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Archives at The Museum of Flight

Biographical Information Files - B

Individuals whose names begin with B:
Babcock, Harold E. [Cartographer]

Biographical sketch, 2000
Babson, Roger W. [Business expert]

Babson, Roger, "Possibilities for Aircraft," Aeronautical Digest, November 1923
Baby, Tony [Museum designer]

"Enthusiasm is High for Air Museum Here," Seattle Times, June 26, 1983
Bach, Richard [Author]

Biographical sketch

Two autobiographical articles by Bach from Flying Magazine, 1969
Bader, Douglas [British pilot]

Brickhill, Paul, "Reach for the Sky" (condensation from the book), Readers Digest ?, September 1954
Bagian, James P. [U.S. astronaut]

Publicity photograph of Bagian from NASA, 1981
Bailey, Mary, Lady [British pilot, aviatrix]

"Champion Airwoman Wins 8000 Mile Race," Popular Mechanics, 1928

Obituary, The Aeroplane, September 9, 1960
Baker, Frank Russell [Canadian bush pilot]

"Poet and the Pilot," Caledonia Courier, August 2, 1972
Balbo, Italo [Italian pilot and general]

Typed biography

"Balbo Takes Shore Leave as Armada Puts Into Port," Christian Science Monitor, undated

"Wings Full Spread for Massed Flight to New World," Christian Science Monitor, undated

Two articles with photographs about Balbo's "Italian Air Armada," Mid-Week Pictorial, 1933 (photocopies)

Section regarding Balbo's 1931 crossing of the Atlantic from The Challenging Skies
Balchen, Bernt [U.S. Air Force colonel and polar explorer]

Two newspaper photographs, 1932

"Of Polar & Trans-Atlantic Aircraft & Airmen," undated (from Richard S. Allen)

Typed biographical note

"Balchen" by Don Page (source unknown)

"Aviation Pioneer Balchen Dies," October 17, 1973
Baldwin, Frederick Walker [Canadian pilot and aeronautical engineer]

Photograph and information about the White Wing aircraft (photocopy)

Two biographical sketches
Baldwin, Thomas Scott [Pioneer pilot]

Typed photograph caption (with no photograph)

Biographical sketch

"Thos. S. Baldwin in the Baldwin Aeroplane Manila Feb. 24, 1911" (black-and-white photograph)
Balyeat, William C. [American man]

Photocopies of correspondence from Balyeat to General Eisenhower, his response, and a follow-up letter from Major General Witsell regarding Balyeat's idea to drop dummy paratroopers on D-Day
Banfield, Gottfried [Austrian pilot]

"Gottfried Banfield, the Ace of Trieste" by H. J. Wilson, Popular Flying, April, 1939
Bangert, Richard E. [U.S. Air Force major and President, Pacific National Bank of Washington]

Folder 1:

Announcement, Seattle Times, November 2, 1987

Letter to Howard Lovering enclosing decal for Patrouille Martini, 1986

"Retiring Bank Chairman Sees Changes in Industry," Seattle Times, June 18, 1985

Typed biography

"Richard E. Bangert; Chairman retires," First Interstate Bank Newsletter, June 1985 (two copies)

Guest speaker name badge from International Northwest Aviation Convention, 1981

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photographs and negatives of Bangert (some relate to 727 Time Capsule, Museum of Flight)
Bannon, Calvin Fredrick [U.S. Air Force pilot]

Folder 1:

Typed autobiography (45 pages)

"Summary of the Flight Log of Calvin F. Bannon...10th Combat Cargo Sqd...China-Burma-India Theater during WWII" (8 pages)

"Report of Activities 121st Naval Construction Battalion During the Assaults on Saipan and Tinian Islands, The Marianas" (3 pages) (photocopy)

Folder 2:

Seven (7) compact disks with photographs from Bannon. For each disk there is a typed listing of the photographs and descriptions.
Barker, William George [Canadian World War I pilot]

Letter from researcher requesting information about Barker, 1995

Color brochure about Barker with lithograph of The Sopwith Camel
Barnes, Mrs. D. W. [Oregon aviator, aviatrix]

Black-and-white photograph of Barnes
Barnes, Florence Lowe "Pancho" [U.S. aviator, movie stunt pilot, aviatrix]

"Museum for Woman Pilot Takes Wing," source unknown, 1930 (newspaper article with photograph)

"The Indomitable Pancho Barnes," Aviation, July 1993 (photocopy)

"Fabulous 'Pancho' Barnes," Flying Magazine, March 1949 (two photocopies)
Barnes, Harold M. [U.S. airline pilot]

"Aviation Career of Captain Barnes Spanned Forty-One Years," Minnesota Flyer, September 1980

Typed transcript of speech by Barnes

Obituary, Retired Northwest Pilots Association publication, July 11, 1980

"NWA Capt. Hangs Up Wings," Shipping and Trade News, August 7, 1967

Photocopies of newspaper articles and related information
Barnes, Percy F. [U.S. pilot and owner of air mail service]

Numerous photocopies of newspaper articles and photographs relating to Barnes from Tacoma and Seattle newspapers, 1918, 1920, 1928 and undated

1933 Seattle-Victoria Air Mail Contract and related correspondence (photocopies)

"Brief History of the United States Foreign Air Mail Service," 1938 (photocopy from National Archives)

Typed biography, 1932 (photocopy)

Photocopies of various licenses, identification cards, and business cards
Barns, William "Bill" F. [Colonel in the USAF]

"Silver Bullet" Fly Past, No. 439, Feb. 2018
Barrett, Robert E. [Pilot and developer of first airfield in Kitsap County, Washington]

Obituary, 1998

Photocopies of newspaper articles, 1936-1938

Letter to Barrett and National Air Mail Week Certificate, 1938 (photocopies)

"Bob Barrett Ushered in the Air Age," Bremerton Sun, July 9, 1983
Barrows, Joe [U.S. pilot and founder of Pacific International Airways]

"Joe Barrows and his Aerial R.F.D.," FAA General Aviation News, Sepember 1978 (original and photocopy)
Bateman, Robert Eugene [Pilot and Boeing engineer]

Two obituaries, 2008

Black-and-white photograph
Bauer, Eugene E. [Author]

Folder 1: Press release for Bauer's book, Boeing: In Peace and War, 1991

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph
Bauer, Josef [German pilot]

"State's Senior Pilot, WWI Ace, Dead at 91," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 13, 1983

"State's Earliest Known Living Pilot Honored," Seattle Times, December 18, 1978

Photocopies of newspaper articles, 1977

Typed resume
Bauer, Lou [U.S. fighter pilot]

"Lou Bauer; The Path to Fighter Pilot," The Hook, Fall 1994
Baxter, Dick [U.S. aviator]

Member profile about Baxter from Waco Airplanes, undated
Bayler, Lowell R. [Pilot]

Autographed, black-and-white photograph of Bayler on wing of GB racer
Bayley, Christopher T. [Board member, The Museum of Flight]

Folder 1: One-page typed biography

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph
Beach, Roy [Pilot]

Obituary, Seattle Times, November 13, 1986
Beachy, Lincoln [Aerobatic pilot]

Folder 1:

1915 postcard and brochure advertisement

Photocopy of photograph #10B5

"The Man Who Owned the Sky," True magazine, December 1953

"The Showman; The Fast Times and Short Life of Aerobatic Pilot Lincoln Beachey, Air Progress, February 1992

"Lincoln Beachey Flying in Gorge at Niagara" (printed photograph)

"Old Scrap Records History," Boeing News, December 3, 1964

"Daredevil of the Air...," Aviation Heritage, January 1992

Reinhardt, Richard, "Day of the Daredevil," Invention and Technology, Fall 1995

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Beachy and Barney Oldfield
Beall, Wellwood E. [Aeronautical engineer and aviation executive, notably with The Boeing Company]

Folder 1:

"Dreamboat--Wellwood Beall and the Boeing Clipper," Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation (PNAHF), 1979 (five copies)

Two postcards of Beall and the Boeing Clipper

Typed nomination for Beall for Engineering Category, Museum of Flight

Biographical Information of Wellwood E. Beall, September 1977

Letter (mimeograph copy) from Beall to John Hansel, August 15, 1944

Articles (photocopies) regarding Beall's resignation from Boeing, 1964

"Wellwood E. Beall - Boeing Model 314" (typed article) (2 copies)

Beall, Wellwood E. "No U.S. Jet Transports - Why?", Boeing Magazine, September 1949

"Talking to Mr. Beall," Flight, October 14, 1960

"The Briefing: With Apologies," Boeing Magazine, April 1946

Membership certificate from Air Force Historical Foundation, 1962

"The Boeing 314 Clipper: The Flying Hotel That Went to War," Boeing Historical Archives

Typed obituary, Seattle Times, January 30, 1978

Plans for Little Decalage (photocopy)

"Wellwood Beall Remembered in Museum of Flight Ceremony, Air Museum News, September 1979

Plans for WC-29-1 (photocopy)

Photograph of Boeing Clipper, PNAHF News (photocopy)

Photocopy of log book, 1931-1932

Photocopy of Beall's aviators log book, 1929-1932

"Experimental Tests of Air-Cooled Aircraft Engines, thesis by Beall, May 1929 (photocopy)

Letter from Beall to Louie, May 21, 1939 (two photocopies)

Beall's student pilot's permit, 1929

Ensign Beall's aviators flight log book, 1931 (photocopy)

"Bombers by Beall," Fortune, October 1944 (photocopy)

"Wellwood E. Beall Chronology"

"Beall, Prominent Technician, Named Boeing Director, Aero Digest, July 1, 1945

Award program, 1994

Typed biographical sketch, PNAHF (typed and handwritten)

Biographical notes, 1978

Folder 2:

Color portrait

Black-and-white photograph of Beall and wife, Jean

Black-and-white photographs

Color photographs of reception honoring Beall, 1979

Invitation to 1979 reception

Poloroid photographs
Bean, Alan [U.S. astronaut]

Color trading card of Bean

Press release for book by Bean, "Alan Bean: Astronaut to Artist," 1990

Biographical sketch from Capital Speakers, Inc.
Beard, Eric [Stunt flyer]

Memorial service booklet

News release and obituary from Russian Thunder

Obituary, 2006
Beard, Harley [Test pilot]

"Veteran Pilot a Part of Boeing, Aviation Legacy," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 15, 2007
Beard, Melba [Commercial pilot, aviatrix]

"The Bird-Centered World of Melba Beard," The AOPA Pilot, July 1974
Becvar, George [Pilot from Kent, Washington]

Folder 1:

"Sky Still Limit for Early-Day Flyboy" (undated newspaper article)

List of negative numbers and typed captions

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of George and his brothers Charles and Louis next to airplane
Beech, Walter H. and Olive Ann [Founders of Beech Aircraft Corporation]

Folder 1:

Typed biographical sketch of Walter

“Giants of the Industry: Walter H. Beech, Aircraft Maker,” no source, undated

Obituary for Olive Ann, Seattle Times, July 11, 1993

Letter from Dorothy Dodd, 1987

"Mrs. O.A. Beech Dies at Age 89," The Beechcrafter, July 6, 1993

Typed biographical sketch of Olive Ann

Folder 2:

Color photograph of Olive Ann

Black-and-white photograph of Walter and Olive Ann Beech, 1941

Black-and-white photograph of Walter, L. Stearman, and Jake Moellendick, 1923

Black-and-white autographed photograph of Walter
Beery, Faye [Airplane passenger]

Photocopy of photograph of Beery in front of airplane
Behncke, David L. [Founder of the Air Line Pilots Association]

A memorial edition of The Air Line Pilot in honor of Behncke, May 1953 (photocopy)
Behr, Howard [Barnstormer]

"QA's Pioneer Aviator Duo -- Barnstorming Was Their Life," Magnolia News, February 15, 1978
Behr, Nell Foster [Barnstormer, aviatrix]

"QA's Pioneer Aviator Duo -- Barnstorming Was Their Life," Magnolia News, February 15, 1978 (photocopy)
Beinhorn-Rosemeyer, Elly [German pilot, aviatrix]

Biographical sketch, Wikipedia, 2007
Beisel, Rex [Designer of the Corsair]

Biographical sketch, "Legends of the Air," by Sean Rossiter, p. 93

Biographical sketch from
Bell, Alexander Graham [Inventor]

"Miracle Men of the Telephone," National Geographic, March 1947

Typed biographical sketch
Bell, Arthur J. [Pilot and skywriter]

"Skywriter," King County International Airport newsletter, June 1997

"Talking, Writing, Flying Machine," The Seattle Times, September 3, 1969

"This Skywriter Isn't Just Blowing Smoke," P-I/Times, May 6, 1986
Bell, Bee (Foltz) [R.N. Stewardess]

Black-and-white photograph of Bell in door of Boeing 247 D, Midway Field, Chicago, 1936
Bell, Charles J. [Co-founder, National Geographic Society]

United States patent request from Alexander Graham Bell et al. regarding improvements in flying-machines, December 1911
Bell, Larry [Pioneer airman]

"Young Men in the Flying Machine, True Magazine, 1976
Bell, Ralph L. [Aeronautical inventor and Boeing executive ]

Folder: Autobiography

Typed autobiography and correspondence

Folder 1:

"Robot Bombardier Drops 'Eggs' in Patterns," Popular Science, October 30, 1940

Bomb Dropping Device: 1937 patent application, 1940 patent, and related correspondence of the Glenn L. Martin Company

Automatic electrical switch: 1939 patent and original blueprint

Gun turret: 1945 patent

Folder 2:

Photocopies of articles about Glenn L. Martin Co. bombers and amphibians, 1931-1946

Text of speech by Bell to National Defense Transportation Association Convention, Seattle, October 11, 1959

Folder 3:

Text of speech by Bell to Boeing Supervisors Club, 1956

Program for International Northwest Aviation Council Convention, 1957

Contact report, 1959

Typed article by Bell about M-156 Soviet Clipper, 1980

Typed information about Martin M-130

Photocopies of articles from various sources regarding China Clipper and others

Folder 4:

"About the VC-137C," 1979

Article regarding cars, 1947 (photocopies)

Aircraft propulsion book, 1957

Airlanes, October 1955 (photocopy)

"Record-Making Jet Airliner Lands at Friendship," Baltimore, March 1957 (photocopy)

Folder 5:

Boeing correspondence regarding 707 conception, 1952

Roster of Boeing Engineering Division employees, 1945

Articles regarding Boeing employees, no source, undated

Employment agreement with Martin Company, 1942

"Box Kites to Bombers," undated

Martin Star newsletters, 1940s (photocopies)

Queen Anne News, February 20, 1980
Bellanca, Giuseppe M. [Aircraft designer]

"My friend, G.M.," Air & Space, August/September 1988
Belyamani, Seddik [Boeing salesman]

"The 30 Billion Dollar Man," Air & Space, June/July 2004
Bennett, Louis, Jr. [British aviator]

"The Aviator" (booklet)

Digital photo print of statue
Bennett, Betty Lee [Young aviator, aviatrix]

Typed biographical sketch

Newspaper article, no source, September 13, 1952
Bennett, Paul Photocopy of photograph from Boeing negative (?)
Bera, Frances S. [Record-setting aviator, aviatrix]

"Aviatrix Sets New Altitude Mark," no source, undated
Berlin, Claude A. [Aviator and Boeing manager]

Folder 1:

Newspaper article (with photograph), undated

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Berlin and Genette Salick(?) sitting in pusher biplane

Two black-and-white photographs of Berlin
Bernard, Charles [President of Dassault Systemes]

Two color slides, one black-and-white photograph, and negative
Berry, Albert [First man to parachute from an airplane]

"Berry Leaps from Flying Aeroplane with Parachute," no source, undated

"Danger of a Parachute Drop Adds Thrill, Capt. Berry Says," no source, undated

"Berry Jumps 1500 Feet from Biplane," no source, 1912

"Berry Drops 1,500 Feet in Parachute from Aeroplane," St. Louis Republic, March 2, 1912
Berry, James G. [Engineer and manager at Douglas Aircraft]

Biographical sketch
Berry, Mitchell [Boeing engineer]

"A Major Aviation Milestone--The First Pressurized Cabin Aircraft," by Mitch Berry, Boeing Management Association newsletter, June 1981

"Mitchell Berry and Associates Pioneered Boeing Systems Work," Boeing News (?), undated
Berven, Les [Test pilot]

"Les Berven, 1942-2001: For Gutsy, Skillful Test Pilot, Living Was all about Flight," Seattle Times, December 23, 2001
Best, Richard Halsey "Dick" [U.S. Navy pilot]

"Dick Best," The Hook, Spring 1996
Betts, Wilbur Ward [Aircraft equipment designer]

Handwritten autobiography

"America's First Jet Fighter," Air Classics, undated

"Preliminary Handbook...Model XP-59A," p. 93, 1942 (photocopy)
Bez, Nicholas B. [Chairman and CEO of Air West]

Folder 1:

"Nick Bez Acquires Co-op at Astoria," Capital Journal, January 14, 1960

"Nick Bez," Air West, undated

Printed funeral program, 1969

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Bez and four others in hangar door
Bibee, Albert J. [Marine Corps pilot, World War II]

Folder 1:

"New Record Set by VMF 441 Pilot!," Mag Rag newsletter, January 25, 1946

Newsletter in Chinese or Japanese

Telegram about rescue of Bibee, July 1945

Newspaper articles and photographs about endurance flight

"The Long Flying Corsair," by A. J. Bibee, AAHS Journal, undated

"Memoradum on Survival," by Albert J. Bibee, July 14, 1945 (typed report on water landing)

"Occupation of Japan," Marine Aircraft Group 31, May 1946

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photographs of Corsair N-55

Compact disk of USMC VMD (contains 154 photos)
Bilstein, Roger E. [Aviation historian]

Correspondence about his books

Curriculum vita

Pages from Johns Hopkins University Press catalog, Fall 1984

Press release, University of Houston at Clear Lake City, undated
Bishop, William Avery [Ace pilot and Air Marshall, Royal Canadian Air Force]

Biographical sketch

"Ace Billy Bishop: 72 Kills," SAGA, December 1956

Photograph, Air Classics, 1979 (2 photocopies)

"Billy Bishop: Canada's Ace," Fighter Pilots of WWI, St. Martin's Press, 1977

Printed color brochure, undated
Biteman, Duane "Bud" [U.S. Air Force pilot]

"Duane 'Bud' Biteman Served Country, Military Colleagues," Seattle Times, October 1, 2002
Bitetti, Tony [Pilot]

Autographed black-and-white photograph of Bitetti in front of Gypsy Moth, early 1930s
Blackmore, Gilbert B. [Pioneer aviator]

Obituary, Seattle Times, June 5, 1997

"'Gib' Blackmore, Pilot on the First Transatlantic Passenger Flight, Dies," Seattle Times, June 8, 1997
Blais, Ken [Pilot and collector of vintage airplanes]

Handwritten letter to Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, 1977

"Big Boys Have Their Toys Too," Seattle Times, March 10, 1971

"Pilot Relishes Early Flights of Fancy," Seattle Times, July 2, 1992
Blake, Robert Wallace [Engineer, Pan American Airways]

Correspondence with Museum of Flight, March 29, 2002

"From Flying Boats to SSTS: My Years at PanAm" (by Blake) (typescript)

"Traveling the Long, Slow Road to Faster Flight" (by Blake), Clipper, Fall 1998

"747: Pan Am Sets the Pace Again; The Durable Giant" (by Blake), Clipper, Winter-Spring 2000

Press release for Blake's book, Bayonets and Bougainvilleas, undated
Bleriot, Louis [Inventor aviator and first international flyer]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

Photograph of Bleriot, 1909 (photocopy)

"Louis Bleriot, First International Flyer," FAA Aviation News, October 1971

Folder 2:

Four black-and-white photographs
Bliesner, Wayne [Boeing engineer and designer of human-powered airplane]

"Boeing Engineer Pedals his Dream," Seattle Times, May 18, 1992
Blue, James [Boeing executive]

Folder 1: "Jim Blue, Boeing Executive Who Streamlined Production, Dies at 78," Seattle Times, May 27, 2007

Folder 2: Black-and-white portrait
Blume, August [Aviation historian]

Obituary, no source, undated
Boardman, Russell [Pilot]

Folder 1: Two newspaper articles, 1932

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of Boardman standing in front of GB 7-11, 1933
Bock, Frederick C. [Army Air Force pilot in World War II]

Obituary for Bock and Thomas Ferebee, Nuclear Times, November/December 2000
Boeing, Bertha [Wife of William Boeing, Sr.]

Journal/diary entry describing her flight on the Boeing Air Transport Mail Plane, September 17, 1927

Bertha's log of the first flight of Boeing Model 80A, August 10, 1928 (typescript)
Boeing, William E., Jr. [Businessman and philanthropist]

Folder 1:

Pathfinder Award ceremony booklet, October 8, 2010

"Boeing Jr. Shares Dad's Story," Post-Intelligencer, June 17, 2005

Obituary notices for Marcella Boeing, July 31, 1990

"Hill Asks for a Review of Land Swap Proposal," Post-Intelligencer, May 14, 1986

"Two Prominent Seattleites Take Wedding Vows," Seattle Times, January 7, 1991

"Fire Hits Boeing Home with Heavy Loss," Post-Intelligencer, undated

"Remembering the Legacy of Bill Boeing, Jr.," Seattle Times, January 9, 2015

"Bill Boeing Jr., Son of Jetmaker's Founder, Dies at 92," Seattle Times, January 8, 2015

Folder 2:

Photograph of Bill Boeing, Joe Lapensky, and Phil Condit

Photograph and negative of Bill from Boeing News, 1942
Boeing, William E., Sr. [Founder and President of The Boeing Company]

Folder 1:

Numerous biographical sketches about Boeing

"Bill Boeing Didn't Believe in Failure," Boeing News, September 9, 1988

"W. E. Boeing Dies Aboard His Yacht," Post-Intelligencer, September 29, 1956

"Bill Boeing, A Private Man, Preferred the Quiet Approach," Boeing News, January 26, 1990

"The History of the Seattle to Victoria Air Mail from 1919 to 1937," The Airpost Journal, August, 1989

"Boeing Estate Fit for an Aviation King," Seattle Times, January 22, 1989

"Boeing Founder Honored," Boeing News, November 22, 1991

Biographical sketch about Boeing from book or pamphlet about the Daniel Guggenheim Medal

Typescript of notes, "Our Trip to Washington, D.C. in connection with the Air Mail Contract, January 16, 1927," from Mrs. Boeing's diary

Folder 2:

"The Boings; from the genealogy..." by Dr. Paul Bornefeld (photocopy)

Bleicher, Wilhelm, "Der USA-Hohenlimburg-Briefwechsel...Wilhelm Boing...," Auswanderer aus dem Raum Hagen, 2014 (in German)

Bleicher, Wilhelm. Another article in German regarding the Boings

"Hydroaeroplane Made in Seattle Undergoes Tests," Post-Intelligencer, June 16, 1916

"William Boeing's Death Ends Tremendous Aviation Chapter," Boeing News, October 4, 1956

"William E. Boeing," Boeing Magazine, November 1956

"The First International Airmail Took Off From a Windswept Victoria," The Magazine, March 21, 1982

Various biographical notes

Folder 3: Photographs

The Daniel Guggenheim Medal

Bill of Sale, 1916

The christening of the first flight, Boeing Air Transport, Inc., July 1, 1927 (2 photographs)

"Rover" (Bill Boeing's personal Douglas Aircraft Co. airplane)

"Taconite" (Boeing's early yacht)

Four photographs of other Boeing yachts

W.E. Boeing, W. Gorst, E. Hubbard, F. Bell, ca. 1927-1928

Boeing congratulating pilot standing in plane of Boeing Air Transport (2)

Photographs of Boeing in an airplane and looking up at airplane

Portrait of Boeing

Boeing images

Photocopies of photographs
Boeing Personnel Photocopies of photographs, many with employees identified: Employees in front of Red Barn, 1921; Employees in front of plant, undated; Employees, 1936; Employees, 1937
Boelcke, Oswald [German ace pilot, World War I]

"The Man Who Taught the Red Baron How to Fight," Air Progress, October 1968
Bogardus, George [Amateur pilot and founder of the American Airmen's Association]

"The Long Road Back...The American Airmen's Association," Sport Aviation, June 1986

"Light Plane Heritage: Les Long's 'Wimpy,'" EAA Experimenter, February 1988

"Light Plane Heritage: Little Gee Bee," EAA Experimenter, March 1988
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson [Architectural firm]

Color brochure about the firm, undated
Bohn, Delphin [Pilot in the Women's Army Service Pilots, aviatrix]

Photograph of Bohn with caption, Boeing News Weekly, November 29, 1944
Bohn-Meyer, Marta [Operations engineer with NASA]

Obituaries, September 18, 2005

""Bohn-Meyer Named Chief of Dryden Safety and Mission Assurance Office," NASA Dryden News Releases, February 15, 1999
Bohrer, Ann M. [Pilot and aviation writer, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketches

"Tex Taught the Gals, Too!," no source, undated

Folder 2:

Photograph of Bohrer sitting astride cockpit of plane marked "Rankin School of Flying"
Boileau, Oliver C., Jr. [Boeing executive]

Obituary, Seattle Times, July 29, 2007
Bolden, Charles, F., Jr. [U.S. astronaut]

Publicity photograph in color
Boll, Mabel [Famous airplane passenger]

News articles and photocopies of telegrams

"Mabel Boll: The Queen of Diamonds"
Bolland, Adrienne [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Adrienne Bolland, Conqueror of the Andes," Heroines of the Sky
Bolt, Jack, Lt. Col. [U.S. Marine ace pilot]

"Lt. Col. Jack Bolt, 83, Only Marine to Be an Ace in 2 Wars," no source, undated
Bong, Richard I., Major [American ace pilot]

Folder 1:

"Major Dick Bong -- America's Ace of Aces," Air Classics, undated

"Major Richard I. Bong," Aero Album, Vol. 2, Summer 1968

Caption for painting

Biographical sketch, Department of the Air Force

Folder 2:

Two black-and-white photographs (one autographed)

Photograph from a Lockheed publication
Bonney, Lores [Pilot]

"To England, the Long Way," Air & Space, June/July 1991
Bookwalter, Vern [Pioneer pilot in Pacific Northwest]

"Pioneer Pilot Still Flying in Alaska at 78," Seattle Times, May 12, 1971
Borek, Sister Margaret Mary [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Miami's Real-Life 'Flying Nun,'" The AOPA Pilot, November 1970
Borman, Frank [U.S. astronaut]

"Frank Borman--Command Pilot of The Longest Manned Space Flight," IBM Today News, September 15, 1967

Biographical sketch of Borman, NASA Astronauts Fact Sheet, November 1977

Information Summaries, Astronaut Fact Book, November 1989

Article by Borman about the Apollo 8 mission, no source, undated
Boullioun, Ernest H. "Tex" [Boeing executive]

"'Tex' Boullioun Still Flying High," Post-Intelligencer, September 29, 2006

"Tex Boullioun: After Making It Fly He Gets Them to Buy," Pacific, Seattle Times/Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 3, 1984
Bowers, Peter M. [Aviation historian/photographer; Boeing engineer and editor]

Folder 1:

ID cards for photographs (not included)

Photocopies of aircraft descriptions, 1941?

Folder 2:

Pages from Flying Squadrons, A Graphic History of the U.S. Army Air Forces, by S. Paul Johnston, 1942 (photocopies)

Air Trails, June 1942, p. 36 (photocopy)

Folder 1943:

Photograph of P-38, Flying Aces, p. 30, May 1943 (photocopy)

Folder 3:

Correspondence with Smithsonian about applications for appointments, 1982-1986

Folder 4:

Photocopies of photographs of aircraft and Bowers

Folder 5:

"Peter M. Bowers: The Life and Legacy of Aviation's Renaissance Man," Flight Journal, February 2001

"Aeronautica," Aviation News, September 28-October 11, 1990

Miscellaneous articles by and about Bowers from various sources

Folder 6:

Obituary from

Handritten letter from John Archibald to Ed Davies, "Peter Bowers and the Boeing School in Oakland," November 11, 1987 (photocopy)

Program from Pathfinder Recognition Banquet, November 14, 1992

"Who is Peter M. Bowers?" (12-page, typed biography)

Various biographical sketches

"Peter M. Bowers: A Real Aviation Hero," General Aviation News, May 9, 2003

Of Wings and Things by Bowers (3 pages)

"The Making of an Aviation Historian: Pete Bowers," no source, undated

Nomination for Pathfinders from Air Force Association

"Flyaway" by Pete Bowers, Air Trails Pictorial, October 1943

"Experimental Plane Flips, Pilot Pulled out of Lake Unhurt," Seattle Times, May 12, 1963

Letter from Harl Brackin to Bowers about Renton display, May 4, 1965 (carbon copy)

"Down In Front, Away She Goes," Seattle Times, July 5, 1966

"Light Plane Latest Entry in Hobby Show Exhibit List," Boeing News, September 22, 1960

"Aviation Was Avocation, Too, for Gordy Williams, Peter Bowers," Boeing News, June 30, 1983 (includes photograph of Curtiss pusher replica)

"Engineering the 'Homebuilt' Airplane," by Peter M. Bowers, no source, undated

Christmas card

"Replica 1912 Airplane" (five-page typescript)

"1930 Detroit Gull Primary Glider" (specification sheet)

Decal and membership certificate, Support Sky Sports

Bowers' retirement party announcement, 1983

"Pioneer Planes: Brought Back to Life by Jet Age," Popular Mechanics, November 1962

"Curtiss Pusher in the Air," Flight, December 1960

"Double-Decking Fly Baby" (five-page typescript)

"The JU-87 'Stuka'" by Peter M. Bowers (four-page typescript)

Letter from Robert L. Taylor to Ben Sclair about Bowers

"Peter M. Bowers Book List," compiled by Waynne James, 2004

Folder 7:

"The White-Smith-Sorrell Special" by Peter M. Bowers (five-page typescript)

"Wanted--World War I Plane; Any Ancient Jenny Will Do," Boeing News, February 23, 1956

Boeing News, June 30, 1983

Wedding announcement

"Goodbye to a Legend," General Aviation News, May 9, 2003

Biographical sketch and various research materials including information about Bowers' aircraft

"The Sorrels...Designers and Builders," by Jack Cox (typescript)

"The Dean of Historical Aviation Writing," General Aviation News, May 24, 2013

"Disaster in Seattle: Last Year a Self-Storage Warehouse...," Skyways, July 1993

"7000 Miles by Seaplane" by Peter M. Bowers, Flying, April 1950

Folder 8:

Photographs of Bowers and of various aircraft
Bowman, Les [Pilot]

"Early Pilot Throttles Down," The Olympian, August 5, 1987 (includes photograph)
Boyd, Albert [Test pilot]

Printed caption for painting

Biographical sketch
Boyne, Walter J. [Director, National Air and Space Museum; author]

Folder 1:

Brochure for The Leading Edge

Brochures for Trophy For Eagles

Smithsonian press release, August 25, 1986

"Boyne Resigns," Aviation Week & Space Technology, August 18, 1986

Articles about Boyne leaving the National Air and Space Museum

Folder 2:

Black-and-white publicity photograph of Boyne
Boyington, Gregory "Pappy" [Marine combat fighter pilot]

Folder 1:

"Boyington and Kawato Reminisce During Congress," Journal of Aerospace Education, May 1978

Program for 1981 Creswell Air Fair (autographed by Boyington)

"'Pappy' Boyington -- Don't Call Him Hero," Alaska Flying, v. 2, # 2, issue 7

"Pappy Boyington and the Black Sheep Boys," Collectibles Illustrated, January/February 1984

"Pappy Boyington, Medal of Honor Winner, Dead at 75," Western Air Museum Newsletter, Spring 1988

Obituary with photographs, source unknown, date unknown

Folder 2:

Black-and-white autographed photograph

Black-and-white Navy photograph of Boyington in cockpit

Black-and-white photograph of Boyington with other pilots
Brackin, Harl V., Jr. [Boeing engineer and one of the founders of Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation]

Folder 1:

"Harl V. Brackin, 1920-1977," Yesterflight, Spring 1978 (original and photocopy)

Biographical questionnaire

Articles from Boeing News, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1975, and 1977

Thank-you letter to Brackin from American Society of Mechanical Engineers, February 24, 1976

"Harl Brackin Dedication Speech, Pathfinder Awards," 2001

Folder 2:

List of negative numbers

Black-and-white prints of Harlin, other people, and events

Photocopies of photographs
Brady, Francis M. [Pilot]

Black-and-white photograph of International Newsreel Formation Flying Trophy being presented to Captain Brady by Major Hensley at Mitchell Field, 1923
Brady, Patrick, Major [Medevac helicopter pilot, Vietnam War]

Article regarding Brady's actions for which he won the Congressional Medal of Honor, The First Helicopter War, undated
Brammer, Jane Douglas [Museum of Flight Membership Director]

Invitation to retirement party for Brammer, 1991

"Grad 'Soars' to New Heights," Martinsville, Virginia Bulletin, 1984
Breese, Vance [Test pilot and engineering consultant]

Typed biographical sketch, undated
Breguet, Louis C. [French aviation pioneer]

Typed biographical sketch

"Louis Breguet," Bibliothecaire au Musee de l'Air, undated (in French)

"Airships Big as Steamships Tomorrow," by Louis Breguet, Sunday Oregonian, July 26, 1931
Brem, Jane [Museum of Flight Director of Education]

"Jane Brem Joins the Museum of Flight as Director of Education," 1985 (announcement)
Brendle, Paul [Helicopter pilot and traffic reporter]

"Air Brendle," Seattle Times/Seattle Post-Intelligencer Pacific, May 21, 1989
Brewton, Wes [Aviation enthusiast]

"Flying With an Idea," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 7, 1992
Bridge, Herb [Naval officer]

"RADM Herb Bridge, The Citizen Sailor," NRA, January 1983
Briegleb, William Gustav "Gus" [Aircraft engineer]

Biographical information

Photographs of aircraft he designed (photocopies)
Brindley, Oscar A. [Exhibition and test pilot]

Photocopies of articles from New York Times, 1918

Biographical sketch
Brink, Charles E. [Treasurer, Boeing Airplane Company]

"Charles E. Brink," History of King County, 1929
Broadhead, Joseph E. [Army Air Force pilot]

Folder 1: "Aces' Aircraft: Lt. Col. Joseph E. Broadhead," Aero Album, Fall 1971

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph in cockpit
Broadwick, Georgia "Tiny" ["The First Lady of Parachuting"]

"Georgia 'Tiny' Broadwick 1893-1978," no source, undated

Obituary, no source, 1978

"Where are They Now?," A.A.H.S. Journal, undated

Program from The Adventurer's Club, "Tiny Broadwick Night," November 16, 1972
Brock, W. L. [Pioneer pilot]

"W. L. Brock, Pilot," Flight, November 8, 1913
Brodbeck, Jacob [Aircraft inventor]

"Before the Wright Brothers," no source, undated
Bromley, Harold [Aviation pioneer]

Obituary, Seattle Times, January 11, 1998

"Flying Junkyard vs. the Superplane," Seattle Times, January 28, 1976

"Bad Luck Downs Tacoman's Pacific Flights," Tacoma News Tribune, 1981 (?)

"Saga of the Ill-fated Plane, City of Tacoma," no source, July 29, 1979

Typed information sheet

List of negatives from Boland Photo Collection, Tacoma Public Library

Photographs of City of Tacoma (photocopy)
Brookins, Walter Richard [Mechanic and aviator at The Wright Company, Dayton, Ohio]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

Brookins' contract letter from The Wright Company (photocopy)

Folder 2 (Oversized):

Typed caption for painting

Thank-you note to Brookins, 1955

Typed article about the Wright Brothers by Brookins, undated

Letter from lawyers to Brookins requesting information about Type K flying boats sold to Russia, March 1, 1949

"Wings Over The World," typed article by Brookins, undated

Typed biographical sketch about Brookins on Brookins Aircraft Corp. letterhead, undated
Brooks, Arthur Raymond [World War I fighter pilot ace]

"Arthur Brooks, last American World War I Fighter-Pilot Ace," Seattle Times, July 20, 1991

"Meet Airman Captain Arthur Raymond Brooks," no source, September, 1961 (article includes photographs)
Bross, Blanche [World War II pilot, aviatrix]

"Blanche Bross of Ocean Park: She Flew the Bombers," Chinook Observer, December 14, 1979
Broyles, Marcia [Alaska Airlines flight attendant]

"Woman Retires After 45 Years in the Sky," South County Journal, March 28, 1998
Brown, Ben L. [Air Transport Command ferry pilot]

"The Man in the Homburg Hat," Air & Space, June/July, 1995 (includes notes about an encounter with Orville Wright in 1944)
Brown, Eric M., Captain [Royal Navy pilot]

"Eric Brown," The Hook, Winter 1994

"Eric Brown, Record-Breaking British Aviator and World War II Combat Pilot, Dies at 97", The New York Times, February 22, 2016
Brown, Jack [Aviation journalist]

"The Airborne Editor," Northwest Flyer, undated
Brown, Mel [Aviation artist]

"Seeing History Through the Eyes of Artist Mel Brown," Aviation & Business Journal, May 2003
Brown, Ralph M. [Aviation pioneer]

"The Flying Pioneers," A.A.H.S. Journal, Winter, 1968
Browne, Nat [Pilot]

Folder 1:

Letter from Mrs. Nat Browne, November 12, 1988

Newspaper photograph of Browne's monoplane before flight, no source, undated

Articles from New York Times regarding Browne's failure to fly his monoplane to Japan, May 1932

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photographs of Browne, other people, and his airplane

Negatives and contact sheets

Photocopies of additional photographs
Brunton, Laura May [Pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Articles from various newspapers including Airwoman, Christian Science Monitor, and Elmira Gazette, 1937 (photocopies)

Chronology of Brunton's flights (13-page, typewritten document)

Correspondence regarding Brunton

"Seattle's Leading Ladies to have a Night Out," Seattle Daily Times, April 16, 1939 (plus related articles)

"'Flying Bruntons' Arrive; 'Pooch' Back-Seat Aviator," no source, undated

"For Serving as a Belligerent...," 1988 (26-page, typewritten biographical sketch by Brunton)

Folder 2:

Air Force Certificate of Service (photocopy)

Letter from R. Elliott Merrill confirming Brunton's solo transcontinental flight in 1939

Biographical sketch by Brunton, 1978 (56-page, typewritten document)

Photographs of Brunton (photocopies)

"Soaring" by Laura Maxey Brunton, Airwoman, October 1937

Folder 3:

Christmas card from Brunton

"Now It Can Be Told: Float Plane Used the Locks," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 21, 1986

"Addenda," 1988 (11-page typewritten document)

Brunton correspondence with USAF Historical Research Center, 1988

"Contents of File," 1988 (10-page, typewritten document) including 17 (numbered) items listed in file

Obituary, Ninety-Nine News, February/March 1992
Bryant, Alys McKey [First Canadian female pilot, aviatrix]

"Canadian Firsts in Aerospace: A Barnstorming Woman," Vision, September 1988

"Woman Made First Solo Flight Over Vancouver 50 Years Ago," Colonist, August 3, 1963

"Flying, As It Was--How I Won My Wings and Became the Golden Potlatch Girl of 1913," The Sportsman Pilot, undated
Bucey, Boyd K. [Pilot]

Pilot's license in leather case

Aviator's log book, 1931-1939

Receipt for fees, 1936

Pilot's Log, 1931 (A85-6-11b5)

Certificate of Competency, 1939

Identification card, undated

Bill of Sale for Aeronca, 1936

Obituary, August 18, 1985

"Cross-Country Flying" (booklet)

Corporate Resolution for Avion Inc., 1936

"Sample Examination Questions," Washington Aircraft & Transport Corp., 1932
Bufano, Ralph [Executive Director, The Museum of Flight]

"High-Flying Bird," Seattle Times, December 3, 1991

"Museum of Flight Has a New Man in Cockpit," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 28, 1991

"Mixing Art and Aviation," Seattle Times, November 21, 1991

Text of remarks by Bufano at annual meeting, 1994
Bullock, Walter [Pilot]

"Walter Bullock, Dean of Minnesota Pilots," Minnesota Flyer, May 1986
Bunker, Zaddie [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Zaddie Bunker: Supersonic Great-Grandmother," The AOPA Pilot, April 1966
Burcham, Milo [Pilot]

Folder 1:

Biographical note from OX5 Hall of Fame, 1984

Photograph of Burcham's Eaglerock, 1930 (photocopy)

"Old Boeing Plane Back Home," no source, March 31, 1977

Note: Photograph (by Dick Whittington) of Boeing Model 100 with autograph of Burcham is located in the Norman Archibald collection (1986-10-10.A)
Burke, Arleigh A., Adm. [Navy admiral]

Autographed color photograph
Burke, Woodward [Navy and test pilot]

"In Memoriam, Woodward Burke," 1945
Burnelli, Vincent Justus [Aircraft designer]

"The Burnelli Controversy," Air & Space, October/November 1989

Biographical sketch about Burnelli by Wesley R. Smith, 2009 (email correspondence print-out)
Burns & McDonnell [Engineers/architects]

Brochure sheets regarding TWA
Buroker, Gladys Dawson [Pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Obituary, The Olympian, May 29, 1997

Articles from numerous newspapers in the Pacific Northwest, 1932-1983

Nomination and award letter for OX-5 Aviation Pioneers Award, 1988

Photographs (photocopies)

Folder 2:

List of negatives

Black-and-white photographs, 1932

Color photographs of exhibit regarding Buroker

Balloon launch, 1974
Burroughs, Richard Hansford, Jr. [Test pilot]

Biographical sketch, St. Paul's School in the Second World War, 1950

Richard Hansford Burroughs Trophy, Flight Safety Foundation announcement, 1963
Bush, George [U.S. President]

Folder 1:

"'Ollie, Ollie' GOP Chants in Seattle for Its Hero," News Tribune, 1984

"Bush Plane in Near Collision," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 19, 1984

Folder 2:

Color photographs of Bush visit to The Museum of Flight
Bush, Robert Eugene [Navy corpsman]

"Wash. Medal of Honor Winner Dies at 79," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 11, 2005
Byrd, Richard E., Commander [Naval pilot and Antarctic explorer]

Folder 1:

"Highlights of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition" (booklet), 1930

Biographical sketch

"The Polar Eagle," FAA Aviation News, December 1971-January 1972

"Commander Byrd's Personal Narrative of the America's Trans-Atlantic Flight" (pamphlet), 1927

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph


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