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Apollo 11 and 13 checklists

 Collection — Box: Assorted rare collections, Box 1, Folder: 1
Identifier: 2013-03-25
Contents of the Collection The Apollo 11 and 13 checklists is a small collection consisting of only a few documents. The collection includes two checklists: a "P30 manuever data card" from the Apollo 11 mission, 1969, and the "Apollo-13 LM-7 Contingency Checklist," from the Apollo 13 mission, 1970. The pages include handwritten notes by Buzz Aldrin, James Lovell, and Fred Haise. There is also a letter of authenticity accompanying each page, signed by Buzz Aldrin (Apollo 11) and Fred Haise (Apollo 13) respectively. The...

Apollo 11 Spacecraft Fifty-State Tour Press Kit

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Oversize 2019- , oversize: folder
Identifier: 2019-08-08
Content Description The Apollo 11 Spacecraft Fifty-State Tour Press Kit is a small collection consisting of the press kit and related materials from the promotional tour of the Apollo 11 command module across the United States in 1970-1971. The press kit includes a folder containing seven 8x10" black-and-white prints, a mission report booklet, a press release with tour schedule, a "Log of Apollo 11" color booklet, and a tour map. Twelve 11x14" color lithograph prints reproducing photographs from the moon landing...

James S. and Judith A. Barrowman Report

 Collection — Box: One
Identifier: 2017-04-08
Content Description The James S. and Judith A. Barrowman Report is a small collection consisting of a research and development report on center of pressure prediction in rocketry written by James S. and Judith A. Barrowman. The report was presented at at the National Association of Rocketry's NARAM-8 on August 18, 1966. The title of the report is "The Theoretical Prediction of the Center of Pressure" and examines how the stability of a rocket is affected by its center of gravity and center of pressure....

Cliff and Pam Bickford NASA and air show slides

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2004-11-09
Contents of the Collection The collection is comprised of approximately four hundred forty (440) slides relating to NASA recovery operations of Gemini and Apollo, as well as assorted air shows, circa 1960s-1990s. There is also one (1) black-and-white pencil lithograph of North American T-28 Trojan with USS Lexington markings signed by artist Don Kellams, undated.

Michael B. Gordon Mercury Photographs Collection

 Collection — Folder: 1
Identifier: 2011-10-27
Content Description The Michael B. Gordon Mercury Photographs Collection is a small collection consisting of 11 4x5" black-and-white photographs depicting the preparation and recovery of the Mercury-Redstone 3 flight of Alan B. Shepard in 1961. The images show: technicians assisting Shepard with his spacesuit prior to launch; Shepard seated in Freedom 7 capsule prior to launch; Shepard being hoisted aboard Sikorsky S-58 helicopter after Freedom 7 splashdown; a Sikorsky S-58 helicopter recovering Freedom 7 capsule;...

George Hage Apollo Collection

Identifier: 2014-04-03
Overview George Hage was NASA's Deputy Director for the Apollo Program. The 17 total Apollo Programs were designed to send astronauts to photograph, map, and eventually walk on, the moon. The collection contains notes about the production of the lunar orbiters and also photographs and news coverage of the successful Apollo missions.

James Allen Joki NASA Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2023-01-06
Content Description The James Allen Joki NASA Collection is a small collection consisting of visual and textual materials related to Joki's career with NASA during the Apollo program. Of most interest are two digital prints of a black-and-white photograph depicting mission control at the moment of Neil Armstrong's first step on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission on July 20, 1969. One print is 11x14 inches and includes annotations by Joki as well as his signature. The second print is 13x16 inches and is...

William Nicholas Lunar Orbiter Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2018-11-13
Overview The William Nicholas Lunar Orbiter Collection contains articles, corporate documents, cassette tapes, and photographs relating to the Lunar Orbiter Program.

John D. Pearce NASA and Space Shuttle Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2014-10-09
Contents of the Collection The John D. Pearce NASA and Space Shuttle Collection is comprised primarily of visual materials, including photographs, negatives, and slides, as well as assorted ephemera, such as decals, press badges, NASA publications, and clippings. Materials mainly relate to NASA and Space Shuttle events, launches, and news from 1981-1989. The bulk of the collection is housed within three albums and contains the majority of the visual materials, although there is a small amount of loose...

Rockwell International Space Shuttle Advertisements

 Collection — Box: Small Collections Very Large Items 2006-, oversize: folder
Identifier: 2019-09-09
Content Description The Rockwell International Space Shuttle Advertisements is a small collection consisting of three advertisements placed in the Wall Street Journal honoring NASA space shuttles from 1979-1981. Two advertisements from July 20, 1979 and April 15, 1981 honor the space shuttle Columbia. Both are double-page spreads. One full-page advertisement honors the space shuttle Enterprise and was printed August 15, 1977. All three advertisements feature a pen-and-ink drawing...

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Boeing Model 737 Family 1
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Boeing Model 757 Family 1
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Boeing Model 777 Family 1
Boeing-Vertol H-47 Chinook Family 1
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Convair 240 Family, Production 1
Convair 340 Family, Production 1
Convair 440 Metropolitan 1
Convair 880, Production 1
Convair 990, Production 1
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Lockheed C-69 Constellation Family 1
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Lockheed Model 188 Electra II Family 1
Manned space flight -- Soviet Union 1
Manned space flight--United States 1
Mercury-Redstone 3 1
Mil Mi-26 Halo Family 1
Minuteman (Missile) 1
Missiles 1
North American T-28 Trojan Family 1
Palapa Project 1
Project Telstar 1
Propeller-driven aircraft 1
Rockets (Aeronautics)--Models--Design and construction 1
Shuttle Carrier Aircraft 1
Sikorsky S-58 Family 1
Space flight to the moon 1
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