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Biographical Information Files - K

Individuals whose names being with K:
Kaiser, William [Aviation historian]

"William Kaiser, Developed Nassau's Aviation Display," Newsday, January 10, 1988
Kalep, Elvy [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Elvy Kalep, 90, Early Woman Pilot," Seattle Times, August 17, 1989
Kane, Fred [Pilot]

Transcript of tape recording for Bob R. Dickson of The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, a manager of the Fabrication Division. The recording was an interview of Kane by Alton Walker regarding Kane's experiences flying Boeing's tri-motor, the Model 80.
Karam, Shana [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Star Pupil Under a Veteran's Wing; Mentor, Ex-TWA Captain, Gives Lofty Rating to Pilot, 20," Los Angeles Times, April 21, 1985
Kartveli, Alexander [Aircraft inventor]

Patents for airplanes, 1945-1949 (photocopies)
Kazain, Johnny [Aviation stuntman]

"Dizzy Heights; Stuntman Thrills Air-Show Crowd," Seattle Times, July 17, 1983
Keil, Jack [B-24 bombardier]

"45 More Missions," by Jack Keil, Air & Space, February/March 1990
Kelly, Albert [Space shuttle volunteer]

"'It Would be a Wonderful Adventure,'" Seattle Times, September 6, 1984
Kelly, Fred W. [Pilot, pioneer airline aviator]

"The Fred Kelly Story," A.A.H.S. Journal, Fall 1968 (3 copies)
Kelsey, Benjamin Scoville [U.S. engineer and test pilot]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketches

"Acceptance of Octave Chanute Award," by Col. Paul Kemmer for Col. B.S. Kelsey (photocopy of transcript)

"There'll Always Be a Fighter," by Kelsey. Reprinted from Cockpit, July 1965

Folder 2: Photograph of Kelsey and other Bolero Mission pilots, 1942
Kennedy, George [Actor, pilot]

"Our Interesting Members: George Kennedy," AOPA Pilot, November 1969
Kennedy, John F. [U.S. President]

"A Profile in Courage," Northwest Progress, November 29, 1963
Kennedy, Kay J. [Alaskan journalist, aviation historian]

"Pioneer Journalist Compiles Aerial Saga," Anchorage Times, August 25, 1984

Correspondence between Kennedy and the Museum of Flight regarding research material, 1984

Press releases regarding Kennedy's collection relating to Alaska aviation

Index to Kennedy Aviation Collection, 1922-1991, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Kenney, George C., General [Top air commander in Pacific, World War II]

"Kenney Recalls Heroism of Youngstown Flyer," Youngstown Vindicator, May 7, 1952

"The Other Founding Father," Air Force Magazine, September 1987

Biographical sketch
Kerns, Thaddeus [Early pilot]

Correspondence to and from Gary Conklin regarding the Kerns Family Collection, 2010

Photocopies of photographs of early aircraft from Thaddeus Kerns-Kerns Family Collection, California State University, Chico

Biographical sketch

"The Dawn of Aviation in Butte County," by Allen Herr

"Aviation Pupil Killed," New York Times, July 19, 1913

Photocopies of numerous articles and postcards
Kershner, William K. [Aerobatics trainer]

"National Air and Space Museum To Display Airplane Flown by U.S. National Aerobatic Champion," Smithsonian Institution News, January 24, 1994
Ketcham, C. T. [Pilot]

Cover of brochure regarding Los Angeles Metropolitan Airport, 1929

Typescript regarding Ketcham's activities, 1927-1931
Kettering, Charles Franklin [Engineer, inventor]

Biographical sketch
Key, Algene and Frederick [Record-setting pilots]

"They Flew & Flew & Flew; How Two Brothers in an Old Curtiss Robin Set a Record That's Stood for 62 Years," Smithsonian, undated
Keys, C. M. [President, Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation]

Folder 1: "The Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation After the War," Aerial Age Weekly, June 6, 1921

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of Keys
Keyser-Andre, Henri [Aviator]

Correspondence between Ron Davies and Richard Allen

"First Flying Freight Flown to Frankfurt on the Hindenburg," The Zeppelin Collector, July 2005
Killberg, C. G. [Test pilot]

"C.G. 'Chuck' Killberg Boeing Chief F-22 Test Pilot," Boeing biography, 1992
Killoran, Francis [Enlisted man]

Individual flight record, 1943-1944 (all flights on B-17F; includes handwritten comments and observations by Killoran)
Kimball, Wildey "Bud" [Pilot]

Folder 1:

Photocopies of photographs with captions, biographical sketch, and list of aircraft flown

Folder 2:

Small black-and-white photographs of gliders and airplanes including Swallow

Typewritten notes regarding photographs/negatives
Kimm, Joe [Pilot, Northwest Airlines]

"Capt. Joe Kimm; Quiet Birdman," Air Line Pilot, May/June 2002
Kimura, Hidemasa [Aeronautical engineer]

Folder 1:

"Now It Can Be Told: The Story of The 'Flying Fuel Tank,'" by Kimurano source, undated

"My History of Aviation," by Kimura (typescript)

Correspondence regarding Kimura's visit to Seattle, 1973-1977

Biographical Background on Prof. Hidemasa Kimura (3 copies)

"Memories of a Long-Range Airplane: The A-26," by Hisao Omata [from Koku Joho (Aireview), September 1969?]

"'Wings of Sun' Nearing Take-off," The Yomiuri Shimbun, January 12, 1978 (typescript)

Newspaper clippings

Folder 2:

Diagrams of Kimura Library with notes in Japanese

Folder 3:

Photographs of Kimura and airplane
Kincheloe, Iven C., Jr. [U.S. Air Force pilot]

"Kincheloe's Death Laid to Low-Altitude Ejection," Los Angeles Times, October 18, 1959

Biographical notes, AV-Fact database article, August 1998
Kindelberger, James Howard "Dutch" [Aeronautical designer, industrialist]

Biographical sketch

Memorial publication from North American Aviation (includes many photographs)

"A Tribute to Dutch Kindelberger; The Mustang--A Great War Horse," The Airpower Historian, October, 1962

"P-51," by William P. Grey (photostat of 22-page typescript)
King, Ernest J. [Fleet admiral]

Biographical sketch
Kingdom, John [Munitions manufacturer]

"The Man Who Bombed the World," Blue Book Magazine, October 1934
Kingsford-Smith, Charles [Australian pilot]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch from the Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation

"Famous Flights: The Southern Cross," Pilot magazine, undated

"At Last--Sydney Memorial to 'Smithy,'" Sydney Sun-Herald, April 25, 1976

"Recollections of Kingsford-Smith," by Peter Bowers, undated

"Famous Flyers: 'Smithy,' The First Man to Cross the Broad Pacific," FAA General Aviation News, March-April 1979

Newspaper cartoon: "Helping Wings," June 1928

"50 Years Ago: Flight of the Southern Cross," no source, 1978

Correspondence with American Aviation Historical Society regarding the Southern Cross, 1978

"Pacific Flight is Recreated," Everett Herald, June 1978

Folder 2:

Seven small black-and-white photographs of Kingsford-Smith at Oakland, 1934 (includes one of his airplane, Lady Southern Cross)
Kinner, Bert [Aircraft builder]

"Bert Kinner: Mechanical Wizard," Aircraft Maintenance Technology, September 2007
Kinsey, Ronald C. [Aviation pioneer]

"Ronald C. Kinsey, Pioneer in Aviation, Succumbs to a Heart Attack at 86," Seattle Times, November 30, 1988
Kirsten, Frederich Kurt [Aeronautical engineer and professor]

Folder 1:

"F.K. Kirsten, Illegal Immigrant Extraordinary: The Aeronautical Years, 1920-1938," Journal of the West, January 1991

"Frederick Kurt Kirsten: A Most Uncommon Engineer," Columbia, Spring 1992

"Frederick Kurt Kirsten, A Puget Sound Legend in His Own Day; A Sketch of a Life Marked by Irony," by Mark Levinson, circa 1990

Photocopies of photographs of boats

Folder 2:

"Catalog of the Frederick Kurt Kirsten Papers and Photographs," Compiled by Mark Levinson, April 1989

"Frederick Kurt Kirsten, A Biographical Sketch," by Mark Levinson, March 1992

Pathfinder Awards program, 1993

Information regarding Kirsten from Elizabeth Thomas

Folder 3:

Photograph of boat
Kittleson, James [World War II pilot]

"'For You the War is Over,'" Pacific Northwest Aviation & Business Journal, June 2002

"Miracle Near Magdeburg," Museum of Flight publication (?), undated

Klette, Immanuel [B-17 pilot]

"The Man Who Wouldn't Go Home," Air Force Magazine, May 1986
Kling, Rudy A. [Pilot]

"Kling Tops Fliers in Thompson Race," New York Times, September 7, 1937
Knabenshue, Roy [Pilot of dirigible airship]

"Roy Knabenshue," Aeronautics, May 1910

Resolution, City of Los Angeles honoring Knabenshue, 1954
Knapp, Brooke [Record-setting pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

"Brooke Knapp: Record-Setting Pilot; Chair, California Commission on Aviation and Airports (Biography)," 1987

Knapp's resume

"Impeccable Standards Are Their Main Accessories," Los Angeles Times, October 16, 1987

"Around the World on the American Dream II; Brooke and Belle Go For the Record, Daily News, November 13, 1983

"Male Bastion Bows to Its New Partners," Los Angeles Times, August 21, 1987

"From Fear of Flying to the Thrill of It," USA Today, October 19, 1984

"Aviatrix Knapp Flies Around World in Record 44-1/2 Hours," The Japan Times, February 17, 1984

"High-Flying Brooke Knapp," Success magazine, November 1983

Additional magazine articles

Photocopy of photograph of Knapp

Folder 2:

Two, black-and-white publicity photographs of Knapp

Two photographs of Knapp and others: "The Crew of 'Flight for World's Children'"
Knight, James H. "Jack" [Pilot]

"End of an Era," pages 141-144 (portion of a book regarding Knight]

Biographical sketch about Knight from Buchanan Public Library, Buchanan, Michigan

Letters from Knight regarding mail service flying, 1920, 1923 (photocopies)

Photocopies of numerous articles about Knight

"United Air Lines Terminal Clearance and Weather Report, " December 6, 1932 signed by Knight (photocopy)

Copies of photographs of Knight from the Smithsonian Photo Archives

Numerous photocopies of photographs

"Night Flight," no source, undated

Obituary, Aero Digest, April 1, 1945
Knight, Lester B. [Consulting and construction company]

Color sales brochures
Knudsen, Violet [Pilot, aviatrix]

Photograph of Knudsen in cockpit of Aeronca Chief
Knutson, Donald Clarence [Test pilot]

Obituaries, 1992
Kocher, Addis [Bendix Aviation Corporation mechanic]

"The Man Who Did More Than Sweep Up After Airplanes," Star-Ledger, January 14, 1990
Kohl, Hermann [German pilot]

Newspaper article (in German), 1930 and photocopy of photograph of Kohl
Koral, Frank [San Juan Airlines marketing director]

Photograph of Steen Skybolt, Island Sounder, Spring 1983

Copy of Balloonist's Prayer
Koukal, Gerald "Jerry" [Pilot]

Folder 1:

Student Pilot's License, 1934

"City's First Pilot Flies Solo, Breaks State Time Record," no source, undated

Pilot's Log Book, 1934

Koukal family information

Folder 2:

Seven black-and-white photographs, 1930-1942 (including aircraft marked Rankin School of Flying, 4084)
Kozshedub, I. N. [Russian fighter pilot]

Photocopy of photograph of Kozshedub
Krentz, Lou [Air mail and fighter pilot]

"An Air Mail Pioneer Recalls Era Stamped with High Adventure, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 4, 1982
Krier, Harold [Aerobatic pilot]

"Aerobatic Champions," Sport Aviation, January 1969 (also features Charlie Hillard)
Kringle, Lorna Ann [Aviation educator]

Nomination for Pathfinder Award, undated
Kronovich, George [Aircraft mechanic and pilot]

"George on My Mind," Air & Space, February/March 1989
Krueger, Eugene [U.S. Army helicopter pilot]

"Home From the Wars," Seattle Times, June 18, 2011
Kukielski, O. J. [B-17 navigator]

"The Essence of Dad's Experience," no source, September 11, 2003
Kuolt, Milt [Founder, Horizon Air]

"Horizon Air Founder Put the Customer First," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 4, 2008
Kuron, Walter J. [German fighter pilot]

"Walter J. Kuron, of Red Baron Era, Dies at 102," New York Times, November 3, 1997
Kurtzer, Lana [Pilot]

Folder 1:

Invitation to reception: "50 Years Contribution to Aviation," 1978

Draft article regarding Kurtzer's experiences, 1978

"Happy Landings" card with photo of airplane

"Pioneering Aviator Celebrates 50th Anniversary," Western Marine Electronics news release, 1978

Numerous newspaper articles regarding owner of Kurtzer's Flying Service on Lake Union, 1931-1959

Newspaper clippings, 1937-1988 (photocopies)

Folder 2:

Newspaper clippings, 1937-1988

"Hangar Fire Ruled Arson: Former Kurtzer Flying Service Building Completely Destroyed in April 10 Blaze," The Lake Union Review, May 1991

Obituaries, 1988

Folder 3:

Photographs circa 1930s including Aeronca C-3, floating hangar, Taylorcraft, J-3 Cubs from Gordon Williams collection
Kylstra, J. Handwritten note to see Harry Miller Collection regarding airplane plan sent to Boeing Company, 1938


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