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Biographical Information Files - A

Individuals whose names begin with A:
Aanenson, Quentin [U.S. Army Air Corps pilot]

Clipping, "A Fighter Pilot's Story," Museum of Flight News, October 10, 2000
Abbey, George [Program Manager at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)]

Four-page print of Abbey’s obituary published online at dated April 2, 2024

Article, "Mr. Inside," Air & Space Magazine, August 1, 2011
Abruzzo, Ben [Balloon pilot]

Clipping of obituary, "Member of Historic Balloon Team Dies as His Small Plane Crashes," Seattle Times, February 12, 1985
Acosta, Bertram Blanchard [Pilot for Commander Byrd's North Pole Flight, 1926]

Typed biography for Acosta
Adams, Clara [Famous "First Flighter" (paying passenger aboard maiden flights of famous airships)]

Finding aid for her collection at the University of Texas Dallas

Printouts of biographical information from the web: (1) "Clara Adams." Airships: The Hindenberg.... (2) "Do You Know Who Clara Adams Is?" (3) "Clara Adams: The Original Frequent First Flyer"

Itinerary and other information relating to her round-the-world flight in 1939
Adams, Dr. Lytle S. [Head of U.S. Army's Adams Project, World War II, to develop new types of bombs]

Photocopy of article, "Dentist Called Aviation Pioneer," Boeing News, August 30, circa 1958
Adderson, Vanecia [Active in women pilots association, aviatrix]

Article, "Mistress of All Trades...," The Record-Chronicle, October 15, 1969
Ader, Clement [French engineer who built a steam-powered monoplane in 1890]

Typed biography

Photocopy of article, "Clement Ader and the Steam Driven Aircraft of the 90's," FAA General Aviation News, October 1978

"Ader, Maxim & Lilienthal," typed biography on letterhead of the Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation (PNAHF)
Aiksnoras-Vallee, Dorothy [Woman pilot, aviatrix]

Article about Aiksnoras-Vallee from book, "Women and Flight," National Air and Space Museum, 1997

Autographed Boeing B-747/400 card
Akerman, John D. [Aeronautical engineer and university professor]

Biography from "Who's Who in Aviation"

Article, "A Tribute to John D. Akerman", from unidentified publication

Obituary from "History of Aviation in the Minneapolis, St. Paul Area" by Noel Allard
Akers, John [Chief Executive Officer of IBM]

Black-and-white, 8x10 inch photograph with corresponding negative and slide, 1991
Alcock, John [Aviator] Photograph of a statue at London Heathrow Airport with plaque: "Sir John Alcock and Sir Arthur Whitten Brown who made the first direct flight across the Atlantic..., 1919"
Aldrin, Edwin "Buzz," Jr. [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1:

Typed biography

Article, "Man from the Moon," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, June 24, 1989 )

Article, "America's Man on the Moon Still Ponders Space," Seattle Times, June 23, 1989

Article, "Time to Return to the Moon," July 24, 1984

Folder 2:

Signed, color photograph (publicity photograph from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Alfaro-Fournier, Heraclio [Spanish aviator who designed first airplane in Spain]

Photocopy of Spanish-language article, "El Biplano 'Alfaro II'," unidentified publication, undated

Photocopy of printed letter to Juan de la Cerva with photograph and diagram of autogyro

Printed chronology of his life

Photocopy of articles from unidentified book

Photocopy of pages from book, "Gliders and Gliding" by R. S. Barnaby
Allen, Bryan [Pilot of Gossamer Albatross, a human-powered airplane]

Article, "Man Who Pedaled Plane Tells of New Project," unidentified publication

"Who is Bryan Allen?," Air & Space, June/July 1986
Allen, Edmund T. "Eddie" [Boeing test pilot]

Folder 1:

“Edmund T. Allen,” U.S. Air Services, December 1939

“Eddie Allen, the Dean of Test Pilots,” Boeing Frontiers, April 2004

“Edmund T. Allen Cannot be Replaced,” U.S. Air Services, 1943

“Eddie Allen Joins the List of Immortals,” U.S. Air Services, 1943

“747-400 Simulator Named ‘Eddie Allen,’” Boeing News, January 13, 1989

“Research Chief.” Typed biography on Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation letterhead, May 1939

“A Valiant Scientist on Boeing Co.’s Team” (newspaper clipping with no source, no date)

“Edmund Turney Allen: Citation.” Photocopy of pages from unknown book, 1943?

Biographical sketch from Who's Who in Aviation (undated)

“An Amazing Test Flight” by R.T. Lamson, June 20, 1994 (typed reminiscence)

“A Biographical Sketch of Eddie Allen” by R.T. Lamson, September 15, 1992

Boeing news release (typed), April 18, 1939

“Monarch of the Test Pilots,” Seattle Weekly, July 4, 1990 (original and photocopy)

“A Man Everyone Could Look Up To,” General Aviation News & Flyer, November 1990

Three (3) articles by Allen from Aviation, 1922, 1924, 1925

“Aviation People,” Aviation, February 1939

“Pilots of the B.A.T.”

“Testing the Largest Airliner,” by Eddie Allen (no source, no date)

Folder 2:

Thirteen (13) 8x10 black-and-white photographs; photocopy of photograph of Allen’s family; photocopies of photographs from Boeing Historical newspaper article

Folder 3:

Photocopy of Log Book, 1934
Allen, H. Julian “Harvey” [Aeronautical engineer]

“H. Julian Allen: An Appreciation,” Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 2007 [reprint]
Allen, Jimmie ["Commander in Chief" of Jimmie Allen Flying Club, sponsored by Richfield Oil Company]

Letter to "Flying Cadets" from Allen

Five (5) original copies of Flight Lessons

Three (3) photocopies of Flight Lessons plus the Final Examination

Additional photocopies of materials plus an envelope from the Flying Club
Allen, Richard Sanders [Aviation enthusiast]

Photocopy of photograph and one-page memoir
Allen, William M. [President and Board Chairman, The Boeing Company]

Folder 1:

Pathfinder Recognition Banquet program, 1984

Boeing Management Perspective, January-March 1970

Typed biography of Allen (author unknown)

"A Tribute to Bill Allen, Honorary Engineer," The Manager (Boeing Management Association publication), November-December 1985

Junior Achievement Dateline, March-April 1975

"Fifty Years is Only a Beginning," National Aeronautics, September 1966

"William Allen: A Personal Portrait," Boeing publication, 198x? (two copies)

Program for 1980 Allen Gala

"The Public-Private Enterprise," 1965 (address delivered by Allen to Detroit Economic Club)

Multipage transcript of interview with Allen after retirement by Williams, Cleveland, and O'Brien

Cover, Business Week, June 21, 1958

"William M. Allen, Retired Chairman, Dies October 29," Boeing News, October 31, 1985

Folder 2:

"Boeing's President Allen," Time, July 19, 1954 (photocopy)

Typed biography of Allen from Boeing Public Relations, 1985(?)

Allen's speech to Junior Achievement Board of Directors, November 16, 1976

News article in National Aeronautic Association News, September 17, 1969 (2 copies)

"In Order to Be Fair" (card; 2 copies)

"William Allen Looks Back at Fate's Tricks in His Life," Sunday Magazine, April 16, 1978 (2 photocopies)

"Allen Named Chairman of Board...," Boeing News, May 2, 1968

"A Tribute to Bill Allen, Honorary Engineer," BMA Manager, July 1977

"Boeing Party Salutes Allen, Honorary Chairman," Seattle Times, March 6, 1980

Allen memorandum on strike, February 28, 1949

"Father of Jet Transport; New Theater Honors William M. Allen," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 30, 1987 (photocopy)

Memorandum from R. E. Bateman to Howard Lovering on dedication of Allen Auditorium, February 19, 1987

Short text of interview with Allen, July 17, 1978

"An Honor Bestowed," Boeing News, November 1969 (photocopy)

Payroll Savers advertisement by Allen (undated)

"Allen Decisions Put Boeing at Top," Seattle Times, October 30, 1985

Newspaper obituaries

"Allen Set Standard," New York Times, 1975?

Copy of funeral notice

Typed biography (undated)

Letter from Bill Allen to Gretchen Boeing, July 22, 1980

"It's 'Farewell' and 'Hail'...," Boeing News, September 21, 1972

Folder 3:

Black-and-white and color photographs

Boeing negatives

Photocopies of photographs
Allison, Joseph C. [U. S. Navy; editor of Mare Island Bulletin]

Eight (8), small black-and-white photographs of biplane and pilot Stoffer (undated)

Newspaper article with photo (undated)

Two aerial photos of Turlock

Newspaper article about a crash

Business card for Joseph C. Allison, U. S. N., editor Mare Island Bulletin
Amundsen, John A. [Pioneer pilot]

Obituaries: Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Bellevue Journal-American, May 18, 1985

Funeral program
Amundsen, Roald [Polar explorer and aviation pioneer]

Allen, Richard S. "Amundsen's Aircraft 1922-1925," Skyways, April 2004

Typescript copy of article with photographs
Anders, William A. [U.S. astronaut]

Biographical sketch from "NASA Astronaut Biographies" plus brief information on fact sheet
Anderson, C. E. "Bud" [Fighter Pilot]

"First Victory", Flight Journal, June 2001
Anderson, Clayton C. [U.S. astronaut]

Signed publicity photograph
Andrews, Frank Maxwell [U.S. Air Force commanding general; Andrews Air Force Base named in his honor]

Typed biography
Andrews, Dr. Solomon [Designer and pilot of the first lighter-than-airship with controlled flight]

"Dr. Solomon Andrews and his 'AERIAL Car,'" FAA Aviation News, February 1974 (photocopy)

"He Flew an Airship Before the Wrights Were Born!," Popular Science Monthly, January 1932

Typed biography
Anema, Jay A. [Boeing engineer and docent at the Museum of Flight]

Two-page memories of his time at Boeing Plant 2


Typed biography
Antaya, Shane [Snowbird pilot]

"Snowbird Pilot Eulogized," The Chronicle-Herald, September 11, 1989
Anton, G. Myron [Economist?]

Anton, G. Myron. "A Methodology for Evaluating the Operating Economics of Commercial Airplanes." Presentation to ORSA/TIMS meeting, November 13-15, 1978
Antonov, O. K. [Soviet aviation designer]

Photocopy of photograph of Antonov
Archer, Tom [MiG-15 pilot]

Photocopy of brochure for Mig

Black-and-white photograph in cockpit
Archibald, Norman S. folder with 1996 report about Archibald Foundation, 1977 article from Cross & Cockade Journal by Jack Eder about Archibald and 95th Aero
Armstrong, Neil A. [U.S. astronaut]

Typed biography

Letter from Armstrong to Joe Hartley while in quarantine after landing, August 2, 1969

Two NASA color photographs

UASF black-and-white photograph next to X-15s with A. Scott Crossfield and Major Robert M. White
Arnold, Henry H. "Hap" [Commanding General of U.S. Air Force]

Biographical sketches

"'Nothing is Impossible;" Hap Arnold and the Rise of American Air Power," American History Illustrated, June 1984 (photocopy)

"'Hap' Arnold at College Park, 1911-1913," The Retired Officer, March 1987 (photocopy)

"Plane Talk: When is a Pilot Justified in Jumping from his Airplane?," edited by Major H. H. Arnold, Modern Mechanics and Inventions, July 19??

"Remembering 'Hap' Arnold," Air Force Magazine, June 1986
Arnold, Rhodes Felton, II [Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Air Force, teacher, museum volunteer, author]

Program from memorial service for Arnold, 2007

Cloth patch from World War I German airplane

3x5 color photograph of wrecked PBY

Two, black-and-white photographs of biplanes taking off and in formation at Cleveland Air Races, 1936
Arnott, Margaret [Pioneer airline stewardess]

Dakota History Conference program, Sioux Falls, SD, 1996 (photocopy)

Letter from Clayton F. Smith about Margaret Arnott, 1995

Photocopy of brief biography of Clayton F. Smith

"Margaret Arnott, Pioneer Stewardess, Dies at 88," Argus Leader, undated (photocopy)

"Margaret Arnott: South Dakotan by Birth, Registered Nurse by Profession, Pioneer Airline Stewardess by Chance," by Rev. Dr. Clayton F. Smith, undated
Artman, Cloyd [Glider builder and pilot, Washington state]

"Cloyd Artman-The Northwest's Soaring Trailblazer of the 1930s," NSM Historical Journal, v. 22, no. 1, 2000

Notes regarding photograph of Artman glider

Three emails to Dan Hagedorn from Linda Chism regarding Artman and a CD donated to the Archives

Folder with paper documents regarding Artman and a CD that contains information about Artman including audio and video interviews, photographs, and articles
Arup, Ove [Engineer and airport developer]

Color brochure: Ove Arup & Partners Consulting Engineers - Airport Projects
Arzcheulov, K. K. [Soviet test pilot and glider designer]

Photograph of Arzcheulov (photocopy)
Ascani, Fred J., Major General [U.S. Air Force test pilot]

Two biographical sketches

Two photographs, autographed to the Museum of Flight
Atwood, Harry N. [Aviator]

Photographs of Atwood and airplanes (photocopies)

"Skylark: The Life, Lies, and Inventions of Harry Atwood" by Howard Mansfield (photocopy of cover)

"Harry N. Atwood, Daring Aviator," New York City Police Gazette, September 30, 1911
Atwood, John L. [Aerospace industrial executive]

Biographical sketch

Remarks by J. L. Atwood, President, North American Aviation, Inc. to the Financial Analysts of Philadelphia, October 24, 1957

Photocopy of L.A. Times obituary with handwritten note “probably dies March 5, 1999”.

Photocopy of March 12, 1999 Boeing News with Atwood death note.

Photocopy of June 1999 North American Retiree News with reproductions of articles on Atwood from 1940.
Auriol, Jacqueline [French test pilot, aviatrix]

"Jacqueline Auriol," from book, Heroines of the Sky (photocopy)

"Jacqueline Auriol, Top French Test Pilot, 82," New York Times, February 17, 2000
Austen-Smith, Roy David, Sir [British air marshall]

Typed biographical sketch, undated (photocopy)
Autry, Peyton [Freelance writer]

Brochure for book, Warrick County

Autry, Peyton, "How Fast the Fighter," Aero Digest, January 1941

Letter from Autry regarding article "Vertical Flight of Yesteryear," 1983 (article not included)

Autry, Peyton, "What Is (or Was) a 'Primary Glider?'" (photocopy)
Avery, Don E. [Mechanical engineer and university professor]

Letter with note from Avery, 1984

Avery, Don E. "Breakthrough in Wind-Powered Water Pumping," Transitions, May 1984
Aust, Abner M. [World War II fighter pilot and ace, United States Air Force]

Business card received at the Museum of Flight Oral History recording session


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