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Archives at The Museum of Flight

Biographical Information Files - C

Individuals whose names begin with C:
Caidin, Martin [Aviation author]

Obituary notice, April 1997
Calvert, Lawrence [President, American Mail Line Ltd.]

Resolution of Sympathy on Calvert's death from American Mail Line, 1966 (?) (photocopy)
Cameron, John "Jock" A., Captain [Pioneer in commercial use of helicopters in Britain]

Biographical sketch
Campbell, Lionel Frederick [Canadian pilot officer]

"A Forgotten Man Takes a Slow Roll in a Summer Sky," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 29, 1993
Campbell, Ray M. [Pilot]

Folder 1: Letter containing biographical information, 2004

Folder 2: Sepia photograph
Cannon, Burrell [Inventor of Ezekiel Airship]

Letter from Holman regarding his book

On the Wings of Ezekiel; the Story of Reverend Burrell Cannon's Remarkable Airship Compiled by John M. Holman. Rough manuscript of book published in 2002
Cansdale, Carol [Commercial pilot, flight instructor, aviatrix]

"A Flight with the 99s," Seattle Times, May 11, 1975

"Carol Cansdale: She's Hoping to Land in the 'Front Office,'" Seattle Times, December 10, 1978
Cansdale, Robert C. [Pilot]

Invitation to Renton Aviation Festival, 1965

Photographs (photocopies)

"30,000 See Oldest, Newest, Fastest, Fanciest," The Oregonian, undated

"Antique Aircraft Flock to Airshow Luring Crowds to Weekend Event," no source, undated

"Time Turned Back as Antique Planes Fly Again," Portland Reporter, July 29, 1963

"Cansdale: The Collector," Air West, April 1965
Capelotti, P. J. [Aviation archeologist]

"The Airship Hangar at the Top of the World" by Capelotti, Air & Space, December 1994-January 1995
Caproni, Gianni [Italian aircraft designer]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

"Some Papers of Count Caproni di Taliedo: Controversy in the Making?" (booklet)

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph, 1938
Caramella, Gayl [Pilot]

"Flying Companions Instructed in Course," no source, undated
Carl, Marion Eugene, Major General [Marine Corps pilot]

"Remembering Marion Carl," Oregon Digest, September 1998

Typed caption for painting

Biographical sketches
Carlson, Edward E. [Chairman, United Airlines]

Folder 1:

Obituaries from numerous newspapers, 1990

"Younger Than Yesterday," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 31, 1988

Formal and informal biographies of Carlson, United Airlines, 1975

Remarks by Carlson to Society of Automotive Engineers, August 13, 1975

Memorial service notice

Information regarding Edward E. Carlson Leadership and Community Service Office, University of Washington

Folder 2:

Color photographs of events

Black-and-white portraits
Carlson, Edwin, Jr. "Skeet" [Pilot and airplane restorer]

Folder 1:

"Through the Efforts of a Barber Supply Salesman, Varney Flies Again," Boeing Magazine, November 1966

Specifications for 1927 Stearman C-3D Biplane

Letters from Carlson to The Museum of Flight, 1966

Letters from Boeing Airplane Company to Carlson, 1956, 1961

Receipt from Galvin Flying Service, 1966 (photocopy)

Information sheet of Carlson's OX Meadows Airport

Flyer for EAA Chapt. 79's Annual Fly In, 1966

Folder 2:

Color photograph of 1927 Stearman C-3D Biplane with Varney Air Lines insignia

Color photograph of Ed and Doris Carlson, 1989
Carpenter, Scott [U.S. Mercury astronaut]

Biographical sketches
Carr, Gardner W. [Vice President, Boeing Aircraft Company]

Letter regarding de-icer engineering on Boeing's first YB-17, 1936 (photocopy)
Carr, Walter J. [Pilot and aircraft designer]

"Pioneer Manufacturer Dies," no source, undated
Carrol, Franklin Otis, Major General [U.S Army pilot and engineering chief for U.S. Air Force]

Typed caption for painting

Biographical sketch

Department of Defence press release upon retirement
Carson, Harold C. [Test and training pilot for Boeing Company]

Specifications for 1938 Cessna Airmaster C-145

"An Eye to the Sky. Chapter 7: 1934 to 1942--The Airmaster," no source, undated

"Pilot Builds Dream Boat," South Whidbey Record, September 21, 1982
Case, John Nelson [Boeing employee and boat engineer]

Biographical sketch
Case, Joyce [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Dear Mom: Meet Joyce Case...," Air Progress, Spring 1962
Casey, Tom [First pilot to fly around the world in a floatplane]

Seattle-area newspaper articles regarding flights, 1989-1990
Cashman, John [Chief test pilot, The Boeing Company]

"One Final Check of the Cockpit," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 12, 2007
Cassidy, Duane H., General [Commander, U.S. Air Transportation Command]

Official biography, October 1987
Cavill, Stan [Pilot] "Still Airborne," Ravalli Republic, April 9, 1986
Cayley, George, Sir [Aeronautical engineer]

Biographical sketch

"The Father of Aerial Navigation," Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation

"Two Great Designers: DaVinci & Cayley," Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation

"The 'Unlikely' Helicopter," The Flying Machine by Allen Andrews
Cernan, Eugene A. [U.S. astronaut]

News release, IBM, 1967
Cessna, Clyde V. [Airplane engineer]

Folder 1:

Specifications on 1938 Cessna Airmaster C-145

"An Eye to the Sky. Chapter 7: 1934-1942--The Airmaster," no source, undated

"Glider Flying Sent Cessna Daughter Wanda McVey Soaring," Wichita Eagle-Beacon, August 21, 1987

Folder 2:

Sepia photograph
Chadaus, George [See Accession 2000-8-12 (Lois Williams)]
Chalk, Albert Burns [U.S. Marine pilot and airline founder]

"'Pappy' Chalk, Founder of World's Oldest Airline," The News, 1976
Chamberlin, Clarence [Pilot]

Autographed, black-and-white photograph of biplane NC726K
Chambers, Reed M. [President of United States Aviation Underwriters, Inc.]

Biographical sketch
Champlin, Douglas Lloyd [Airplane collector]

Obituaries, 2013

Information about the Champlin Fighter Museum (printed from the museum's website)

"Museum Going After Historic Collection of Fighter Planes," newspaper article, October 2000
Chan, Arthur, Major [Pilot]

Cartoons about Chan, no source, undated
Changnon, Harry M. [Author]

Letter regarding publication of books about B-29s (photocopy)
Chanute, Octave [Aeronautical pioneer, civil engineer]

“Otto Lilienthal and Octave Chanute: Pioneers of Gliding.” National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (booklet)

"Octave Chanute and the Indiana Glider Trials of 1896," by Tom D. Crouch, AIAA Journal, May 1997

Appendix to correspondence between Chanute and Mouillard

"Octave Chanute: A Bibliography" (pamphlet) by Pearl I. Young, 1963

"Octave Chanute and his Contributions to Aviation Literature," Vintage Airplane, June 1985

Biographical sketch

"The Cradle of American Aviation," by H.H. Slawson, Popular Aviation, November 1928

"Octave Chanute, the Godfather," FAA Aviation News, 1973 (?)

"Memories of Octave Chanute," by L.J. Lesh, The Sportsman Pilot, May 15, 1938
Chappell, Willa Beatrice Brown [Aviator, first African American officer in the Civil Air Patrol, aviatrix]

Biographical sketch in Northwest Mountain Intercom, February 1995
Charnaux, Madeleine [French pilot, aviatrix]

"Madeleine Charnaux, Beauty and Brains," Heroines of the Sky, Chapter 8
Chavez, Jorge [Aviator]

Folder 1:

Letter from Consul General of Peru to Museum of Flight offering photographs of Chavez, 1990

Biographical sketches in Spanish and English

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photographs: Chavez in Bleriot, mountain, map, Chavez in Paris by propeller
Chekaloff, Valeri [Russian pilot]

"The Day the Russians Landed Here!!," Portland Magazine, September 7, 1973
Chennault, Claire L., General [Army Air Force officer, Commander of Flying Tigers]

Folder 1:

"Chennault: From Maverick to Marvel," Air Force Magazine, November 1974

Caption for a painting

Biographical sketch

Folder 2:

Black-and white photograph by flag with Chennault and other Flying Tigers, 1943

Chennault at Ft. Bliss, 1923
Cherry, William T. "Bill" [Pilot]

"A Gathering of Legends," Readers Digest, July 1987
Christensen, Donald [Pilot, Poet]

Christmas poem

"The Chipmonk Returnes" [sic] (poem and lithograph of aircraft), 1988
Christofferson, Harry P. [Pilot, barnstormer, airplane builder]

Folder 1:

Article about Christofferson, Aero Digest, February 1938

Obituary, source unknown

Photocopy of 1912 photograph of hydroplane racing a motor boat

Photocopy of Deed of Gift and related correspondence

Folder 2:

Print of 1912 photo of Christofferson's hydroplane racing a motor boat

Two black-and-white slides of Christofferson and Ruth Rogers Cerf
Christofferson, Silas [Pilot, barnstormer]

Folder 1:

Pages from Bibliography of Aeronautics relating to Christofferson

"Aviator Up 15,728 Feet," New York Times, June 26, 1914

"Flying Was Rugged in 1914...," source unknown, January 4, 1951

"The Hawkman," Air West, September, 1965 (2 copies)

Photocopy of 1914 photograph of Christofferson and aircraft

"An Aviation Album," Oregonian, December 28, 1984

Folder 2:

Photographic print of Christofferson and aircraft, 1914
Christy, Richard Neil, II., Lieutenant [Air Force pilot]

Biographical sketch

Cadet Biographical Information (photocopy)

Email correspondence between Dan Hagedorn and various people regarding Christy, including copies of photographs
Church, Ellen ["World's First Stewardess"]

United Airlines' news releases about flight attendants, 1990

Email containing article about Church, 2009

Clipping, "Pioneer Stewardess," source unknown

Newspaper/magazine clipping with photograph of Church with Eleanor Roosevelt, source unknown (from accession 1984-08-22)

Three news items from Boeing News, 1931

Biographical sketch about Church by Bruce Florsheim, 2013
Churchill, Winston [British Prime Minister]

Two black-and-white photographs of Churchill at Fulton, MO (credited to Terry Savage) from Truman Library collection
Clagett, Col. [Commanding Officer, Advance Flying School, Kelly Field, Texas]

Black-and-white photograph of Clagett
Clapp, Norton [Tacoma-Seattle financier]

"The Clapp Dynasty," The Weekly, July 1984
Clarabut, David [British Royal Navy pilot]

Obituary, London Times, 2009
Clark, Julia [Pilot, aviatrix]

Photograph of Clark in biplane: "First American Woman Pilot to be Killed in an Aircraft Accident" (photocopy)
Clark, Julie [Stunt pilot, aviatrix]

Folder containing brochures, photographs, and information about Julie Clark's American Aerobatics, Inc.
Clark, Larry [Cartoonist, pilot]

Folder 1: Color cartoons by Clark and biographical sketch

Folder 2: Two black-and-white photographs of Clark
Clark, Mark, General [U.S. Army field commander]

"General Mark Clark, WWII Hero, Dies at 87," source unknown, 1984
Clark, Robert N. [Marine Corps pilot]

Note from Clark regarding 1945 plane landing on street in Detroit, 1998

Four newspaper articles about street landing, Detroit, 1945
Clark, Virginius E., Colonel [Army Air Service aviator, aeronautical engineer]

"Col. Clark Joins Dayton Wright," Aviation, December 13, 1920 (includes photograph)
Clemens, Ruth [Seamstress who worked on Lindbergh's plane]

Folder 1: "She Helped Make Lindbergh's Luck," Miami Valley Sunday News, March 31, 1985

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of the Spirit of St. Louis and the people who built it, including Lindbergh; and photograph of Clemens (?)
Clemmer, Frank S. [Boeing designer]

Letter from Clemmer to Museum of Fight, 1987

"Ball of Fire," Boeing News, April 1943
Cleveland, Carl M. [Boeing director of public relations]

"C. M. Cleveland, Public Relations Director, Retires," Boeing News, April 3, 1969

Obituary, 2001

Draft of pages from book, "Wings Over Pacific," by Cleveland
Clifford, Walter Lemon [Airplane builder]

Printed oral history transcription with related images (created by Clifford's grandaughter, Dana Kelley Bressette)
Close, Rodman Edward [U.S. Navy pilot, test pilot]

Obituary, June 10, 2002
Closner, John J., III, General [Tenth Air Force Commander]

United States Air Force biography, September 1987
Coanda, Henri-Marie [Jet airplane designer]

"The Rises and Falls of Henri-Marie Coanda," Air & Space, August 1989

"Flexible Fliers," Air & Space, December 1987

"The Coanda Story," Flying, May 1956

Patent and drawings, 1930s, 1955
Cobb, Geraldyn M., “Jerrie” [Aviatrix, one of Mercury 13]

“Journey to the Columbian Jungle with Jerrie Cobb,” The 99 News, July-August 1981
Cobham, Sir Alan [British pilot and aviation pioneer]

Obituary, San Francisco Chronicle, October 22, 1973
Cochran, Jacqueline [U.S. Army Air Corps pilot, aviation pioneer, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

"Jacqueline Cochran: A Renaissance Woman for the 20th Century," The Retired Officer, September 1971

"Sugar and Spice! B-26 Gentle as Lamb in Hands of WASPS," The Martin Star, February 1944

Biographical sketches

News release, Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, undated

Photocopy of photograph

Folder 2:

Autographed photo

Publicity photographs from Lockheed

Photograph with Cochran and Chuck Yeager
Code, Ernest B [Boeing test pilot, co-founder of West Coast Airlines]

Obituary, Seattle Times, July 23, 1986
Cody, Mabel [Daredevil, aviatrix]

"Girl Daredevil Rivals Men," Popular Science Monthly, July 1927
Cody, Samuel F. [Aircraft designer, first man to fly an airplane in England]

"I'm Sam Cody. Go Fly a Kite," Air Progress, July 1972

"Men of Moment in the World of Flight. Pioneer Pilot-Constructors," Flight, February 1, 1913

"The Flying Cowboy," no source, undated

"Samuel F. Cody, Montana and the Sky, p. 16-32
Coffey, Francis J. [Pilot with physical disabilities]

"Our Interesting Members: Francis J. Coffey," AOPA News, undated
Coffyn, Frank Trenholm [Flight instructor with Wright Company]

Caption for painting

Biographical sketch
Coleman, Bessie [First Black female aviator, aviatrix]

"Black Female Aviators Fly Through History," Northwest Mountain Intercom, February 1995

"Aviator Soared Against Times," Valley Times, 1993 (?) (includes photograph)

"My Quest for Queen Bess," Air & Space, August/September 1994
Coli, Francois [French pilot]

"The Search for L'Oiseau Blanc," Air & Space, February/March, 1987

Atlantic Fever by Edward Jablonski [section regarding Nungesser and Coli]

"Transatlantic Air Martyrs to be Honored," Popular Mechanics, undated
Collins, Eileen [U.S. Air Force pilot and astronaut, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

"The 3rd Annual Women in Aviation Conference," Ninety-Nine News, May 1992

NASA biographical data, 1990

"First Woman to Pilot Shuttle, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Febrary 1, 1995

"Shuttle Pilot Eileen Collins Renvezvous with MIR," Woman Pilot, May/June 1995

Folder 2:

Seventeen (17) NASA color photographs of Collins, five of which chronicle astronaut candidate survival training
Collins, Frank H. [USAAF colonel]

Black-and-white photograph of Col. Collins, 1944
Collins, Jimmy [Test pilot]

Newspaper articles about test flight crash, March 1935
Collins, Michael [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

"Carrying the Fire," Air & Space, October/November 1987

Folder 2:

Two color photographs
Collishaw, Raymond R. "Collie" [British Royal Naval Air Service pilot]

"The Master of Black Flight," Air Classics, November 1980

"Collishaw--The Genuine Snoopy; Great War Ace a Modest Hero," Vancouver Sun, April 30, 1966

"Collie Collishaw: Greatest Ace of Them All," no source, undated

Color brochure about Collishaw
Colman, Seymour Black-and-white photograph
Combs, Harry Black-and-white photograph
Compton, Roy L. [Author]

"The Longest Mission" (booklet with text and photographs about Stalag Luft III)

"Prisoner of War Camp Information and Stories" (CD ROM)
Conatser, Rosemary B. Mariner [U.S. Naval Aviator, aviatrix]

"Rosemary Bryant Mariner," Wikipedia article (printed September 2012)

Photocopy of photograph of Conatser in F-86H
Condit, Phillip Murray [President of The Boeing Company]

Newspaper articles about appointment as Boeing CEO, 1992-1996
Conrad, Charles, Jr. "Pete" [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1:

Photocopy of pages from EVA checklist

Color trading card

Small comic book about the Flight of Apollo 12

NASA, Boeing, and Museum of Flight press releases on death of Conrad

Obituaries, 1999-2000

Biographical information printed from various websites

Script for Conrad life story

Folder 2:

Survival training photograph

Photograph of Conrad on deck of recovery ship after Skylab mission
Conrad, Edwin O. [Boeing maintenance staff for Flying Fortress]

Folder 1: Photocopies of certificate of training, 1942; flight report, 1944

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of crew of Yankee Doodle Dandy
Conrad, Max [Long distance record breaker in light aircraft]

Folder 1: "From the Collection of Max Conrad," Sport Aviation, 1994

Folder 2: Color photograph of Conrad standing next to Piper Aztec
Cook, Gilbert Raymond [Co-founder of Seattle flying school and of West Coast Airlines]

Newspaper obituaries, 1994
Cook, Hugo P. [Press photographer]

"Tulsa Won Auto Race Fame in 1913," Your World, June 2, 1963

"Accouchment of the Aeroplane." Autobiographical reminiscence of Cook written by C.H. McKennon
Cook, William "Bill" Hough, Jr. [Boeing aerodynamicist]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

12th Annual Pathfinder Awards program

1965 Elmer A. Sperry Award program

Pathfinder nomination information

Folder 2:

List of negatives

Black-and-white portrait photographs
Cooke, Weldon B. [Dare-devil pilot]

Newspaper clippings, undated
Cooley, David [Pilot]

Specifications of Boeing Stearman PT-13
Coontz, Robert E., Admiral [Commander of the U.S. fleet]

"Navy Loses Fighting Officer," no source, January 26, 1935
Cooper, L. Gordon [U.S. astronaut]

NASA biography

"A Tribute to Gordon Cooper," Airport Journals, November 2004
Coppens de Houthulst, Willy [Belgium's premier ace pilot]

"The Blue Devil of Belgium," Air Classics, undated
Cord, C. E. Half-tone portrait
Corman, Ned [Pilot]

"World War II Pilot from Zion Dies," no source, 2008
Corrigan, Douglas "Wrong Way" [Test pilot]

Folder 1:

"The Newsboy Robin; Sport Flying's Special Guest Plane for May," no source, undated

"Wrong Way Corrigan Revisited," Air & Space, June/July 1988

"Corrigan's Crate Comes Home," Tacoma News, undated

"Flying Legend 'Wrong Way' Corrigan Dies," Seattle Times, December 13,1995

Newspaper advertisement for movie, "The Flying Irishman," no source, November 22, 1939

Biography/background, undated

Corrigan anecdotes

"Gallery of Greats: Curtiss Robin," AOPA Pilot, May 1975 with copies of photographs

Brief biographical sketches

Folder 2:

Aircraft registration for Curtiss-Wright "B" Robin

Newspaper articles regarding Corrigan's flight across the Atlantic to Ireland, 1938

"Douglas Corrigan" sheet music (photocopy)

"'Wrong-Way' Corrigan," Great Mysteries of the Air, Chapter II

Articles about Corrigan's return flight to Ireland, various newspapers, 1987-1988

Card about flight with autographed drawing of Corrigan

"He's Laughing at the World," Popular Aviation, December 1938

"Corrigan Would be Anonymous if He Had Loran, R-Nav, and ADF," Seattle Times, June 19, 1984

Photocopies of autographed photos of Corrigan from Boeing

"Summary of a Speech by nagirroC guoD [sic]," Sport Aviation, September 1971

Liberty magazine issue (containing Corrigan's autobiography) (cover autographed by Corrigan), November 5, 1938

50th anniversary envelope cover

Folder 3:

Black-and-white photograph of Corrigan

Small black-and-white photograph of Corrigan in cockpit (autographed), 1984

Autographed photograph of Corrigan and airplane, 1938

Small black-and-white photograph of Corrigan on movie set while filming

Photograph of Corrigan in cockpit of DC-3, 1945
Cosgrove, Ben [Boeing senior vice president]

"Boeing Exec Brings No-nonsense Style to Airliner Task Force, Seattle Times, August 21, 1989

"Rumors are Flying," no source, 1992
Coulter, Robert E. [Transport pilot, United Air Lines]

"Skyway Skipper: On and Off Duty," Seattle Times, September 3, 1939
Courtney, Frank T. [Pilot]

"Courtney, Pioneer in Aviation, Has Test-Flown Aircraft for 33 Years," Boeing News, January 30, 1947
Covert, Eugene E. [Aeronautical professor]

"Knowledge for Design: A Balanced Foundation," (photocopy of typed remarks), AIAA, 1981
Covey, Dick [U.S. astronaut, Boeing executive]

"Kudos for a Smoke and Fire Guy," Boeing Frontiers, May 2004
Craigie, Lawrence C. [First U.S. military jet pilot]

"First Military Jet Pilot Dies," Valley Daily News, February 28, 1994 (includes photograph)
Cram, Jack R., Brig. General [Pilot, pilot advocate]

"The Putt-Putt Air Force: The Story of the Civilian Pilot Training Program and the War Training Service, 1939-1944," Federal Aviation Administration, undated (photocopy of selected pages)

"The Civilian Pilot Training Program," Aerospace Historian, March, 1979

"Mad Jack Cram," Naval Aviation News, May 1982

Confederate Air Force membership certificate (photocopy)

Handwritten nomination for Pathfinder Award, 1983

"Devil Dog Detail," AOPA Pilot, January 1983
Crandall, Bruce [Helicopter pilot]

"Medal of Honor Going to Vietnam Vet from Kitsap County," Seattle Times, February 25, 2007
Crawford, Harvey J. [First pilot to fly mail in Washington State]

Biographical sketch written by Wesley R. Smith

"Prosser Boasts High-Flying Past," no source, September 1, 1983 (includes photograph from 1913: "Harvey Crawford and his ill-fated 'flying machine'...")
Crawford, Robert M. [Composer of "The Air Force Song"]

Folder 1:

Entry about Crawford in The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, 1966

"Off We Go...," The Airman, May 1964

"The Sounds of Music," The Airman, June 1964

Folder 2:

Two (2) black-and-white photographs of Crawford
Crawford, William C. [Early aircraft builder and pilot]

"Early Aviation Featured Local Love, Crack Ups," Woodburn Independent, September 2, 1987 (with photograph of Crawford)
Creech, William L. [Commander, Tactical Air Command]

"Four-Star Management," Inc. magazine, January 1987
Creighton, John O. [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1:

Biographical information from NASA

Autographed copies of Pathfinders programs, 1983

"Space Travel is More Reliable!," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 26, 1985

Folder 2:

NASA color photographs of Creighton and crews
Croson, Thomas Ray [Airline executive and aviation historian]

Folder 1:

Obituary, 1995

Handwritten notes

Croson's correspondence regarding books and donations

Croson's correspondence with aviation companies about obtaining corporate histories

"Tom Croson of West Coast Airlines Discloses Secrets of Birds and Bees to Air Cargo Association," Traffic Manager, April 1963

"Aviation Historian," Seattle Times, July 8, 1956

Folder 1:

Black-and-white color portraits of Croson and others

Black-and-white photographs of events

Cross, Eliot [Aerobatic pilot]

Folder 1:

"Pondering the Gravity of the Situation," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 8, 1990

Folder 2:

Sheet with four photographs of Cross's airplane, Cross standing next to his airplane, and an advertisement for his airshow company

Color photograph of Cross's airplane flying low over airfield

Black-and-white photograph of Cross flying in the air
Crossfield, A. Scott [Test pilot]

Folder 1:

"Test Pilot's Body Said Found in Wreckage," Seattle Times, April 20, 2006

"Crossfield, Hiscock Inducted into Pathfinder Hall of Fame," no source, September 18, 1998

"Test Pilot with 'Right Stuff' Set Mach 2 Speed Record," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 21, 2006

Photocopy of 1998 article about induction into Pathfinder Hall of Fame

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Neil Armstrong, Robert White and Crossfield by two X-15s
Crosson, Joseph E. copy of photo of group including Wiley Post, Will Rogers, and Rex Beach from PM2866.

one folder contains copies of photos from PM negatives, copy of chapter 9 from The Flying North, copy of pages from Bush Pilots, copy of article from 1970 Seattle Times
Crosson, Marvel Wynant [Pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Biography and bibliography of Crosson as a nominee for the Pathfinder Award, 1985

Copy of photograph of Crosson

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Crosson (2 copies)
Crowley, Walt [Public historian]

"Crowley Penned a Plan for HistoryLink's Future," Seattle Times, undated

"Walt Crowley, 1947-2007: Keeper of Local History," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 21, 2007
Crump, John W. "Wild Bill" [Army Air Corps pilot]

"Col. Bill Crump," no source, undated

"Combat Fighter Pilot Flies with Coyote in Cockpit," no source, undated
Cuddeback, Leon Dewey [Pioneer aviator]


"For Leon Cuddeback, Nothing was Impossible," Friendly Times, April 1976

"United Celebrates 40 Years," Boeing News, April 7, 1966

"United Anniversary," Boeing News, June 1951

Photocopy of photograph of Cuddeback

"Remarkable Exhibit Comes to Seattle!," Seattle Times, June 2, 1968
Cummings, Marian [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Marian Cummings Dies," Seattle Times, June 29, 1984
Cupp, James Norman, Col. [Marine pilot]

"Ace Profile: Jim Cupp," no source, 2004
Cunningham, Jane [Women Air Force Service pilot, aviatrix]

"WASP Grad Recalls WWII Flying Days; Edmonds Woman Received Her Wings in Short-lived Program," Everett News Tribune, July 12, 1989 (article includes photographs)
Cunningham, Walter [U.S. astronaut]

NASA color photograph
Curtis, James A. [Pilot, Museum of Flight Board member]

Obituary, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 12, 2008
Curtiss, Glenn Hammond [Aviation pioneer]

Folder 1:

"The Evolution of a Flying Man," The Century Magazine, 1910 (reprint) (2 copies)

"Fastest Man of the Earth and Skies," American History Illustrated, June 1984

Biographical sketches

"Curtiss Wins International Aviation Cup," no source, undated

"The Fastest Man of the Earth and Sky," FAA Aviation News, October 1970

"The Father of Jenny," FAA Aviation News, November 1970

"Glenn Hammond Curtiss," no source, undated

Photocopy of portrait photograph

Brochure about Curtiss from the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum at Hammondsport

"The Curtiss Hydroaeroplane" (advertisement)

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Curtiss at controls

Black-and-white photograph: "No. 8-Glenn H. Curtiss and Henry Ford standing beside a Curtiss Flying Boat"
Curlman, Ruth A. [Pilot, aviatrix]

Photocopy of photograph of Curlman in cockpit of P-47 in WWII
Custer, Levitt Luzerne [Pilot]

Typed caption for painting

Biographical sketch
Cutting, John B. [Engineer]

"Air Pilot Trainer John B. Cutting Idea," Hartford Courant, October 16, 1949

"Engine Operation Training Device Based on Idea of John B. Cutting," The Power Plant (Pratt & Whitney newsletter), October 6, 1949
Cleveland, Charles G. [United State Air Force fighter ace, served in the Korean and Vietnam theaters]

2009 Newspaper clipping when he was named president of American Fighter Aces Association.

Photo of then Lieutenant Charles "Chuck" Cleveland posing on the ladder to his airplane in Vietnam.


  • 20th Century

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