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Archives at The Museum of Flight

Biographical Information Files - E

Individuals whose names start with E:
Eagleston, Glenn T. [WWII U.S. ace pilot]

"Aces' Aircraft: Lt. Col. Glenn T. Eagleston," Aero Album, Fall 1968
Eaker, Ira C. [U.S. Air Force pilot]

Folder 1:

Obituary, Eugene Register-Guard, August 7, 1987

"Eaker's Pan-American Mission," Air Force Magazine, September 1986

"Eaker of the Eighth," Air Force Magazine, October 1987

Obituary, Daedalus Flyer, Summer 1987

Book review of Air Force Spoken Here (biography about Eaker), Aerospace Historian, December 1986

Biographical sketch

"Flight of the ?," Popular Mechanics Magazine, March 1929

"A Week in the Air," Popular Science Monthly, March 1929

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Eaker next to Boeing P-12

Photocopies of photographs of Eaker and P-12 from other files
Earhart, Amelia [Pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1: Biographical sketches

Biography (16 pages) including poetry and list of record flights (2 copies)

Biography from Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation (5 pages)

Letter from A. Earhart to F. Hamlin, February 8, 1932 (accession #1988-02-25A)

“’Lady Lindy’ Wildly Greeted in London after Her Lone Flight across the Atlantic,” Mid-Week Pictorial, January 1932 (photocopy)

Letter regarding search for Earhart’s airplane, 1932 (photocopy)

Letter from Earhart regarding organization of women pilots, November 25, 1931 (photocopy)

Poster honoring Earhart

Maps and details of Earhart’s flights, including “Route of Amelia’s Last Flight,” Aerospace Personality Series

Newspaper photographs: “First Air Ladies Meet” and “Gathering of Some Social-Elect of the Air,” no source, undated

"Amelia Earhart Speaks at Seattle's Civic Auditorium Under Sponsorship of the Woman's Century Club on February 3, 1933." Essay 10018. Posted January 27, 2012

Photocopies of photographs of Earhart from various sources

“Amelia Earhart.” National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (two copies of the booklet)

“Miss Earhart Will Lecture,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, September 29, 1935

Folder 2: “She Taught Amelia Earhart How to Fly,” no source, undated (includes photographs)

“Amelia Earhart’s Close Call in Hobbs Remembered," New Mexico Magazine, March 1990

“Call to the Colors,” The 99 News, undated

“Amelia Earhart: ‘Someone Must Always Go First,’” Kansas!, May-June 1963

“Is Amelia Earhart Still Alive?," Popular Aviation, December 1939, January 1940

Four photographs of location where Earhart landed in South Wales

“Did Amelia Earhart Survive?,” Air Classics, April 1995

Numerous additional articles from various sources

“A Study of the Life and Selected Flights of Amelia Earhart.” [draft] Aerospace Personality Series Production

“Amelia Earhart: 50 Years of ‘Friendship,' 1928-1978” (booklet regarding her landing in Burry Port, Wales)

“The Enduring Mystery of Amelia Earhart,” American History Illustrated, May 1987

“Finding Amelia,” TIGHAR Tracks, September 30, 1996

Folder 3: Numerous articles from a variety of sources about discoveries regarding location of possible remains of Earhart’s airplane, 1991-1992

“What Happened to Amelia Earhart?,” NOAA Magazine, July 1977

“My Search for Amelia Earhart,” True, The Man’s Magazine, September 1966

“Writing ‘30’ to the Earhart Mystery,” no source, undated

“Amelia Earhart Still Alive, Pilot Insists,” no source, undated

“Unraveling the Mystery of Amelia Earhart,” Washington Athletic Club Magazine, May 1991

“Team Seeks Earhart’s Plane,” Seattle Times, December 19, 2004

Reviews of book, Age of Heroes

Article and photographs (photocopies) regarding Ashley Chapman who watched Earhart take off on her final flight, 2010

“1923 Kissel Speedster (Gold Bug) owned by Amelia Earhart” (print out of web page from Forney Museum)

Folder 4: Items photocopied from originals stored in Archives' safe:

--Souvenir ticket from Johnson Flying Service, Dayton, Ohio with Earhart's signature on verso [accession #1990-08-02A]

--"Flyers Hoping to Leave Soon," no source, June 16, [1928?]

--"First Woman Flies Overseas," Popular Science Monthly, September 1928

--"2 Clippers Distanced on Flight to Islands," no source, [1937?]

--"2 Girls Wistfully Hear News of Amelia's Flight," no source, undated

--Handwritten memory about Earhart with photographs [accession #1992-02-23]

--Numerous newspaper photographs of Earhart and others with brief captions

--Photocopy of sepia-toned, portrait photograph of Earhart

--Program for Presentation of the Cross of Honor to Amelia Earhart Putnam

U.S. Naval Message regarding explosion of Hindebeurg [sic]

U.S. Naval Messages regarding U.S.S. Colorado search for Earhart airplane, July 1937

Envelope postmarked 1937

Menu from U.S.S. Colorado

Black-and-white photograph of one tower for Golden Gate Bridge

Envelopes for Fleet Week in Portland, July 1937

Folder 5: Articles about donation of Earhart materials to Purdue University and about Earhart’s experiences at Purdue, Journal and Courier, 2002

Finding Aid for Amelia Earhart Materials, Purdue University Libraries

Finding Aid for Amelia Earhart Papers, Schlesinger Library

Finding Aid for Amy (Otis) Earhart Papers, Schlesinger Library

Photo Folder 1: Close-up photograph of Earhart in front of airplane (2 copies)

Photograph of Earhart boarding Western Air Express Boeing 247-D, 1937

Numerous portraits of Earhart (one by Gordon Williams)

Photograph of house

Post card with Earhart’s photograph

Photograph of Earhart looking out of cockpit of UAL 247-D, February 5, 1933 (original and copy)

Photograph of Earhart standing by nose of airplane

Publicity photograph of Earhart (from Rick Johnson)

Photograph of Earhart with Paul Mantz (3 copies)

Photograph of Earhart in door of United Air Lines airplane with two other people

Photograph of Earhart standing in front of her airplane

Photograph (digital reprint) of Earhart with Joe Kimm, Hugh Rueschenberg, and Mal Freeburg, January 1933. Inscribed "With Kindest regards, J.E. Kimm, Capt. NWA Ret." [Received with letter to TMOF Director Bonnie Dunbar, August 2006.]

Photographic portrait by Albert L. Bresnik, 1937, signed with order form and article about photographer. [accession #2019-06-11].

Photo Folder 2: Photographs (photocopies) of Earhart and her airplane from various published sources
Earhart, Amelia Rose [Pilot, aviatrix]

Biographical sketch

Invitation to 2013 Amelia Earhart Festival Pioneering Achievement Award Luncheon
Eastman, Fred S. [Engineer, professor of aeronautics]

Folder 1:

Pathfinder nomination form

"Fred Eastman, 102, Created Tool to Gauge Wind-tunnel Forces," Seattle Times, August 10, 2006

"Flexure Pivots to Replace Knife Edges and Ball Bearings," by Fred S. Eastman, University of Washington Engineering Experiment Station Bulletin 1935

Title pages for two other bulletins written by Eastman

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph for Pathfinder Award, 1986
Eastman, Stephen E. [Boeing supervisor in the Aerospace Group]

Folder 1:

Handwritten letter regarding Pan Am 25th anniversary flight, 1983

Eastman's account of re-enactment of Pan Am jet service from New York to Paris, 1983 (30 pages)

"707 'Inaugural' Was Gala Event for Boeing Couple," Boeing News, November 6, 1958

"Historic First Flight: Suddenly Whole Thing Begins to Move," by Stephen E. Eastman, Boeing News, February 5, 1970

"Steve Eastman: A Lifelong Passion for Aviation," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 22, 2007

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of three workers including Carl Gustafson and Steve Eastman
Eckener, Hugo, Dr. [German engineer and entrepreneur]

"Eckener--Publicist, Navigator," Aero Digest, September 1930

"A Fighting Skipper of the Air," Popular Science Monthly, January 1929
Eddleman, Clyde D., General [Vice Chief of Staff, U.S. Army]

Department of Defense news release containing text of address by Eddleman to Aerospace Industries Association conference, June 8, 1961
Edison, Thomas [Inventor]

Two black-and-white photographs of Edison
Edwards, Charles Jerome [Director, Aero Club of America]

Obituary, Aircraft, undated
Edwards, Harold [Australian airman]

Obituary, no source, undated
Egan, James [Antique plane enthusiast]

"Psst! Wanna Buy a '43 Spitfire? How Much Can You Spend?," The Oregonian, August 10, 1986
Egtvedt, Clairmont L. [Chairman, The Boeing Company]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketches

Biographical information, News Bureau, The Boeing Company, undated

"Testimony of C. L. Egtvedt, Chairman, Boeing Aircraft Company before the Mead Committee, August 24, 1945, Seattle, WA" (typescript, 19 pages)

Lists regarding the Egtvedt Collection

"Notice to Aviators," No. 7, July 1, 1921 (4 pages)

"Eye on the Sky," Boeing Magazine, February 1957 (original and photocopy)

"Family Album," Boeing Magazine, undated

"Transport," Time, July 15, 1935

Materials relating to a Norwegian Emigrant Festival

"Claire Egtvedt Honored in Former Red Barn Office," Boeing News, November 21, 1986

Letter to Egtvedt from James B. Jones, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, August 31, 1943

"We are Embarked as Pioneers," Boeing News (?), July 1966

"Claire L. Egtvedt," Boeing News, October 23, 1975

Letter from Evelyn Egtvedt to Museum of Flight, June 19, 1986

"Philip G. Johnson Returns," no source, undated

"700 Years Experience," no source, undated

"C.L. Egtvedt, Claude Hill, First Men," Boeing News, May 22, 1947

"UW Names First Holder of Boeing Chair," undated

Historical notes about Boeing Company

Folder 2:

Numerous articles regarding Egtvedt's retirement from The Boeing Company

Obituaries and related information regarding Claire and Evelyn Egtvedt

Photocopy of Stoughton, Wisconsin Hall of Fame induction of Egtvedt and brief biography

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 3:

Folder from Richard Beckerman (?) regarding Egtvedt's induction into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame, 1966 (includes three photographs from award ceremony)

Folder 4:

Multiple copies of transcript of interview with Egtvedt, 1984

Folder 5:

Transcript of tape interview with Mrs. Clair Egtvedt. Interviewers: Howard Lovering, John Italiane. November 1, 1984 (2 copies)

Folder 6:

Black-and-white portraits, undated

Black-and-white photograph of Egtvedt at desk, undated

Photograph of certificate from Boeing Company, 1966
Ehricke, Kraftt Arnold [Space scientist]

Biographical sketch
Eielson, Carl Ben [Polar pilot]

Folder 1:

"Body of Eielson Found at Wreck," N.Y. Times, February 21, 1930

"Perils of Polar Flying," by C. Ben Eielson, no source, undated

"Marion Swenson: Free Spirit on the Tragic Nanuk," Seattle Times, September 9, 1979

"Flyers Again Beat the Arctic," Popular Science Monthly, July 1928

Photograph of Eielson from Flying the Arctic by Capt. Geo. H. Wilkins (photocopy)

Miscellaneous photocopies with information about Eileson

Folder 2:

Black-and-white photograph of Alaska's Mail Service: Yesterday and Today, 1924

Small black-and-white photograph of Eielson in front of Fokker FVII
Eisenhower, Dwight David [General and U.S. President]

Folder 1:

"Dwight D. Eisenhower, Aviator," American History Illustrated (?), undated

Correspondence about dummy paratroopers between Earl Balyeat and Eisenhower, 1944 (photocopies)

"Ike The Pilot," Boeing Magazine, January 1954

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

"General Eisenhower Addressing the D-Day Troops" (two black-and-white publicity photographs)

Black-and-white photograph of General Eisenhower visiting Boeing's Wichita plant, offering his congratulations on the selection of the name "Scout" for the Boeing XL-15 liaison plane
Elder, Ruth [Pilot, aviatrix]

Obituary with photograph, no source, undated

"The American Girl: Ruth Elder's Transatlantic Flight," Aero Digest, November 1927
Ellehammer, Jacob Christian H. [Danish aviator and engineer]

Biographical sketch

"First Danish Aviator," Aircraft Illustrated, November 1976

"The Flying Dane," Scanorama, November 1981
Ellis, Frank H. [Pilot]

Photograph of Ellis in the Ellis-Blakely "West Wind," a Curtiss pusher biplane (photocopy)
Ellis, Robert W. [Affiliated with the Museum of Flight]

Memorial program, 2008

Notes regarding several United Airlines pilots

Dooley Airline business cards for C. F. Lang and Nell Urban, and business card for Les Hubble
Ellison, Norman [Boeing Company employee]

Obituary, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 26, 2001
Ellsworth, Lincoln [Antarctic explorer]

"Ellsworth's Antarctic Adventure," Notable Flights of 1935

"The Rich Man's Son Who Wanted to Go Places," Seattle Times, June 19, 1932
El Nadi, Lotfia [Egyptian pilot, aviatrix]

"Lotfia El Nadi--The First Woman Pilot in Egypt," Ninety-Nine News, November 1991
Ely, Eugene [Pilot; first man to land on and take off from a naval vessel]

Folder 1:

Article with photograph, no source, undated

Letter regarding Ely's flight to the Pennsylvania, 1981

Letter regarding photo PM1745, 1990

"The Short, Eventful Life of Eugene B. Ely," Proceedings, January 1981

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Photograph of Ely in helmet

Fourteen (14) black-and-white photographs of bi-plane landing on USS Pennsylvania, Elliott Bay, 1911
Emerson, A. C. [Fighter pilot]

"Fighter Pilot Lieut. A. C. Emerson" (includes color drawing), no source, undated
Emmens, Bob [U.S. Air Force pilot]

"Doolittle's Raiders," Medford Mail Tribune, May 22, 1989 (includes color photographs)
Emrich, Linn [Pilot, aviation enthusiast]

"Skyport Operator Wages Stubborn Battle," Seattle Times, October 21, 1985

Correspondence regarding the Renton Air Fair, 1965

Drawings and specifications for Travel Air 6000, SGS 1-26 Sailplane, Ryan PT-22 Trainer
Emrick, Halden H. [Pilot]

"Introducing Pilot Halden H. Emrick," no source, undated
Enders, William H. [Aeronautical engineer]

"Donors' Profile," MIT Technology Review, undated
Engle, Joe H., Maj. Gen. [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1: Biographical sketch

Folder 2: Color photograph
Engelhardt, Dean [Aerobatics pilot]

Business card

Aerobatics Unlimited brochure

"He Flies Upside Down," Seattle Times, May 21, 1967
Engen, Donald D. [Director, National Air and Space Museum]

Obituaries, 1999
Enslow, Randy [Pilot]

"Barnstorming with Lindbergh," Popular Science Monthly, October 1929

"'How I Fly My Plane,'" Popular Science Monthly, December 1929
Erdmann, Tom [Airplane builder and restorer]

Folder 1: "Chico Man Recalls Airplane Building Days," Kitsap Journal, July 21, 1976

Folder 2: Six 3x4 black-and-white photographs and three 4x6 photographs of the construction of a Lincoln Sport, 1933
Erickson, Barbara Jane (London) [WASP pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Awards nomination, 1992

"Wings of War," Seattle Times, May 31, 1993

Article about Barbara and Kristy London

"WASPS Blazed Trail for Women Military Pilots," Pacific Flyer, March 1990

"Aviation Pacesetter--Meet Barbara London," The Grunion Gazette, August 28, 1980

"Call Her Lucky," Airman, December 1991

"Women and the War," Press-Telegram, August 11, 1985

"Local Aviation Pioneer Honored," Long Beach Airport Community Bulletin, Fall 1991

"Woman Pilot Breaks Sex Barrier," Long Beach Independent, June 4, 1976 (regarding Erickson's daughter)

"'Girls' Got War Off the Ground," Post-Intelligencer, June 7, 2004

"Unsung Heroes," Columns, The University of Washington Alumni Magazine, September 2010 (includes photographs)

Folder 2:

Citation for Air Medal (photocopy)

"Higher Education," University of Washington Columns, November 1940

"Seattle Girl One of 25 Who Ferry Planes," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, January 28, 1943

"Vultee Fete on Monday Over It's 10,000 Plane," no source, undated

"Seattle WASP First Woman to be Awarded Air Medal," no source, undated

Numerous, short newspaper articles, 1939-1944

Numerous photocopies of photographs of Erickson

Folder 3:

Black-and-white photographs with BT-13, 1943

Black-and-white photograph, CPT training at Boeing Field, 1940
Esnault-Pelterie, Robert [French aircraft designer]

"Robert Esnault-Pelterie: Un Pionnier au Destin Exceptionnel," Pegase (number 100), Janvier 2001
Essex, Ed [Artist, printmaker, Museum of Flight volunteer]

Ed Essex: A Sixty Year Print Retrospective (brochure )
Estocin, Michael [U.S. Navy pilot]

"On Your Wing," The Hook, Spring 1995
Ethell, Jeffrey [Aviation writer]

Obituaries, June 1997
Everett, Albert [World War I pilot]

Memoir regarding the 17th U.S. Aero Squadron, the U.S. fighting force under British command, 1917-1918 (typescript)
Evett, Donald E. [Model airplane builder]

"Model-Airplane Expert," GRIT, June 6, 1971 (includes photographs)


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