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Archives at The Museum of Flight

Biographical Information Files - W

Individuals whose names begin with W:
Wackett, Lawrence, Sir [Director, Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation]

"Some Experiences of a Pioneer in the Aircraft Industry in Australia." Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, May 1959.
Waddell, Jack [Boeing engineering test pilot]

"Getting Ready for the Big One," Boeing magazine, December 1968
Wade, Leigh [U.S. Air Force pilot]

Folder 1:

Letter from Wade to Kenneth Linderbak regarding travel reimbursement, October 9, 1974

"Air Pioneer Gen. Wade Dies at Age 94," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 3, 1991

"Leigh Wade, 94; Pioneering Military Pilot," Seattle Times, September 3, 1991

Photocopies of photographs of Wade

Folder 2:

Autographed photograph of Wade standing next to airplane
Wadman, Frank J. [Pilot]

Folder 1:

Letter from Wadman to the Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation regarding log and photograph, March 8, 1979

Photocopy of page from Wadman's log book, 1917

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Wadman standing on wing of Curtiss Model F Flying Boat, 1917 (with information regarding Wadman and his training attached to back)
Wagner, Harold [Pilot and aviation enthusiast]

"Gifts for Wagner," Western Flyer, March 7, 1974

"250 at Wagner Banquet," (Western Flyer?), undated
Wagner, Virginia [Exhibits Manager, Museum of Flight]

Folder 1:

"Math-Science Conference," Bellingham Herald, February 28, 1990

Letter to Wagner from Herbert Swan regarding excellence award, July 22, 1991

Folder 2:

Photograph of Wagner in Great Gallery

Five photographs of Wagner and others at AAM Convention, Denver, May 1991
Wagstaff, Patty [Aerobatics pilot, aviatrix]

"The High Life: It's Exciting at the Top of This Field," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 20, 1989

"Arlington Aerobat-Visitor's Goal a Lofty One," Everett Herald, July 14, 1989

"National Air and Space Museum to Display Airplane Flown by U.S. National Aerobatic Champion," Smithsonian Institution News, January 24, 1994

"Patty Wagstaff," International Women Pilots, May/June 1998

Letter from Wagstaff to Museum of Flight, March 9, 1999

Packet of information regarding Wagstaff and her airplane on Patty Wagstaff Airshows letterhead

"NASM Honors Patty Wagstaff with Trophy," Airshow 2 - Pacific Flyer, November 1994

Promotional brochures about Wagstaff
Waitkus, Felix [U.S. Army Air Force pilot]

Folder 1:

"Col. Felix Waitkus, Pioneer Ocean Flier, Dies in Wiesbaden," The Sheboygan Press, undated

Folder 2:

14 snapshots of Waitkus, his family, groups of pilots, and aircraft including a Douglas O2K, trainers, and De Havillands (photographs are all identified on the backs, some with extensive notes about the people, the airplanes, and the circumstances of the photograph)
Walk, C. B., Jr. [Director, Northwest Region, Federal Aviation Administration]

"Remarks by C.B. Walk, Jr." For Diamond Jubilee Anniversary of Powered Flight at the Seattle Museum of Flight, December 17, 1978
Walker, Arthur E. [Pilot, pioneer airman]

Folder 1:

"This 'n' That," Bellevue Journal American, October 31, 1989

Obituary, Seattle Times, February 4, 1993

"Arthur E. Walker," OX5 News, August 1988

Color lithograph of Boeing Model 8 (NC233M)

Chronology of Walker's career

"Saga of the Spokane Sun God," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 26, 1964

"Art Walker Elected to OX-5 Hall of Fame," 1985

Pathfinder Award nomination, undated

Photocopies of pages from Montana and the Sky: Mamer Airlines

"Art Walker Honored for Pioneer Refueling Flight of 1929," Air Museum News, August 1979

"The Flight of the Spokane Sun-God," Air Museum News, May-July 1983

Letter from John Dean to editor of Air Museum News regarding corrections in stories, November 1983

Photocopy of handwritten list of Walker's aviation career written by Walker, June 1981

Photocopies of photographs of Walker

Folder 2:

Photographs of Walker and others
Wallace, Hillford R. [U.S. Air Force pilot and aerial photographer]

Pathfinder Award nomination, undated
Wallick, S. L., Jr. "Lew" [Boeing test pilot]

Folder 1:

"Restored Boeing P-12 Flies Again," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 20, 1977

"Pilot-Engineer Wallick Flies Off Into New Career," Boeing News, February 20, 1986

"S. L. "Lew" Wallick, Jr. Aviator, Boeing Test Pilot," Seattle Times, August 23, 2009

Obituaries, August 2009

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:


--Color portrait of Wallick

--Wallick and camera in airplane

--Wallick standing next to restored Boeing P-12

--Wallick and others with biplane and U.S. Air Force airplane (2 photographs)

--Crew for initial flight of Boeing 767

--Wallick in cockpit
Walsh, Charles Francis [Aviation pioneer]

"Charles Francis Walsh," Historical Aviation Album, Vol. IX and X
Wanamaker, Rodman [Early aviation financier]

"Angel of the Americas," Air Line Pilot, September 1982
Ward, James J. [Pioneer pilot]

"First Flight in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley" (typescript)

"Shooting Star: Aviator Jimmie Ward of Crookston," Minnesota History, Winter 1995
Wark, Robert B. [Pilot]

Folder 1:

"Wark Off On First Leg of Tokyo Flight," no source, August 11, 1930

Newspaper photograph with caption of attempted Seattle-Tokyo flight, no source, 1932

"1920s Pilot Knew One Way to Top The Bon," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 27, 1997

Folder 2:

Six (6) 8x10 photographs of Wark with Eddie Broun, his airplanes, and other people in front of automobile

See also accession #1991-02-13 with snapshots of Wark, Harold Bromley, and Eddie Broun with a Lockheed Vega and a Fokker biplane, 1930
Waterman, Waldo [Pilot, aeronautical engineer, inventor]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

"That Makes 60 Years of Flying," San Jose News, July 3, 1969

Folder 2:

Photograph of Waterman with his Arrowbile [sic]
Watson, Emmett [Seattle Times columnist]

"Dash 80 Dashes About as Boeing Marks 75 Years in the Air," Seattle Times, July 16, 1991

"Prototype 707 Becomes Seattle's Piece of the Smithsonian," Seattle Times, July 18, 1991

"Boeing Dash Eighty May be Aging, But is Still a Beaut," Seattle Times, July 14, 1991
Webb, Everette [Boeing engineer and vice-president]

"Everette Webb, 747 and 767 Engineer, Dies," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, undated
Weick, Fred [Aircraft designer for Piper Aircraft]

"Meet Fred Weick," AOPA Pilot, April 1969
Welch, Al [Member of Wright exhibition team]

Biographical sketch
Welliver, Albertus [Senior Vice-President of Boeing]

"Higher-Order Technology: Adding Value to an Airplane." Published brochure containing text of speech to Royal Aeronautical Society, 1991

"Boeing VP Albertus Welliver Had an Instinct for Excellence," Seattle Times, March 24, 1994

"Bert Welliver, Boeing Vice President, Dies at 60," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 23, 1994
Wellman, H. E. [Pilot and aviation instructor]

Autobiographical sketch (typescript)
Wells, Edward Curtis [Boeing design engineer and executive]

Folder 1:

Email from Laurie Wells Watt that includes text of a 1935 letter from Wells regarding test of first B-17

"Boeing Prof," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 30, 1990

Ed Wells Biography (printed biography with photograph of Wells)

"A Tribute to Edward C. Wells" (program of Proceedings activities)

"Fifty-Five Years After the Wright Brothers (A Look into the Future)," by Edward C. Wells (typescript from Boeing News Bureau)

Biographical pamphlet regarding Wells

Memorandum to H.C. Lovering with corrections for Wells' Pathfinder Recognition Banquet program

"B-29s Do Nip-Ups Over Nippon, Say Returned Test Engineers," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 25, 1945

Letter from Jay P. Spenser, Museum of Flight, to Mary Wells Geer with comments regarding her book on Wells, April 4, 1989

Photocopy of photograph

Folder 2:

Information regarding "An Evening with Ed Wells: A Review of Ed's Fifty Years in the Aerospace Field" including photocopies of photographs from the event (sponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Folder 3:

Sixty-two (62), numbered pages of photocopies of Wells' speeches, biographical sketches, and articles regarding him. Many of these appear elsewhere in the collection. Notable items are:

--"More Details Are Revealed on Boeing Mystery Bomber," no source, 1933-1934?

--"Wells' Hopes Shattered with Crash of Model 299," 1935

--"Ed Wells Earns Double Honors," Boeing News, January 22, 1981

Folder 4:

"His Baby Was a World-Shaker," The Sunday Oregonian, January 24, 1943

Biographical information on Wells from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

"B-29 Designer Wins Fawcett Aviation Award," Fawcett News Services, 1945?

News release from the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences regarding Wells selection to receive the Lawrence Sperry Award, 1942

Correspondence between the Museum of Flight staff and Mary Wells Geer (Edward's sister), 1987-1988

"Some Economic Aspects of Air Transport Design" (typescript) by E.C.W.?, undated

Folder 5:

Boeing's Ed Wells, Aviation Genius and Gentle Man by Mary Geer, selected pages (typescript draft)

Folder 6:

"Aerospace Engineering - 1916-1974" by Edward C. Wells. Eleventh "SIGHT" Lecture, 1974

"Ed Wells, 'No. 1' Engineer at Boeing," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 3, 1986

"Services Will Be Held Saturday for Retired Boeing VP Ed Wells," Boeing News, July 11, 1986

Folder 7:

Boeing's Ed Wells, Aviation Genius and Gentle Man by Mary Geer (typescript draft of entire book)

Folder 8:

Engineering department group photograph, 1935

Photograph: "Ed Wells Getting His 30 Year Pin," 1961

Sixteen (16) photographs from Museum of Flight exhibit, "Ed Wells-The Engineer," 1989-1990

Four (4) portraits of Wells
Wells, Fay Gillis [Pioneer aviator, journalist, aviatrix]

"Fay Gillis Wells, 94, Aviator and Journalist," New York Times, December 9, 2002
Wenstrom, Evelyn [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Teacher to Fly Blue Mountains," no source, undated
Werner, Arch [Early aviator]

"On Cloud Ninety: Older Pilots Still Aloft with a Wing and a Flair," Seattle Times, August 17, 1997
Westervelt, George Conrad [U.S. Navy engineer and co-founder of Pacific Aero Products]

Folder 1:

"Westervelt Girdled Globe in Can-Do Career," Boeing News, February 5, 1988

"George Conrad Westervelt, Capt., U.S.N.; At the Beginning of Chinese Aviation," AAHS Journal, Summer 1972

"Designer of First Boeing Airplane Taken by Death," Boeing News, March 22, 1956

"Wings for China: The Jouett Mission, 1932-1935," Pacific Historical Review, undated

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Letter from Jane Westervelt to Mr. Parks donating "G.C. Westervelt's opus"

"Shanghai to Chungking and Return" by G.C. Westervelt, April 29, 1931 (photocopy of 69-page typescript)

Folder 3:

"Shanghai to Chungking and Return" by G.C. Westervelt, April 29, 1931 (photocopy of 69-page typescript)

Folder 4:

Two photographs of Westervelt in uniform
Weyl, Alfred Richard [German & British pilot/engineer]

Obituary, no source, undated
Weyland, Otto P., General [Commander of U.S. Air Force Tactical Air Command]

Black-and-white portrait photograph
Whaley, Frank [Pilot]

Folder 1: Photocopy of photograph of Whaley and two empty envelopes with information about Whaley and early parasol-wing airplane

Folder 2: Three snapshots of Whaley, a dog, and OX5 travelaire [sic], 1933 (with note "Speedway Air Service, B. Field")
Whelan, Bernard L. [Test pilot and United Aircraft executive]

Biographical note
Wheless, Hewitt [U.S. Army Air Force pilot, WWII]

Folder 1: "'Together We Can't Lose,'" Boeing Magazine, May 1942

Folder 2: Photograph of Wheless shaking hands with crowd and portrait photograph
Whitby, R. H. [Adviser (sic) Future Aircraft, British Airways]

"The European Airline Requirements for Short Haul Aircraft." Lecture to London Airport Branches of the Royal Aeronautical Society and SLAET, 1977
White, Daryl E. "Bob" [U.S. Air Service bomber pilot, WWI]

"Bombers in W.W.I? Bob White's Proof," Seattle Times, May 5, 1974
Whitehead, Gustave [Early aviator]

"Bat-winged Craft Hopes to Prove Wright Wrong," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 25, 1986

Brief note regarding Whitehead's claims, The Oregonian, May 1, 1986

Photocopy of affidavit by James Dickie, April 2, 1937

"Statement by Stanley Beach About His Relationship with Gustave Whitehead" (undated typescript)

"Analysis of the Flight Claims of Gustave Whitehead" (undated typescript)

"Did Whitehead Actually Fly?," N.A.A. Magazine, December 1936

"Is It Now Possible to Consider a Challenge to the Credibility of One of Aviation Heritage's Most Cherished Icons?," Aviation History, March 1996

"First-Flight Controversy," Aviation History, March 1996

"Gustave Whitehead." A Specialist Paper by the Royal Aeronautical Society, June 2014
Whitehead, Richard F. [U.S. Navy pilot]

Hand-written note from Whitehead regarding his 1926 delivery of Boeing landplanes, June 20, 1975

Orders and flight details regarding delivery of N. B. Landplane #4868 from Sand Point, Washington to San Diego, California, September 1926
Whitehouse, Arch [Aerial gunner in Royal Flying Corps, aviation novelist]

"Thunder in the Clouds," no source, undated
Whiteley, S. B. [Pilot]

"Spokane Flying Pioneer, S.B. Whiteley, Is Killed," no source, undated
Whitesitt, Larry L. [Bush pilot]

"Flying the Unfriendly Skies," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 26, 1991
Whitney, O. J. [Airplane exporter]

"Exchange Stabilization Needed," Aviation, May 1938
Whittaker, William Edward de Bagulegh [Journalist who served with Royal Air Service]

"W.E. de B. Whittaker," The Aeroplane, December 27, 1933
Whittier, Lucy T. [Unknown]

Logo for Screen Door and Flying Machine Company, Friday Harbor, WA
Whittier, Paul [Pilot, aviation enthusiast, philanthropist]

Folder 1:

"The Whittier Flight," Script Draft, 1984

"San Juan's Benefactor Whittier is Dead at 87," Sounder, August 28, 1991

"Friday Harbor's Mysterious Millionaire," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 3, 1988

Obituaries, 1991

Folder 2:

Remarks regarding Whittier by Howard Lovering (typescript)

Memorial Service program

Transcript of first meeting regarding Paul Whittier Documentary, March 27, 1984

Folder 3:

Seven (7) photographs of Whittier and others with plaque

Four (4) photographs of Whittier and his wife (?) on yacht

Folder 4:

Strips of color negatives

Contact sheet from negatives

Nine (9) color photographs of Whittier and another man in workshop

Seven (7) photographs of Whittier and others with amphibious airplane

Photograph of Whittier watching flying airplane
Whittle, Sir Frank [Air Comodore, Royal Air Force and co-inventor of jet engine]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

Biographical sketch on letterhead of Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation

Photocopy of photographs of Whittle seated at desk

Folder 2:

Two (2) black-and-white negatives of Whittle seated at desk, 1946
Whyte, Edna Gardner [Aviation pioneer, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Obituaries, 1992

"Pilot Stays On Course," no source, undated

"Flying in the Face of Tradition," Modern Maturity, June-July 1985

"Woman on Wings," no source, undated

Letter from Whyte to Robert Harris, July 5, 1977

Correspondence between Whyte and Nell Foster Behr, 1977

"Our Interesting Members," The AOPA Pilot, February 1967

"Edna Gardner Whyte Pioneer Woman Aviator," OX5 News, August 1984

"Washington Events Highlight Lindbergh Memories," Charles A. Lindbergh Fund Newsletter, Summer 1986

Folder 2:

Color photograph of Aero-Valley Airport
Wien, Noel [Early pilot, president of Wien Alaska Airlines]

Folder 1:

"Noel Wien: His Flights Wrote 40 Years of Alaska Aviation History," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 17, 1965

Postcard from Wien to OX5 Club, 1973

Obituaries for Fritz Wien and Ada Wien

"The Future of Wien Airlines Is Still Up in the Air," Seattle Times, November 14, 1984

"Pioneer Alaska Flyer to Celebrate Historic Flight," Seattle Times, July 14, 1974

"Septuagenarians Recall Past Dauntless Deeds," Anchorage Daily Times, March 29, 1975 (with photograph of Noel Wien family)

Annual Report of Wien Consolidated Airlines, Inc., 1972

Folder 2:

Photograph of Wien standing in front of engine
Wien, Sig [Early pilot and co-founder of Wien Air Alaska]

"Sig Wien, 91, Alaskan Pioneer Aviator," Seattle Times, December 12, 1994

"Sig Wien, Last Brother in Wien Air Dynasty, Dies at 91," General Aviation News & Flyer, January 20, 1995
Wigea, J. Michael [Aerobatics pilot]

Color photograph of Wigea's aerobatics airplane
Wild, Horace B. [Early aviator]

"Flying With the Pioneers: 'My Forty Years of Flying,'" Popular Science Monthly, January 1931
Wilding, Robert [U.S. Army Air Force pilot, WWII]

"He Was Dangling Under the B-24, and the Ground Was Rushing Up Fast," San Diego Union, June 2, 1990
Wiley, Frank W. [Pilot, aviation historian]

Correspondence between Harl V. Brackin and Wiley, April 1965

Information regarding Montana Aviation History project, 1963

"An Appreciation of Frank W. Wiley," Montana and the Sky, 1965

Photocopies of photographs
Wiley, James T. [Tuskegee Airman]

"Despite His Success, James Wiley Never Forgot the Disadvantaged," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 9, 2000

"Tuskegee Airman James Wiley Flew 101 Missions," Seattle Times, May 10, 2000
Wilkins, George Hubert [Pioneer pilot]

Folder 1:

"Airmen Again Fight Arctic," Popular Science Monthly, June 1928

"Flyers Again Beat the Arctic," Popular Science Monthly, July 1928

Portion of article, no source, undated

"Pioneering Arctic Airways," by Joe Barry, AAHS, Vol. 1 #4 (typescript)

Folder 2:

Photograph of arctic aircraft tug, Wilkins expedition, 1928

Photograph of Fokker F-VII of Sir Hubert Wilkins' 1928 arctic expedition
Wilkinson, Stephen [Kitplane builder]

"Moving Day," Air & Space, October/November 1991
Willard, Charles [Early pilot]

"Willard," San Antonio Light, October 2, 1910

"Charles Willard: The Exhibition Years," American Aviation Historical Society Journal, Fall 1974
Williams, Alford J. [U.S. Navy pilot, WWI, champion race pilot, aviation journalist]

Biographical sketch

"A Memorable Early Bird," Aviation History, July 2004

"Williams Closes Navy Career With Death-Defying Feat," Modern Mechanics, undated

"Hawkman," no source, undated
Williams, Arthur Arlington [Expert in aircraft restoration]

Obituary,, November 5, 2014
Williams, Gordon Sear, "Gordy" [Aviation photographer, journalist, and historian; Public Relations Manager, Boeing Company]

Folder 1:

"Aviation Was Avocation, Too, For Gordy Williams, Peter Bowers," Boeing News, June 30, 1983

Biographical sketch from Boeing Company News Bureau, undated

"Touring the No-So-Pacific With Sketch Pad and Camera," Seattle Times, March 5, 1944

"Removed: One Jap Island," by Lt. Gordon Williams, Boeing News, Volume XIV, Number 2

"Himie; Koshevoy," The Province, August 28, 1972

"A Wild Night at the Erawan," Seattle Times, September 19, 1967

Obituaries for Alice Marcella "Marcie" (Jeans) Williams, April 2014

Unnumbered folder:

1977 article from Far Eastern Economic Review

1973 article from Flight International

Le Petomane by Karl Bachmeyer

Other articles seemingly unrelated to Williams

Folder 2:

"A History of Notable Speed Records Made in 25 Years," by Gordon Sear Williams [Popular Aviation, November 1939?]

"Latin America Takes the Air," by Gordon Sear Williams, no source, undated

"Rome's Modern Legions Hurl World Challenge," by Gordon Sear Williams, no source, undated

"Swan Song of the Liberties," by Gordon Sear Williams, [Aero Digest, July 1942?]

"Higher Education," by Gordon Williams, University of Washington Columns, November 1940

"Canada's Flying Soldiers," by Gordon Sear Williams, no source, undated

"Torpedo Bombers of the United States Navy," by Gordon Sear Williams, no source, undated

"A Midget Air Power," by Gordon Sear Williams, no source, undated

"Holland," no source, undated

Photocopy of photograph of Williams

Folder 3:

"Makes Mountain Climbing Seem Easy," aerial photograph by Gordon S. Williams, Port Angeles Evening News, undated

"Coast Guard's Flying 'Cutters' Base Here," aerial photograph by Gordon S. Williams, no source, undated

"Swing 'n Stuff," newspaper columns by Williams and Don Brazier, undated

"Bombers to Fighting Fronts," no source, undated (newspaper photograph)

"A Boeing Gunner's Eye View," aerial photograph by Gordon S. Williams, Seattle Sunday Times, July 12, 1942

"Army & Navy," Time, March 1, 1943 (includes obituary of Edmund T. "Eddie" Allen)

"Are Tail-First Planes Practical?," by Gordon S. Williams, Air Trails, February 1940

Model Guild News, August 1931

Copy of a letter from Norman J. Tracy to Charles W. Cain, undated

Handwritten note from Charles Cain to "Gordie," September 1950

Numerous sheets listing aviation-related items for sale

Photocopies of photographs

Handwritten letter to Williams from former Boeing employee, August 1977

News release from Popular Photography Magazine regarding Williams' photograph "Bombardier," July 1942

"The Wooden Airplane Returns," by Gordon Sear Williams, no source, undated

Photocopy of prices for items relating to Williams that were donated to Museum of Flight, January 1987

Folder 4: Published Articles

Putan News, Asia Aviation Journalists Association

"G.S. Williams Photo Library," Air World, three issues (in Japanese?)

Photo article by Williams, Aireview, No. 479, 1985

Koku-Fan, 1984-1985 (8 articles with photographs)

Folder 5: Published Articles

Air World (Japanese aviation magazines with eleven photo/articles by Williams)

Revista Aerea (Latin American aviation magazine with five articles/photographs by Williams), 1984-1985

Folder 6:

Photograph of Williams in front of camera

Photograph of Williams and other man with note on reverse: "President to GW: 'Gordy, I hear that Character Wren's around--Keep your eyes peeled for a guy with a pencil and sketch book and keep him off...'"

Five black-and-white photographs of Williams and others, some at a dinner

Small, color snapshot of Williams and two others, Seattle, April 1978

Large, black-and-white photograph of Williams and others at a dinner

Photograph of Williams and others at Boeing's 50th Anniversary, 1966

Photograph of Williams and another man in flight suits in front of a U.S. Coast Guard airplane

Folder 7:

Portrait photograph of Williams

Black-and-white, 8x10 photographs:

--Williams and others at a presentation

--Williams pointed to floor tiles depicting airplane

--Williams and stewardesses aboard an airplane

--Williams and two other men on an airfield

Color photograph of Williams and five others with cameras on an airplane

Color photograph of Qantas airplane on the tarmack
Williams, R.D. "Crash" [Pilot]

"The Crash Tour of 2004; The End of 53 Yrs of Flying" (birthday invitation)

"Warbird Evokes Memories," Junction City Oregon, July 2003
Williams, Richard L. [Writer and editor]

"Writer and Editor Richard L. Williams," Seattle Times, November 9, 1989
Williams, Roger Q. [Trans-Atlantic pilot]

"Making Plans," Des Moines Tribune, 1932

Photocopy of photograph from Endurance-Air Races
Williams, Sam B. [Aeronautical engineer, developed X-Jet]

"The Teacher and the Engine Builder: 2004 Pathfinder Awards," Airport Journals, November 2004
Wilson, Al [Stunt pilot]

Photograph with brief caption, Los Angeles newspaper, September 5, 1932
Wilson, Burchard [Pioneer pilot]

"To Aviator Burchard Wilson, Nothing Was Impossible," Seattle Times, February 10, 1997
Wilson, Eugene E. [U.S. Navy aviator, businessman, scholar]

"Profile of an American Aircraftsman" by Francis P. Antel, 1967 (brochure)
Wilson, Gill Robb [Pilot, aviation advocate]

"In Memoriam," Flying, November 1966

"AOPA No. 1, Gill Robb Wilson, Dies," AOPA PIlot, November 1966
Wilson, Thornton Arnold, "T.A." [Chief executive officer, Boeing Company]

Folder 1:

List of T. Wilson's known awards

Data sheet and color photograph of Boeing 757

"Design Evolution of the Boeing 757," Presentation to The Royal Aeronautical Society, September 1981

"Commemorative Issue, 757 Demonstration Tour S.E. Asia 1982" (color poster)

"The Boeing B-47 Stratojet," Boeing Press Release, 1965

"Boeing 757/767 Commonality," 1980 (color brochure)

"Boeing 767," 1982 (color brochure)

Folder 2:

"Masters of the Air," Time, April 7, 1980

"The U.S. Business Hall of Fame: T.A. Wilson," Fortune, March 13, 1989

Small, printed photograph of Wilson

Photocopies of photographs of Wilson and others

Folder 3:

"To Maintain the Aerospace Industry's Economic Health...," Speech by T.A. Wilson to International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, June 1975

"The Engineer of Success," Time, April 7, 1980

"Wilson Says Work, Bosses Behind Success at Boeing," News-Herald, August 16, 1978

Article about Wilson, Seattle Times (?), undated

"People Picker," Boeing Magazine, October 1962

"T.A. Wilson," Aviation Week & Space Technology, November 23, 1970

"A Crucial Time For Technology," Boeing Management Perspective, May/June 1968

Article about the B-47, Aerospace Historian, March 1987

"A Profile of T.A. Wilson," Seattle Times, March 11, 1984

Biographical sketches regarding Wilson

Nomination for Museum of Flight Pathfinder Award

"T Wilson, Herb Munter Chosen for Top Museum Honor," Boeing News, October 25, 1991

Notes and letter relating to the Museum of Flight, 1984

Folder 4:

"Wilson To Retire This Year After 44 Years With Boeing," Boeing News, October 30, 1987

"Wilson's Boeing Career Filled With Honors and Achievement," no source, October 30, 1987

"Wilson Named to Business Hall of Fame," Boeing News, February 24, 1989

"T Wilson: He Devoured Real Problems, Ignored False Ones," Boeing News, January 29, 1988

"Wilson's Decisions Key to Boeing's Revival," Seattle Times, April 20, 1975

"Wilson Will Chair New Museum of Flight Effort to Preserve Heritage of Dreams, Determination," Boeing News, March 24, 1983

"Boeing's Last Patriarch," Seattle Times, April 14, 1999

"T. Wilson Guided Boeing From Bust to Boom in '70s," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 13, 1999

Speech regarding the 747 program by Wilson at Everett Management Meeting, September 3, 1969

Speech regarding 737-300 Rollout by Wilson at the Museum of Flight, January 17, 1984

Folder 5:

"The Engineer of Success," Times, April 7, 1980

News releases regarding Wilson

Speech given by Wilson welcoming attendees to the "newly restored Red Barn," The Museum of Flight, August 30, 1983

Talk given by Wilson to the Seattle Rotary Club, November 23, 1983

"Wilson Will Turn CEO Post Over to Shrontz April 28," Boeing News, February 27, 1988

Remarks by T.A. Wilson regarding reduction of aircraft noise, Tokyo, December 16, 1971

"The Impact of Growth for Boeing and Everett," Address by T.A. Wilson to Everett Chamber of Commerce, September 29, 1967

"Financial and Economic Implications of the Expanding Jet Age," speech by Wilson at the Annual Conference of Robert Morris Associates, October 9, 1967

"Masters of the Air," Time, April 7, 1980

"Putting Boeing in a Class By Itself," N.Y. Times, September 8, 1985

Folder 6:


--Wilson and others at Joint BMA/AFA Dinner, December 1975

--Wilson and others at conference table

--Wilson and others at table with rocket model

--Numerous portraits of Wilson

--Collier Trophy

Folder 7:


--Wilson, Jack Steiner, Dick Bangert, Howard Lovering next to 727 Time Capsule

--Wilson and other man with aircraft model

--Wilson and other man with check to Museum of Flight from Pro-Am

--Wilson and Governor John Spellman at model of Museum of Flight

--Wilson speaking at Museum of Flight, July 1984

--Boeing 757 and 767 in flight

--FAA Certificates of Achievement for Boeing 757 and 767, 1983
Wilson, Woody [Airplane model builder]

"Hobbyist Seeks Polish Translator," Whidbey Today, August 27, 1984
Wilzen, Ted [Pilot?]

Photograph of Wilzen and another man, 1976
Winchell, Oscar [Early Alaska pilot]

Folder 1:

Correspondence between Pat Wachel and the Museum of Flight regarding donations relating to her father, Oscar Winchell, 1987-1989

Photograph and caption relating to Winchell on paper

Photocopy of loan document, 1937

Correspondence between Winchell and others, 1939-1982

Non-Scheduled Air Carrier Operating Certificate for Winchell, 1949, with accompanying documentation (photocopy)

"The Flying Cowboy," Alaska Sportsman, December 1965

"Aviation Heroes," Alaska Magazine, June 1982

Folder 2:

"The Alaska Airlines Story," alaskafest, October 1982

Biographical sketch of Winchell

Obituaries for Oscar and his wife, Florence, 1988

Folder 3:

Photograph of painting, "Oscar Winchell, Alaska's Flying Cowboy" with biographical notes

Photograph of Pat Wachel and Anne Rutledge, 1989

Four (4) captioned, black-and-white photographs of Winchell alone, with others, and his Stinson airplanes
Windsor, Robert W., Jr. [U.S. Navy pilot]

Biographical sketch
Winslow, Stuart V. [Bicycle-powered aircraft builder]

Photograph of Winslow with airplane (from Nez Perce County Historical Society)
Wiseman, Fred J. [First airmail pilot]

Folder 1:

"Forgotten Pioneer," Flying, October 1947

"First Flight in Snohomish," Air Museum News, November 1981 (with accompanying photocopies of articles and photographs)

"Everett Resident Recalls First Flight in Snohomish County," Everett News Tribune, April 14, 1982

Photographs with captions regarding May 6th flight by Wiseman, Everett newspapers, 1911

"Fred Wiseman & Automobiles,", accessed June 3, 2010

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photographs of Wiseman, his biplane, and flight at Olympia, Washington, circa 1911
Withey, Orville [Pilot]

Photocopy of photograph of Withey with his 1927 Swallow and brief biographical note
Whitman, Steve [Pilot and builder of racing airplanes]

Partial article from unknown book
Wolf, Stephen M. [President, United Airlines]

Biographical sketch, United Airlines news release, [1987?]

"Oakland Native Tapped to Head United Airlines," Oakland Tribune, December 10, 1987
Wolfe, Kenneth Bonner [U.S. Air Force pilot and commander]

Biographical note, Department of the Air Force, March 5, 1948
Wolfe, Wade H. [U.S. Army Air Force sergeant and crew member for B-29s]

Folder 1:

Handwritten letter from Wolfe to Museum of Flight, July 2, 1992

"A Summary of the Missions of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, 'Ladybird,'" by Wolfe

Folder 2:

Photograph of crew standing next to B-29 "Ladybird" at Eglin Field, Florida, June 27, 1944
Woolman, C. E. [Founder, Delta Airlines]

Portrait photograph of Woolman
Wong Tsoo [Aeronautical engineer]

Folder 1:

"BAAPA; Boeing Association of Asian Pacific Americans" (brochure)

"BAAPA Third Annual Gala Celebrating Diversity," November 2004

Biography/timeline (including photographs)

"Wings Around the World: Tsoo Wong, The Boeing Company's First Engineer," no source, undated

Photocopies of telegrams regarding Wong Tsoo, 1916

Letter mentioning Wong Tsoo, May 19, 1931

"My First Boss Tsu Wang [sic]." Text of talk at CIE meeting, 2004

"Following the West," Aviation, May 1934

Text of talk by Dennis Parks regarding Wong Tsoo

Notes and clippings regarding Wong Tsoo

Wong Tsoo Exhibit Celebration program at Museum of Flight, undated

"Fung to Receive National Medal of Science," Whitaker News,, accessed August 25, 2004

Folder 2:

Black-and-white portrait photograph of Wong Tsoo
Wood, Amos [Boeing engineer]

"Amos Wood is Honored for Boeing Safety Work," Boeing News, November 6, 1987
Wood, Buell Clare, Jr. [Team manager of Boeing 247 restoration]

Obituary, no source, undated
Wood, Lysle A. [Vice President, Boeing Aerospace Division]

"Ex-Boeing Designer Lysle Wood Dies," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 24, 1991

"Lysle A. Wood, Aerospace Pioneer," Seattle Times, May 29, 1991

Text of talk by Wood to Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, November 1963
Wood, Thomas [Crop duster, magazine editor]

"Crop Duster Becomes Editor," no source, undated
Woodhead, Harry [President, Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation]

"Current Management Problems." Text of talk by Woodhead, June 1947

"Earning a Place in Management." Text of talk by Woodhead, June 1947
Woodley, Arthur G. [Founder, Woodley Airways]

Folder 1:

Obituaries, May 1990

"Reunion: Employees of Long-Merged Airline Mark a '50,'" Seattle Times, May 23, 1982

"Personality: Pioneer on Top of the World," New York Times, June 28, 1959

Pathfinder nomination including biographical sketch, chronology, and related information

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Portrait photograph of Woodley
Woods, Jessie E. [Stunt pilot, wing walker; aviatrix]

Reminiscence about Woods, undated (typescript)

"More 'High Times' with Jessie Woods," ICAS News, 1987
Woodard, Ron [Co-president of Boeing Commercial Airline Group]

Folder 1:

"Woodard Set To Pilot Boeing Airline Sector," Seattle Times, March 12, 1993

"Woodard Boeing's Heir Apparent," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 12, 1993

Folder 2:

Portrait photographs of Woodard
Workman, Shannon [First U.S. Navy female combat pilot; aviatrix]

"Woman Flies Into History," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 22, 1994
Worthington, Cal [U.S. Army Air Force B-17 pilot]

Portrait photograph of Worthington at B-17 anniversary, July 1985
Wright, Frank W. [U.S. Army Air Force pilot and commander]

Obituary and article, no sources, undated
Wright, Milton and Susan Catherine Koerner Wright [Parents of Wilbur and Orville Wright]

Brief biographical notes
Wright, Orville and Wilbur [Aviation pioneers]

Folder 1:

"Famous Flights: The First American to Land in France," no source, undated

Illustration of Wright Flyer from a U.S. Air Force photograph

Photocopy of letter from Wilbur to Lt. H.H. Arnold, November 1911

Photocopy of letter from The Wright Company to Max Morehouse, October 1910

"Honors for Selfridge; Officer Buried with Military Rites in Arlington," Washington Post, September 1908

"Canadians at the Wright School," A.A.H.S. Journal, Spring 1963

Listing of aviation events in 1912

"Pieces of a Holy Grail," American-Historical Society of Aviation (information relating to the original Wright flyer and the Smithsonian)

Photocopies of correspondence between The Wright Company and Captain Bristol, U.S. Navy, 1914

Folder 2:

Court documents relating to case in the U.S. Court of Claims, Manufacturers Aircraft Association, Inc. v. The United States, 1933 (printouts)

"Faded Memories: The Wright Brothers and Germany, 1909-1913," Wright Brothers Symposium, 2002., accessed May 19, 2006 (including photograph)

"Wright Buying Up Company's Stock," Aero and Hydro, June 6, 1914

"Wright Home and Workshop Dedicated," Greenfield Herald (Michigan), April 29, 1938

Photocopy of letter from Charles Furnas to George Pelletier, April 1938

Four (4) reproductions of original documents relating to Wrights and Glenn Curtiss

The Wright Brothers: Fathers of the Airplane Industry, by Leonard M. Fanning. Good Reading Rack Service, 1956 (pamphlet)

The Wright Brothers. National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, undated (pamphlet)

Biographical sketches of Orville and Wilbur and related historical notes (photocopies of typescripts)

Folder 3:

"The Wrights: 100 Years Later," Flight Journal, December 2003

"What Makes It Wright?," Air & Space, June/July 1994

"Breaking the Ground Barrier," Air & Space, February/March 1987

"Aviation's Belle Epoque," Air & Space, April/May 1996

"Appointment at Big Kill Devil Hill," Air & Space, August/September 1987

"The Real Father of Flight," Popular Science Monthly, March 1929

Wilbur & Orville Wright: Pictorial Materials; A Documentary Guide, by Arthur G. Renstrom. Library of Congress, 1982 (photocopy of pamphlet)

Letter from Wilbur to Octave Chanute, May 13, 1900 (photocopy and typed transcript by Bill Stewart)

Folder 4:

Letter from Dwight Mutchler to the Museum of Flight, August 1991 (includes list of photographs)

Letter and newsletter from the Woodland Cemetary Association of Dayton to the Museum of Flight, June 1997

Photocopy of telegram from Orville regarding four successful flights, December 17, [1903]

"Historic Records from Private Collections of Wrights," no source, undated

"North Carolina's Outer Banks," The AOPA Pilot, September 1972

"Preview," The Aircraft Year Book, [1953]

"Orville Wright Without an Equal in Several Different Fields," U.S. Air Services, December 1943

Information relating to Robert Paton patent claims (including numerous photographs)

Folder 5:

Biographical sketches

"The Wright Stuff," Air Force Magazine, July 1987

Photocopy of Thomas Monroe's pilot's license signed by Orville

"First U.S. Military Flier is Honored at 85," New York Times, December 1964

"Memorial To a Flying Machine," Southern Living, 1984

"Art Outdone by the Realities of a Photograph," no source, undated

Letter from Ivonette Wright Miller to the Museum of Flight, May 1985

Folder 6:

"An 'Old Photog' Pictures the Past," Arkansas Gazette, March 15, 1964

Photocopy of letter from Hugo Coole, undated

"Orville Wright is King of Air," Columbia Chronicle, September 12, 1908

News article regarding Gustav Whitehead, The Oregonian, May 1, 1986

"Genius and Eccentricity of the Wright Brothers," New York Times, August 5, 1989 (including photocopy of letter criticizing the Times' review of Crouch's book, The Bishop's Boys)

"Born to Fly," Seattle Times, August 20, 1989

"Aviation's Twenty-Five Birthday Candles," The Literary Digest, January 5, 1929

"Remember the Year?," Modern Maturity, April-May 1973

"Wright Memorial Dedication Today at Kitty Hawk," no source, 1952

"Contraption Flies (Barely) at Kitty Hawk," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 18, 1978

"How Long Was the Wright's Flight?," Register-Guard, June 22, 1987

"Wright Planes After Kitty Hawk," Western Flyer, December 1978

"The Flight Heard 'Round the World," Denver Post, December 17, 1978

"First Flight; Airborne," Flying, September 1977

"Official Photographs in Government Archives in Washington," The World in the Air, 1930

"The Real Fathers of Flight," Popular Science Monthly, February 1929

"Engineering History of the A-25 (SB2C-1A) Airplane," Curtiss-Wright Corporation, 1947 (carbon copy of typescript)

Folder 7:

Wright Brothers Day Proclamation, 1959

"The Wright Brothers; A Portfolio of Photographs and Drawings from the Lives and Records of Wilbur and Orville Wright." National Aerospace Education Council (2 sets)

"Ageless 'Orville' on 75-Year-Old First Flyer," Air & Space, September-October 1978

"How We Made the First Flight," by Orville Wright. Aviation Education, undated

Program from the Smithsonian Institution from the ceremonies attending the presentation of the Wright's 1903 airplane, December 1948

Broderna Wright.... Nordisk Rotogravyr, Stockholm, 1928 (in Swedish)

Christmas card from The Dayton Wright Airplane Company, circa World War I

"The Wright Brothers' Aeroplane," by Orville and Wilbur Wright, The Century Magazine, September 1908. Reprint re-created by Business Week

Folder 8:

"Wright On, Sister," Oberlin Alumni Magazine, Winter 2003-2004

Brochures from the Wright Brothers National Memorial, North Carolina

"Early Flight, 1900-1911; Original Photographs from the Wright Brothers Personal Collection" (exhibit brochure)

Copy of the Wright Brothers' patent, 1906 (brochure)

"Early Flight, 1900-1911" (flyer regarding a porfolio of photographs), 1985

Early Flight: 1900-1911. Exhibit guide, Smithsonian Institution, 1984

Folder 9:

"The Wright Brothers; Fathers of the Airplane Industry." Brochure from the series, People Who Made America Great

"The Wright Brothers." Pamphlet from London Science Museum, 1963

"First Flight; The Story of Wilbur and Orville Wright's Invention of the Airplane." Pamphlet from The Franklin Institute

Auction catalog from The "Le Mans" Collection of Wright memorabilia. November 1989

"Wilbur and Orville Wright." Instruction packet on aerospace personalities, Civil Air Patrol and National Aerospace Education Association

"Diamond Jubilee of Powered Flight." Brochure reprinted from FAA World, 1978

Folder 10:

Wright Brothers 75th Anniversary Edition of Air Line Pilot, December 1978

"Commemoration of Wright Brothers' Flight, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina 17 December 1970." Reprint of presentation by Lt. General E. B. LeBailly.

"How We Made the First Flight," by Orville Wright. Aviation Education, undated

Four (4) reproductions of original documents relating to Wrights and Glenn Curtiss

Folder 11:

Three articles about the Wrights, The Bee-Hive, January 1953

Program Outline, Fiftieth Anniversary of Powered Flight...National Celebration. November 1952

Brochure describing collection of memorabilia for purchase honoring the 75th anniversary of powered flight

"Wright Brothers Highlights from Skylights." Pamphlet from National Aerospace Education Council, 1953?

Letter regarding Kate Carew who interviewed and caricatured the Wright Brothers in 1910 and photocopy of resulting newspaper article (The New York World, January 28, 1910)

Folder 12:

Numerous photocopies of the contract between the Wright Brothers and the Signal Corps, United States Army, 1908

Information sheet regarding the reproduction of the Wright 1909 Military Flyer

Folder 13:

Numerous copies of photographs of the Wright's airplane and flights

Two (2) negatives of the Wright glider and the Wright flyer

Photograph of a model of the aircraft on a wooden stand marked, "The Museum of Flight Presents The Wright Flyer"

Fifteen (15) copies of historic Wright photographs from Wright State University
Wyckoff, Clarence [Airplane salesman]

"Super Salesman '09," Flying, August 1952
Wygle, Brien S. [Test pilot, Boeing engineer and manager]

Nomination for National Air and Space Museum Trophy, 2014

Brief biographical sketches

"'A Nice-Handling Airplane,'" Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 5, 2004

"Boeing and Seattle Move On," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 3, 2001

Photocopy of Wygle's flight log 1948-1959

Program for Pathfinder Awards 2000


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