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Biographical Information Files - J

Individuals whose names begin with J:
Jabs, Hans-Joachim [German World War II ace pilot]

"Hans-Joachim Jabs: German 'Zerstorer' Ace of the Second World War," Air Progress, October 1966
Jackson, Henry M. [U.S. Senator]

Folder 1:

"Sen. Jackson Warns on Detente Pitfalls," Aviation Week, October 8, 1973

"A 'New Deal Conservative,'" Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 10, 1987

"Government, Business and Science: Partners in National Security," by Senator Henry M. Jackson. Remarks to Aerospace Manufacturers Council, May 23, 1963

Folder 2:

Photograph of Jackson, Bill Boeing, Dick Bangert, Scoop Jackson, C. Don Files, and Wells McCurdy, Red Barn, circa 1982
Jackson, Col. Joe M. [U.S. fighter pilot and Boeing employee]

Program from The Museum of Flight's Dawn Patrol Breakfast, August 22, 2009 (contains biographical sketch about Jackson)
Jannus, Antony H. "Tony" [Flight instructor and test pilot]

Folder 1:

"Flight Museum Gets Face Lift," Gainesville Sun, March 5, 1993

"The Flying Pioneers," AAHS Journal, Fall 1968

Folder 2:

Photograph of Benoist Airboat, St. Petersburg-Tampa

Photograph of Jannus and passenger in Benoist Airboat #43 (marked "Florida Pinellas Suncoast")
Jannus, Roger [Flight instructor and test pilot]

Typed biographical sketch with black-and-white photograph attached (text from "Flying Pioneers Biographies of Harold E. Morehouse")

Letter from Morehouse to Armand Claverie transmitting biography
Jansen, Peter N. [Specialist in aircraft maintenance support]

Folder 1:

"Greer Award Presented to P. N. Jansen of Boeing," NSIA Newsletter, June 1961

"The Follow-Up," Boeing Magazine, October 1969

Newspaper articles from 1940s relating to the Curtiss-Wright Corporation and Jansen

Correspondence with Jansen about P-40s and donations of Curtiss photographs, 1963-1969

Obituaries, 1972

Text from Jansen's memorial service

Folder 2:

Photographs of helicopters NX41817 (photocopies)

Correspondence with Jansen regarding an NC-4, 1966-1969 (photocopies)

"50th Anniversary of First Transatlantic Flight," Buffalo Courier-Express, May 25, 1969 (in NC-4), plus other related articles

Letter to Jansen from Superintending Constructor of Aircraft, U.S.N. regarding NC boats, June 3, 1919 (photocopy)

Photocopy of photograph (of Jansen?)
Jansen, Raymond [Glider and fighter pilot]

Biographical sketch
Jayne, Marion Pollard [Race pilot, aviatrix]

Biographical sketches
Jefford, Jack [Pioneer Alaskan aviator]

Photocopy of book cover and pages from Winging it by Jefford

Biographical note about Jefford, Who's Who in World Aviation, 1958

Chapter on Jefford from The Flying North by Jean Potter, 1947

Photocopies of photographs of Jefford and aircraft
Jeffrey, Arthur F. [World War II ace pilot]

"Komet Killer," Air Classics, undated
Jeffs, George W. [Executive, Rockwell International]

"Let George Do It; ASLD Jeffs Has Pioneered America's Space Exploration," The Washington Alumnus Digest, Spring 1985
Jemison, Mae C., M.D. [U.S. astronaut, aviatrix]

"Black Female Aviators Fly Through History," Northwest Mountain Intercom, February 1995
Jensen, Harold [Pilot and early Boeing employee]

Aviation Log Book for test flights of B&W No. 1, 1916 (photocopy)

Diary pages of first flights of B&W, 1916 (photocopy)

Letter from Jensen to Boeing Airplane Company regarding Boeing B&W aircraft, 1966

"First Flights," Boeing News, July 1941

"Collectors' Items," Boeing Pictorial History, July 1946, page 19 (photocopy)

Correspondence between Pacific Aero Products Co. and Chief Signal Officer about employment of Jensen, 1917
Jensen, Martin [Pilot]

Folder 1:

"The Ups and Downs of a Barnstormer," Sport Aviation, May-August 1965 (three parts)

"1927 Hawaii Air Race" (college research paper) by Mike Lavelle, March 1968

Folder 2:

"Martin Jensen Report"

Correspondence regarding informational materials from Jensen

"Aviation History of 1928" (13-page typescript)

Folder 3:

"Molded Plastic Plywood: Airplanes, Gliders, Parts," Langley Aviation Corporation (pamphlet)

Autobiographical typescript (23 pages)

Two pages from Aircraft Year Book: Epochal Flights of 1927

Additional autobiographical document (typescript)

Folder 4:

Photograph of Jensen

Photograph of airplane that Jensen flew in Dole Air Race, 1927

Photocopies of photographs from Hatfield Notebook

Folder 5:

Color slides with transcript
Jeppesen, Elrey B. [Pilot, navigator, entrepreneur]

Folder 1:

Correspondence with Museum of Flight regarding awards, 1980s

"Jepp's 'Little Black Book,'" Frontier Airlines "WHY" Magazine, Fall 1973

"On a Wing and a Prayer," Sunday Denver Post, February 26, 1989

Portion of article regarding Jeppesen, Air Transport, September 1944

"Aviation Pioneer from Oregon Turns Up Nose at Jet Age," Sunday Oregonian, June 3, 1990

"Jeppesen--Past, Present and Future," Aviation & Business Journal, June 2002

"Airplane Pioneer Snorts at Modern Jetliner Age," Idaho Falls Post Register, May 27, 1990

"Stewardess and Plane Pilot to Wed," Oregon Daily Journal, September 17, 1936

"Statesman of the Skies," The Southwest Villager," August 31, 1989

Folder 2:

Pathfinder nomination, 1986

Brochure regarding Jeppesen-Sanderson Training Systems Marketing

"Honoring a Pioneer Aviator," Denver Post (reprint), undated

"Charting Jeppesen," Flying, January 1989

Obituaries, 1996

Press release about receipt of Jeppesen collection plus related correspondence, 1985

"That Little Old Mapmaker Who Charted the Airspace of the World," FAA Aviation News, April 1972

"The $200,000 Hobby," Air Transport, September 1944

"Airway Manual," Flying, September 1952

"Shared Legacy; Boeing Roots Deep in Jeppesen History," Boeing News, October 12, 2000

"The Early Adventures of Captain Jepp," Boeing Frontiers, August 2005

Biographical sketch

Photocopy of Jeppesen photograph
Jespersen, Henry Neil [World War II pilot]

Letter to Museum of Flight, 1999

Autobiography and narrative of Jespersen's experiences in World War II as a B-17 pilot
Jessen, Gene Nora [Pilot, aviatrix]

"History of The Ninety-Nines, Inc." by Gene Nora Jessen, The Ninety-Nines, Inc., 1979 (photocopy)
Johnsen, Fred [Aviation historian]

"Youngest Member Boosts PNAHF Campaign to Buy Flying Fort," Renton-Chronicle, May 5, 1968

"Where are Vintage Aircraft Parts Found? Down on the Farm," Seattle Times, July 5, 1984

"The Airshow Announcer" by Ken & Fred Johnsen (page of cartoons)
Johnsen, Lester [U.S. Air Force fighter pilot]

"Shelton Neighbors Should Know Johnsen as 'The Christmas Knight,'" The Olympian, January 28, 1987
Johnson, Amy [Pilot, aviatrix]

Short biographical sketch

Newspaper photograph
Johnson, Burrill C. [Seattle pioneer aviator]

Folder 1:

Various Johnson's business cards

Business card with photograph of Boeing Seaplane

Numerous short newspaper clippings about Johnson's flying adventures, circa 1920s

"Theater Man Taking In 10,000-Mile 'Road Show,'" Seattle Times, September 25, 1966


Folder 2:

Three (3) black-and-white photographs of mail plane with pilot on wing

One black-and-white photograph of five men standing at edge of hanger next to mail seaplane
Johnson, Charlie [Fighter pilot and test pilot]

"Charlie Johnson--A True 'Fighter Pilot' Begins Life Anew," Airport Journals, November 2004
Johnson, Clara [Pioneer stewardess]

Two brief articles with photographs regarding stewardesses
Johnson, Clarence L. "Kelly" [Aeronautical engineer]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

""Be Quick, Be Quiet and Be On Time,'" Aviation History, September 2010

"Famous Designers No. 7, Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson," AIAA newsletter, March 1986

Obituary and news clips

"How the Stealth Fighter Got Off the Ground," Wall Street Journal, undated

"Skunk Works Took Lockheed Into World of Business Jets," LADC Star, June 17, 1993

Invitation to banquet honoring Johnson

Folder 2:

Three (3) black-and-white photographs with SR-71 (N803X and 06936)

Three (3) black-and-white portraits

Lithograph of color painting with SR71

Color photograph of Johnson with U-2 and SR-71

Color photograph of Johnson at desk
Johnson, Eddie [Pilot]

Official photographs of Johnson in civilian clothes and uniform from the Air Service Engineering Division (multiple copies)
Johnson, James [Boeing Company executive]

"Boeing Exec Move Raises Questions," Seattle Times, June 22, 1993
Johnson, Lyndon [U.S. President]

Folder 1: "Annals of Politics: The Johnson Years: The Old and the New," The New Yorker, January 22, 1990

Folder 2: Black & white photograph of Johnson at desk and color photocopies of Air Force One photographs
Johnson, Martin and Osa [Aerial photographers]

"Martin and Osa Johnson," Air Classics, November 2003
Johnson, Philip G. [President, Boeing Airplane Company]

Folder 1:

"Portrait of 'P.G.,'" Boeing Magazine, October 1944 (3 copies)

"What of 1931?," Western Flying, January 1931

"They Turned Their Faces West; Philip Johnson," Pacific Northwest Aviation Historial Foundation paper (typescript), undated

"Boeings Svenske VD Var - 'King of Air,'" no source, undated (in Swedish)

"P. G. Johnson," History of King County, 1929

Biographical sketch, Boeing Company News Bureau, undated

"Out of the Doghouse," Saturday Evening Post, November 15,1941 (original and photocopy)

Letter from M.C. Slauson to Harl Brackin regarding family scrapbooks and the Boeing family history that she wrote

Folder 2:

Letter to Johnson from United Aircraft & Transport Corporation employees, 1934

Letter from Joseph McCarthy to Johnson, 1934

Folder 3:

Black-and-white photographs of Johnson

Color photographs of P.G. Johnson Efficiency Safety Trophy

Sepia photograph of two men on a boat

Photocopies of Boeing photos
Johnson, Robert R. [Owner/operator, Johnson Flying Service]

Folder 1:

Pathfinder Award nomination

Photocopies of photographs from Johnson Flying Service collection

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of Johnson in cockpit
Johnson, Walter E. [Early pilot and instructor]

"They Flying Pioneers: Walter E. Johnson," AAHS Journal, Spring 1967
Johnston, Alvin Melvin "Tex" [Test pilot]

Folder 1:

Profile of Johnston

Funeral program

"The Stuff of Legends: Boeing 707's Barrel Role Over Seattle," Seattle Times, August 8, 2015

"Tex Johnston Helping Pilot Museum Membership Drive," Boeing News, February 12, 1993

"707 To Paris," Boeing Magazine, November 1958

Articles about roll of Dash-80 in 1955

1958 Boeing magazine

Obituaries, 1998

"Tex Johnston: Our Right Stuff," Seattle Times, August 3, 1986

"Famous Rollover Test Pilot Hopes to Fly High with His 1st Book," Seattle Times, January 31, 1991

Letter and article about Johnston

Pathfinder nomination letter, 1987

Folder 2:

Photographs of Johnston as a test pilot, some autographed

Photocopies of Johnston at Museum of Flight, some in color

Photocopies of photographs with people identified
Johnston, James A. [B-29 test pilot]

Photographs on compact disc

Boeing press release on crash of B-29 near Seattle, 1944

Photocopy of B-29 crash in Ballard

Newspaper articles about B-29 crash in 1944

Report of 1944 aircraft accident, Aviation Archaeological Investigation & Research, 2006

Color lithograph of B-17G Sentimental Journey
Johnston, Ralph [Museum of Flight deputy director]

Newspaper clippings, 1997, 1998
Johnstone, Ralph [Pilot, Wright Flying Team]

Biographical sketch
Joki, Dr. James A. [NASA engineer]

2009 Pathfinder Awards program
Jolly, Arthur [Line chief, 70th Bomb Squadron]

"Line Chief," Aero Album, Summer 1968
Jones, Cecil B. [Woodworker on crew that built Spirit of St. Louis]

"Last to Live the Lindbergh Legend," News Tribune, May 21, 1997
Jones, Charles Sherman "Casey" [Pilot]

Brief biographical note, Flying, 1952

Untitled article, Aero Digest, February 1938

Biographical sketch
Jones, Claudia and Cathy [Pilots, aviatrix]

"Paths Cross in Cockpit for Mother, Daughter," Sunday Oregonian, November 30, 1980
Jones, Ethelbert Barksdale, Jr., "Bert" [Engineer in Boeing's space projects]

Autobiographical sketch
Jones, Glenn H. [Boeing Plant photographer]

Photocopies of photographs of Jones and others
Jones, Kermit [Helicopter pilot]

"Crop Duster," Airwest, undated
Jones, Robert T. [Aerodynamicist]

“Robert T. Jones, One of a Kind,” Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 2005 [reprint]
Jones, Roy F. [Pilot]

Typed copy of news article from 1923 regarding Jones' commercial flight in Alaska

Letter from Jones to Vic Stuhr regarding Jones' aviation experiences, 1971

Photocopy of Jones' photograph
Jones, Walter R. [Professor of aeronautical engineering]

Newspaper clippings about Jones, no source, undated
Jordanoff, Assen [Pilot and aviation innovator]

"Elmer Takes the Air with Stubby Kruger," Film #1 (DVD)

Photograph of The Asen Jordanoff Boulevard street sign, Sofia, Bulgaria (photocopy)

"Assen Jordanoff - The Man Who Contributed to America's Airpower," by Plamen Antonov (
Jouett, John H. [Aviation expert]

"Aviation After the War," Aero Digest, February 1941
Judge, J. W. C. [British test pilot]

"The Life and Times of Judge," Flight International, November 12, 1970
Junkers, Hugo [German engineer and aircraft designer]

Typed biographical sketch


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