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Archives at The Museum of Flight

Biographical Information Files - H

Individuals whose names begin with H:
Haddaway, George Edward [Aviation journalist, enthusiast, and philanthropist]

Obituary, Air-Log (The University of Texas at Dallas), 1998

"SEAlebrity: Honorary Silver Eagle George E. Haddaway," The Scuttlebutt, October 1989
Haise, Fred [U.S. astronaut]

NASA photographs of Haise
Haisen, Elmer [Pilot]

Black-and-white photograph (3x4) of Haisen with parachute at Boeing Field
Haizlip, James [Pilot]

Newspaper clippings regarding record flights set by Haizlip and his wife, Mae Haizlip, 1932

Reference to an article, "Haizlip's Beech Aboard the Hindenberg"
Hall, Bert [American air-adventurer]

"The Adventurous Bert Hall," Popular Aviation, May 1936
Hall, Bob [Aircraft designer, test pilot]

"The Legendary Bob Hall," Flight Journal, October 2000
Hall, Brownlow R. [Pilot]

Black-and-white photograph of Hall climbing into cockpit
Hall, Robert L. [Aviation pioneer]

"Robert Hall, Aviation Pioneer, Dies at 85," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 27, 1991
Hall, Seely V. [Northwest aviation pioneer]

"Seely Hall Dies at 91; Pioneer of West Coast Airmail Service," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 25, 1984

Correspondence between Frank Van Dyke and Museum of Flight regarding Seely Hall's historical materials, 1983

Unsigned gift agreement

Pages from an article regarding Pacific Air Transport, no source, undated
Hamilton, Charles K. [Pilot who first brought aviation to Seattle]

Folder 1:

"The Flying Pioneers: Charles K. Hamilton; Early Balloonist -- Curtiss Exhibition Pilot," A.A.H.S. Journal, Fall 1969

"Showman: C.K. Hamilton, the Flying Daredevil," Columbia, Spring 1994

"The Flying Machines of Charles K. Hamilton," W-W-1 Aero, May 2006 (2 copies)

"Red Barn Restoration Will Recapture Seattle's Era of Pioneering Aviation," no source, April 21, 1976

Folder 2:

"Plane First Flew in Seattle 100 Years Ago, Crashed the Next Day," Aerospace News, March 11, 2010

Typescript article by Archie Satterfield regarding Hamilton

"The Day Charley K. Hit the Drink," Seattle Weekly, August 16, 1989

Numerous photocopies of articles regarding Hamilton's flights in Seattle

Folder 3:

Postcard: "Charles K. Hamilton Flying the First Aeroplane in Seattle, on March 12, 1910. The Machine is a Curtiss Pusher."

Numerous photographs of Hamilton's first flight at the Meadows, March 11, 1910

Photograph of Hamilton in Herring-Curtiss, 1910

Two (2) photographs of Hamilton with others

Folder 4:

Photocopies of photographs of Hamilton and his flight in Seattle. The originals are in numerous collections at the Museum of Flight and the Seattle Historical Society

Overhead projector sheets of images from the collection
Hamilton, Kelly [Air Force pilot, aviatrix]

"Pilot Can Blame Husband for her Plane Woes," no source, September 1978
Hamilton, Lloyd Andrews [First American officer to fight with the Royal Flying Corps]

Biographical sketch
Hamilton, Robert Morill [U.S. World War II ace pilot]

Obituary, no source, undated
Hamilton, Thomas F. [Aircraft manufacturer]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketches

"Seattle's First Aviators and Their Claims to a New Province of the Sky," Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Spring 2001

Photocopies of photographs of Hamilton and airplanes

Folder 2:

Sepia photograph of Hamilton and airplane, circa 1911

Two (2) portrait photographs of Hamilton at different ages
Hamilton, William [Boeing engineer]

"Aircraft designer William Hamilton Was a Boeing 'Star,'" Seattle Times, February 27, 2002
Hammer, Fritz W. [German aircraft representative]

"Fritz W. Hammer: Indefatigable Airline Pioneer," Airpost Journal, April 2014
Hammond, Robert [U.S. Air Corps pilot]

Newspaper photograph of Hammond at airplane plant, no source, 1940s

"Lieut. Robert Hammond Home after 18 Months in Europe," no source, 1940s
Hammontree, C. O. [Air mail pilot]

"Seaplane Arrives After Hard Flight," Victoria, B.C. Colonist, September 21, 1920 (?)

Photocopies of three photographs of Hammontree and seaplanes
Handley, Wayne [Fighter and aerobatic pilot]

"Wayne Handley & The Raven" (color brochure)

Black-and-white negative of aircraft
Hanscom, John C. [U.S. Air Corps pilot]

Two (2) DVDs containing information about Hanscom's World War II career when he flew gliders in the European Theatre
Hansen, Elmer [Flight instructor]

"The Teacher and the Engine Builder: 2004 Pathfinder Awards," Airport Journals, November 2004

"Still Flying, Spreading Knowledge of Wings," Seattle Times, March 11, 1994

Obituary, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 20, 2004
Hargrave, Lawrence [Australian aeronautical scientist]

"Lawrence Hargrave: Australia's Pioneer Aeronautical Scientist," 1984 (brochure)

"Aeronautical Work of Lawrence Hargrave," Shell Aviation News, 1962

Biographical sketch
Harris, Harold R. [Aviation pioneer and test pilot]

Folder 1:

Correspondence by and about Harris, 1983, 1988

"Brigadier General Harold R. Harris 1895-1988," Friends Bulletin, Fall/Winter 1988

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of Harris standing by airplane (2 copies)
Harris, Morton E. [ U.S. Air Force pilot]

Commendation, 1945 (photocopy)
Hart, Marion Rice [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Sprightly Aviatrix Ignores Barrier of Advancing Age," Star Ledger, October 9, 1973

"The Old Lady in the Air," S.F. Examiner & Chronicle, October 14, 1973

Note regarding Hart, MIT Technology Review, April 1988
Hart, Terry J. [U.S. astronaut]

NASA crew photograph for the Eleventh Space Shuttle Orbital Flight (photocopy)
Hartman, Art [Aviation pioneer]

"1917 Jenny Flies Again," Sport Aviation, November 1961
Hartman, Gertrude [Pilot, aviatrix]

"The Lady Pilot was a Hero," Seattle Times, September 5, 1971
Hartney, Harold E. [Pilot and commander in U.S. Air Service]

"Canadian Commander," Friends Journal, Summer 2004
Hassell, Bert R. J. "Fish" [Barnstormer, civilian and military pilot]

Folder 1:

"The Fantastic Story of the 'Hiking Viking' Bert R. J. 'Fish' Hassell; Pioneer Pilot, Patriot, and Adventurer." 1969(?) (pamphlet) (three copies)

"Lot Bird Flies Home," Houston Chronicle Texas Magazine, August 10, 1969

Folder 2:

"Background Information of Col. Bert R.J. Hassel's [sic] Historical Flight of 1928" (photocopy of typescript)

"Danish Royalty, Boeing Engineer, Aid in Historical Airplane Restoration," no source, undated

"A Viking with Wings" by Col. Bert R.J. Hassell (promotional material regarding Hassell's book)
Hatfield, David D. [Aviation historian and collector of historical materials relating to aviation]

Folder 1:

"The Ultimate Collection," Private Pilot, October 1975 (two copies)

Flyer regarding meeting at The American Hall of Aviation and talk by Dr. David Hatfield

Folder 2:

Photographs of Hatfield, two with other, unidentified people
Havens, Beckwith [Pilot]

Folder 1:

"Well, Here We Go Again!," Aero Digest, June 1947

Letter from Havens to Wilbur, January 3, 1964

Folder 2:

Photograph of Curtiss Training Camp, Hammondsport, NY, 1911

Three (3) black-and-white photographs of Havens in biplane, Rockford, Illinois, 1912

Photocopy of Havens photograph, 1911?
Hawks, Frank [American record-setting pilot]

Folder 1:

"The Story of Frank Hawks," Speed magazine, undated

"Across the Continent in a Glider," Modern Mechanics and Inventions, circa 1930

"How I Beat Lindbergh's Cross-Country Record," Modern Mechanics and Inventions, circa 1930

"An Interview with Captain Frank M. Hawks," National Glider, September 1930

Numerous newspaper clippings regarding Hawks, various sources, 1930s

"Transcontinental Record Reduced," Western Flying, March 1929

"Frank Hawks--The Record Breaker," Popular Aviation, June 1931 (3 copies)

Caption for painting

Biographical sketch

"Here and There Over Europe," The Texas Star, October 1931 (diary notes of Hawks' experiences in Europe)

Folder 2:

Photograph of Hawks in Northrop Gamma, "Sky Chief" (marked: "non-stop from Chicago to Los Angeles")

Three (3) small photographs of Hawks and his airplane, 1933 (one at Boeing Field)
Hayes, Chuck [U.S. Air Force officer and photographer]

"Olympia Man Captured History on Film," The Olympian, November 24, 1996
Haynes, Al [United Airlines pilot]

"Hero's Last Flight: Pilot Al Haynes Retires," Seattle Times, August 27, 1991 (includes photograph)
Heath, Edward W. [Pacific Northwest shipbuilder]

"Harsh Ways: Edward W. Heath and the Shipbuilding Trade," Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Winter 1998/1999 (2 copies)

Timeline of Heath's Shipyard/Boeing Red Barn (1909-1998), Museum of Flight

"Looping the Loop in a Glider," Modern Mechanics and Inventions, circa 1930
Heinemann, Edward H. [U.S. military aircraft designer]

Folder 1: "An Outpost for the Designer," Astronautics & Aeronautics, July 1972

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of Heinemann
Heinemann, Milton [Boeing employee]

"Design and Development of the 747 Cargo Handling System," by Heinemann. Paper presented at a meeting of the Society of Automotive Engineers, August 1968
Heinkel, Ernest [Aeronautical engineer]

Biographical sketch
Heinzerling, Louis [Model aircraft builder]

Folder 1: "Model Plane Completed," Monroe Evening News, August 11, 1981

Folder 2: Photograph of Boeing P-12B
Helms, Susan J. [U.S. astronaut]

Biographical data sheet, National Air and Space Administration, 1991

"Oregon is Home to Astronaut Susan Helms," General Aviation News & Flyer, 1993
Hembroff, John [Management consultant]

Brief note regarding Hembroff, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 6, 1987
Hendricks, Fannie-Dell [Pilot, aviatrix]

Biographical sketch
Hennen, Joe [Boeing Company production chief]

Biographical sketch
Henson, William Samuel [Designer of the aerial steam carriage]

Biographical sketch

"The First Powered Hops," Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, undated
Hermann, Frederick H. [U.S. Marine Corps test pilot]

"He Was an Almost-Moon-Man," no source, undated

Biographical proof sheet, Jane's, 1982
Herndon, Hugh [Pilot]

Black-and-white photograph of Herndon and Clyde Pangborn ("Trans-Pacific Fliers Arriving in Wenatchee, Oct. 5th, 1931") (2 copies, one autographed by Pangborn)

Black-and-white photograph of Herndon and woman next to airplane

Photocopy of photograph of Herndon and Pangborn ("Tuning Their Plane for the Round-the-World-Race")
Herren, Wilson Teague [Airplane builder]

Biographical sketch

Photocopies of numerous photographs
Herring, Augustus [Aviation pioneer]

"Augustus Herring...Aviation Pioneer," no source, undated
Hester, Dorothy [See Stenzel, Dorothy Hester for complete biographical file]
Hickerson, Oscar D., Jr. [Boeing Company Quality Department inspector]

"Fun Time At Boeing" (collection of memorabilia including articles, photographs, timelines, certificates, etc., 1950s-1980s
Hicks, Gwin Franklin [President, Lake Central Airlines]

Biographical outline (2 copies)

Correspondence regarding records relating to Stearman, 1990s

Chart of feeder airlines authorized by the Civil Aeronautics Board, 1939-1955

Correspondence relating to feeder airlines, July 9, 1984

"Lake Central Airlines," Indiana Business and Industry, 1959(?)

Numerous articles and related materials about Lake Central Airlines

"Re-discovering the Old Oregon Trail," Western Pathways, Summer/Fall 1950

"Those Magnificent Men," The Olympian, December 18, 1988
Hicks, Sam C. [Bomber pilot and bombardier with American Expeditionary Force]

"'Over There...' WW Man was Aviator in Lumbering, WWI Bomber," Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, July 20, 1975
Hicks, Vivian [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Daring Young Women in Their Flying Machines," The Olympian, May 29, 1997
Higdon, Al [Public relations director, Learjet]

"How Learjet Became a Household Name," Charge!, June 21, 2013
Higgins, Kenny [Head of Boeing Flight Test Operations]

"Memories Keep Test Pilot Flying High," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 30, 2006
Hild, Frederick [Aviator]

Biographical sketch, A.A.H.S. Journal, Spring, 1968
Hill, Claude [First Boeing employee]

"Family Album: Claude Hill, B-W," Boeing Magazine, February 1946

"Claude Hill, 44 Years with Company, Retires," Boeing News, June 16, 1960
Hill, John Kevin [Youngest person to fly across United States]

Newspaper clippings regarding boy and his flight, 1987
Hill, Johnnie [Royal Air Force pilot]

"Group Captain Johnnie Hill," no source, undated
Hill, Ployer P. [U.S. Army Air Corps pilot]

Individual Flight Record, Wright Field, Ohio, October 1935 (photocopy)
Hillard, Jack [Curator, The Museum of Flight]

Black-and-white photograph
Hilsen, Norman Olav Einar [Northwest Airlines pilot]

Folder 1: Biographical sketch

Folder 2: Color photograph
Hilsz, Maryse [French pilot, aviatrix]

Newspaper clipping with photograph, no source, undated

"Maryse Hilsz, The Indomitable Athlete," Heroines of the Sky, pages 97-103
Hing, Leah [Pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Note about Hing with photograph from Chinese American Portraits, page 94

"Tex Taught the Gals, Too!," America's Famous Fliers - A Pictorial History, pages 24-25

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of Hing in front of airplane (2 copies)
Hinkler, Herbert J. L. "Bert" [Australian pilot]

"The Long Reach to Australia," The Pathfinders, pages 109-120

Page relating to Hinkler in Conquest of the Atlantic: Pioneer Flights 1919-1939

Entry about Hinkler in Who's Who in Aviation, 1928

"The Speed Seekers," Aeroplane Monthly, April 1991

"Half Around the World in Sixteen Days," Popular Mechanics, undated

Newspaper clippings
Hinton, Steve [Pilot]

"Steve Hinton," Flight Journal, August 2002
Hiscock, Thorp [Engineer of aeronautical technology]

Folder 1:

Notes of Mrs. Jamieson interview, 1955 (2 copies)

Correspondence generally to and from Thorp Hiscock, Jr., 1942-1943 and undated

Folder 2:

Biographical sketches and notes

Numerous newspaper articles regarding Hiscock's experiments in plane-to-ground radio communication

Family history


Folder 3:

Numerous newspaper articles regarding Hiscock's experiments in plane-to-ground radio communication

Family history

Folder 4:

Documents relating to Hiscock's Pathfinder Award

Folder 5:

Three (3) black-and-white portraits of Hiscock
Hobbs, B. D. [Flight Lt.]

Reference to "Sea Furies"
Hoffman, Wally [B-17 pilot]

Reality....Remembering Schweinfurt. Personal reminiscence of the air combat battle
Hogan, Everett [Aviation pioneer]

Folder 1: "Maximum-Lift" (videotape catalog) and Film Archives Record

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of Hogan, 1989
Hogland, A. F. [Early airmail aviator]

"Making Their Post Marks," Seattle Times, March 3, 1989
Holcombe, Helen [Seattle architect]

Folder 1: Handwritten biographical notes and newspaper obituary

Folder 2: Photograph of Holcombe at drawing table
Holloman, William H., III, "Bill" [Tuskegee Airman]

Folder 1:

Color information sheet about Holloman and John Watkins

"For Airman, Service Didn't End with War," Seattle Times, June 17, 2010

Funeral program

Information about funeral plans and Cascade Warbirds who flew the "Missing Man" formation in honor of Holloman


Text of eulogy by Gene Fioretti

Text of nomination for the Brigadier General Noel F. Parrish Award

Computer printout of photograph of Holloman's headstone

Folder 2:

Five color photographs of Holloman, some with friends
Holman, Charles W. [Pilot]

"A Tribute To Speed Holman," Popular Aviation, 1931
Holstein, N. A. [U.S. Navy ensign]

Handwritten letter on U.S.N.R. Midshipmen's School stationery, 1943
Holtgrewe, Dr. H. Logan [Model aircraft builder]

Folder 1: "Skilled Model Builder Tackles WWI Aircraft,", August 16, 2009

Folder 2: Color photograph of Holtgrewe
Hoover, Robert A. "Bob" [Test pilot and aerobatic pilot]

Biographical sketches

"A Calm Voice in the Face of Disaster," Airport Journals, August 2004

"A Point in Space," Sport Aviation, August 1983

Letter from Hoover to Rockwell International, September 4, 1973

"Reminiscing with Bob Hoover," Sport Aviation, July 1983

Advertisement for Commander 685

"Profile in Showmanship," Air Progress, July 1973

Slide with Hoover's image
Hopkinson, Keith [Private pilot]

Obituary, Sport Aviation, May 1964
Horikoshi, Jiro [Japanese aeronautical engineer]

"Japanese Designer of the Zero Fighter Dies," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 1982

Obituary, Flight International, January 23, 1982

"I Designed the 'Zero'," Air Progress, 1956/57
Horsley, Jim [U.S. Navy and Blue Angels pilot]

"Awakening of an Angel," South County Journal, June 20, 1998
Hoskins, Mark [Pilot]

Specifications for 1941 Ryan PT-22

Correspondence between Hoskins and Museum of Flight, 1965

"'His' and 'Hers' Ryans Familiar at Shows," unknown source, February 1, 1971
Householder, Kenneth [Pilot]

Photocopy of Pilot's Log Book, 1929-1933 (2 copies in separate folders)
Houser, William D. "Bill" [Pilot]

"Where Are They Now: Bill Houser," The Hook, Winter 1998
Houston, Frank L. "Sam" [Pilot, TMOF Board of Trustees member]

Obituary, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 19, 2002
Houtchens, Lowell L. [Boeing engineer]

Obituary, East Side Journal, November 28, 2000
Howard, Ben [Pilot]

Folder 1: "Do You Remember...?" Flying, February 1952 (with photograph)

Folder 2: Small black-and-white photograph of Howard
Howard, Cliff [Aerobatic pilot]

"Seattle's Cliff Howard Performing His Specialty," Seattle Times, April 19, 1970 (2 copies)
Howard, James [Fighter pilot]

"A Flying Tiger Over Europe," Air Classics, January 1996
Hoxsey, Archie [Early aviator]

"Pictures with a Past: Remember When?," Saturday Evening Post, October 3, 1953

"Last Day of 1910 Claims Two Victims," Aeronautics, February 1911

Caption for painting

Biographical sketch

"Teddy Roosevelt's Aeroplane Ride" by Wesley Neal (typescript)

Photograph of Hoxsey with caption from magazine (no source, undated)
Hoy, Ernest C. [Air mail pilot]

"First Air Mail Pilot Over Rockies Honored," Golden Star, July 30, 1969
Hubbard, Eddie [Air mail pilot]

Folder 1:

Numerous newspaper articles (photocopies) regarding air mail service from Seattle to Victoria, 1920-1942

Newspaper articles about Hubbard's airplane crash, 1923

"Fliers Who Left Their Stamp on Airmail," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 12, 1995

Hubbard's contract with U.S. Post Office for foreign mail service, October 1920 (photocopy)

"Advertisement Inviting Proposals for Carrying the Mails of the United States by Airplane...," 1921

Notice regarding acceptance of sealed proposals for Seattle to Victoria air mail service, 1922

"First International Air Mail Service Launched by Seattle Flyer," Boeing Magazine, February 1970 (also a reprint of the article from The Airpost Journal, October 1970)

Folder 2:

"Journeyings with the Boeing Air Mail," The Bee-Hive, October, 1927

Biographical sketches

Pathfinder Award nomination papers and numerous newspaper articles (photocopies)

"First International Air Mail Service Between Canada and the USA," The American Philatelist, July 1985

Correspondence from Suzanne Carvalho-Maia to Mr. Seely regarding Hubbard

Telegrams and letters to Mrs. Mildred Hubbard offering condolences on the death of Eddie, 1928

Folder 3:

"The History of the Seattle to Victoria Air Mail from 1919 to 1937," The Airpost Journal, August 1989

Assorted newspaper articles

Letter from Suzanne Carvalho-Maia to Mr. Seely regarding artifacts related to Hubbard

Folder 4:

Photo of Boeing BB-1

Four small photographs of Hubbard and others and Boeing airplanes

Photograph of W.E. Boeing, W. Gorst, E. Hubbard, F. Bell

Photograph titled: "First Passengers Ever Carried by Boeing For Money," May 1919

Photographs of Hubbard

Numerous photocopies of various photographs of Hubbard with others
Hubbell, Charles [Aviation artist]

"Wings of War," no source, February 27, 1944

"Aviation's Pictorial Historian," no source, undated (two copies)

"Panorama of Flight: Aviation History in Paintings; Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of Powered Flight, 1903-1953" (spiral-bound pamphlet)
Hubble, Edwin P. [Astronomer]

"Background: Edwin P. Hubble, Astronomer (1889-1953)," The University of Chicago news release, April 23, 1990
Hucks, B. C., "Bunny" [British pilot]

"A Good Idea at the Time," no source, undated
Hughes, Howard [Pilot, inventor, entrepreneur]

Folder 1:

Newspaper clippings about Hughes' record-breaking flight, 1930s

"My 32 Years with Howard Hughes," True magazine, April and May 1972

"Two Pilots Came Together and Saved the Stratoliner," Boeing News, June 2, 1989

Obituary, Air Progress, undated

"The Secret Life of Howard Hughes," Time, December 13, 1976

"The Hughes Super-Steamer," Time, February 21, 1972

"Last Interview: Howard Hughes," Saga, August 1976

"Hughes Flies, Hepburn Flees," no source, undated

"Howard Hughes, Innovator: The Method Before the Madness," Invention & Technology, Winter 1999

"Howard Hughes and the Jetliner," Airliners, Fall 1990

Numerous articles regarding Hughes' death

Articles relating to the Spruce Goose

"The Most Elusive Hughes...The D-2/F-11 Recon. Bomber," no source, undated

"Howard Hughes H-1: The Search for the Fastest Plane in the World," Air Classics, undated

Additional articles about Hughes and his aircraft, no sources, undated

Articles from Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report regarding Hughes' life and legacy

Folder 2:

Two (2) color photographs of Spruce Goose exhibit

Photograph of Hughes standing in front of airplane

Photograph (of XF-11?)

Three black-and-white photographs of Hughes A-1(H-1) racer

Two photographs of Hughes with airplanes (photocopies)
Hughes, Joe [Aerobatic pilot]

"Joe Hughes: Update," Air Progress, undated
Hunsaker, Jerome Clarke [Aviation pioneer]

"Research for an Early Bird," no source, July 1964 (?)

"Jerome Hunsaker, MIT Prof and Aviation Pioneer, Dies at 98," Seattle Times, September 13, 1984

"Navy Design Competition for Shipplane," no source, 1920?

Biographical sketch, no source, undated
Hunt, Reginald [Owner of Pacific Coast Airways]

Folder 1:

"At 91 He Still Seeks Life's Challenges," Seattle Times, January 5, 1976

Letter to Hunt from Aircraft Construction Company, September 20, 1924

Stock certificate from Pacific Coast Airways, Inc., undated

Product/price list from Pacific Coast Airways, Inc., undated

Invoices and business correspondence from 1920s

Lecture notes on aircraft instruments

Blank Totem Flying Club contracts

Document describing types of maps and features of the landscape to use for navigation during flight

Folder 2:

Photograph of biplane in flight by A. E. Price, 1922

Photograph of biplane in air with parachutist below
Hunt, Roy O. [Acrobatics pilot]

Small, black-and-white photograph of Hunt standing by biplane. Caption reads: "Roy O. Hunt, America's premier stunt flier; Photo by D. Smith, Detroit"
Huntington, Grace [Record-setting pilot; aviatrix]

Correspondence regarding possible donation, 1994

Newspaper articles about Huntington, 1940-1941 (photocopies)
Hutchinson, George [Aviator]

Folder 1: Newspaper clippings from Des Moines Tribune about the "Flying Hutchinsons" and their flight from Washington to Scotland

Folder 2: Small, black-and-white photo of family standing by Jenny (marked: Bob Goin, Aberdeen)
Hutsell, Tom [Automobile maker]

Black-and-white photograph of John Allen and Hutsell sitting on Hutsell automobile built in Washington, circa 1920s
Hutton, Linda [U.S. Navy aviator; aviatrix]

"Alumna Paves Way for Future of Women in the Military; Commander Linda Hutton," The Aglaia magazine, Summer 1994
Hyde, Bob [U.S. aviator]

"Bob Hyde, World War II Air Hero, Former Owner of Fuel Company," Seattle Times, November 15, 1991
Hyde, Jules Verne [First Boeing Field Airport manager]

Folder 1:

Correspondence about development of Seattle airport, 1928

Questionaire for candidates for Airport Manager completed by Hyde

Correspondence regarding job offer to Hyde

Resolution of King County Commissioners turning over records to Hyde, June 20, 1928

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Hyde "on first fire/crash rescue vehicle, 1928 Harley"
Hyde, Warren [Captured Japanese fire balloon]

"The Desperate Flight of Sheriff Hyde," True The Man's Magazine, Canadian edition, June 1960


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From the Collection: 36 Cubic Feet (Three four-drawer lateral file cabinets)

Helms, J. Lynn

[U.S. Marine Corps pilot]

Letter from Hal Vincent about Helms and F-8

"Dead Stick Approach," Naval Aviation News, April 1953

Biographical sketch, Federal Aviation Administration, 1984

Photocopy of photograph of Helms with F-8 ("First U.S. Naval Aviation to Fly 1,000 MPH")

Thousand Miles-Per-Hour-Club Certificate, 1955

Memorandum by Helms regarding initial test flights of F-8

Memorandum by Helms titled "One day in Flight Test," undated

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