seattle Times, May 22, 2008
Grumman, Leroy Randle [Aviation pioneer, founder of Grumman Aicraft]

"Raising Grumman; How Leroy Grumman and Jake Swirbul Built a High-Flying Company from the Ground Up,", October 1, 2007

"Leroy Grumman; One of the Last American Aviation Pioners Has Died," Air Classics, undated

Numerous obituaries and biographical sketches
Grundy, George D. [Pilot, member of the Early Birds]

"George D. Grundy Jr., 99, Last of Pioneers in Aviation," New York Times, May 22, 1998
Guggenheim, Harry Frank [Pioneer of modern aviation development, philanthropist]

"If You Had Millions to Spend," Popular Science Monthly, February 1929


"Harry Frank Guggenheim, 1890-1971," no source, undated

Caption for painting

Biographical sketch
Gunn, Tom [Chinese-American pioneer aviator]

Biographical sketch

Articles about first American aviator of Chinese ancestry to be licensed in the United States (1912)

Obituary, 1925

Letter from Richard Tom to Museum of Flight, 1990
Gurney, Harlan "Bud" [Stunt and commercial pilot]

"Lindy's Ex-Partner Recalls Exciting Flying-Circus Days," Seattle Times, April 24, 1957
Gustafson, Carl [Boeing Company foreman and volunteer at the Museum of Flight]

Folder 1:

Memorial program, 1993

"Fishing Trip to Alaska Delayed by 40-Year Stopover at Boeing," Boeing News, April 3, 1969

"A Wing for the Flight Museum," West Seattle News-Herald, December 5, 1990

Handwritten letter to Museum of Flight, 1986

Christmas card

Folder 2:

Articles from various newspapers about Gustafson and construction or restoration of aircraft

Boeing News, February 26, 1993

Manager, July-August 1992

Three brochures about aircraft, the Museum of Flight

Folder 3:

Museum of Flight News, November/December 1992

Boeing News, June 5, 1992

Brochure: Flight to Nowhere (Concorde), 1984

Article about Clairmont Egtvedt, no source, undated

Photograph of Boeing personnel, 1931 (photocopy)

Cards about F-16

Pamphlet: "Dangerous Adventure!; Lindbergh's Famous Flight," 1977

Articles about Spruce Goose move and SR-71

Folder 4:

Drawing of wing section (unidentified aircraft)

"Carl Gustafson: Volunteers' Volunteer," Museum of Flight News, July/August 1986

Folder 5:

Boeing News, February 1939

Yesterflight, Spring 1976

Pamphlet about the Boeing Airplane Co., 1928 (?)

Map of Europe

Fund-raising brochure about construction of the Museum of Flight

Card regarding Boing 737-500

Gustafson correspondence

"The Boeing 314 Clipper:The Flying Hotel That Went to War"

"The Early Years," no source, undated

Newspaper articles about the Boeing 777, MD-12, and 747

Folder 6:

"The Tradition Continues" (Boeing booklet, 1986)

"L.A. to Tokyo in Two Hours," Newsweek, December 16, 1985

"Boeing Parade of Progress," 1970? (chart)

"Boeing Company Corporate Organization," undated

Folder 7:

Boeing News, November 1937

Museum of Flight News, May/June 1992

Folder 8:

Color postcard of Boeing Model B-1

Two (2) photographs of airplane construction

Sepia-toned photograph of Boeing P-12

Photograph: aerial view of Boeing Company Plant #1, 1966

Photograph of Boeing F2B-1 and Boeing Comet, January 28, 1928

Lithographs of Boeing F3B-1, Boeing Model 40A, first flight of Boeing 747, and Boeing 777

Postcard of Boeing Plant 2 with war-time camoflage, 1945

Folder 9:

Photograph of Boeing Plant 2 with war-time camoflage, 1945 (?)

Color photograph of B-17, 1985

Photograph of Douglas Corrigan (autographed)

Photograph of Boeing B
Guynemer, Georges [French ace pilot]

"Georges Guynemer, The Winged Sword of France," The Mentor, November 1, 1918

Five (5) accompanying cards with photographs and text


  • 20th Century

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