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Archives at The Museum of Flight

Biographical Information Files - P

Individuals whose names begin with P:
Packard, David [Chairman, Hewlett-Packard Company]

Brief resume

"Packard Wary of Industry Diversification," Aviation Week & Space Technology, January 29, 1973

"Packard Accepts Jackson Award," [Seattle Times?], undated

Additional, short pieces about Packard
Packard, Patrick H. [Aviation artist and historian]

Collection of correspondence and published materials relating to a variety of subjects including: Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose, aircraft restoration, and the Donald Douglas Museum
Page, Arthur [U.S. Marine Corps pilot]

"Blind Flying Record," Popular Mechanics Magazine, October 1930

"I Flew Blind for 1,000 Miles," Modern Mechanics and Inventions, undated
Page, George A., Jr. [Curtiss-Wright Corporation engineer]

"Utilizing Air Transports in Tactical Operation," Aero Equipment Digest, undated
Paisley, Melvin [Boeing company executive]

"Melvyn Paisley, Ex-Official at Pentagon and Boeing," Seattle Times, December 28, 2001
Palen, Cole [Airplane restorer]

"One-Man Air Force," True magazine, June 1960

"That Magnificent Man and His Flying Machines, Air & Space, April/May 1994
Palmer, Arnold [Golfer, pilot]

"Arnold Palmer and His Chief Pilots--A Close-Knit 'Fraternity,'" Airport Journals, November 2004
Pangborn, Clyde [Early aviator who flew first nonstop flight across Pacific Ocean]

Folder 1:

"Memories Fly Back," The Wenatchee World, October 7, 1991

"The Flight - 60 Years Ago," The Wenatchee World, September 29, 1991

"Post Card Commemorates First Flight Across Pacific," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 30, 1980

Additional clippings

"The Epic of Clyde's Crossing," Air Progress, January 1971

"Some Funny Things Happened to Pangborn," The News Tribune, September 23, 1984

"Spirit of Wenatchee," The Wenatchee World, January 17, 1999

"Wenatchee Museum Chronicles History of Clyde Pangborn, Early-Day Aviator," Seattle Times, June 12, 1979

"The Daredevil Pangborns," Seattle Times, March 10, 1974

Untitled article about Pangborn, Herndon, and their flight, no source, undated

"Bringing Aviation History Back to Life," Seattle Times, April 21, 2008

Folder 2:

Photocopies of numerous photographs with related correspondence, 1994

"Wing-Walker!," Northwest Living, January-February, 1989

Article regarding 50th anniversary of Pangborn's first nonstop TransPacific Flight, no source, no date

Folder 3:

Photographs of Pangborn, some with other people

Photograph: "Only photo ever made of Gates and Pangborn together," 1926 (2 copies)

Photographs of Pangborn wing walking, 1920

Photograph of Rosalie Gordon and the men who rescued her after her parachute hung-up under Pangborn's airplane

Photograph of night exhibition, New Orleans, 1924

Folder 4:

Photographs of Pangborn, Hugh Herndon, and others before their Round-The-World Flight, 1931
Papene, Alex [Pilot]

Small black-and-white photograph of Captain Papene in cockpit
Park, Edwards [World War II fighter pilot]

"I Moved Far Away From Soaring Ideals -- I Became a Warrior," Smithsonian, December 1992
Parker, Will D. "Billie" [Pilot]

Photocopies of photographs of Parker and others in front of a pusher plane with a B-47 behind them
Parker, Joseph [Pilot]

Color photograph of Parker in cockpit of P-47, 1943
Parks, Robert "Bob" [Aviation artist]

Folder 1:

Correspondence with Museum of Flight regarding his paintings, 1973

"Ernest Gann's Newest Partner," Flying, February 1972

"A Seattle Artist Recreates Those Daring Days of Aviation," Seattle Times Pictorial, February 8, 1976 (2 copies)

Folder 2:

Color photograph of Parks painting boat

Painting of 247 (transparency)

Photographs of events, undated
Parks, George W. [B-17 engineer]

"Flight Engineer: George W. Parks," no source, undated
Parks, Oliver L. [Pilot and businessman]

"On a Wing and a Prayer; The Life and Times of Oliver L. Parks," [Parks Air College publication?], undated
Parmalee, Philip O. [Early pilot]

Folder 1:

"Tragedy Opened Air Era," Yakima Herald-Republic, January 18, 1976

"Valley's First Flight Ended with Tragedy," Yakima Herald-Republic, September 1963

Photocopy of 1910 photograph of Gage Biplane

Photocopy of photograph of Parmalee

Biography about Parmalee in section, "Flying Pioneers of Aviation," AAHS, undated

Folder 2:

Copy of photograph, "Parmalee's Crash @ Meadows, Nov. 1912"
Parr, Ralph [Fighter pilot]

"Ralph Parr Lived to Fly Fighters, Which He Did With Distinction During No Fewer than Three Wars," Aviation History, May 1995
Paschall, Marguirite Simanek [Stewardess]

Folder 1: Correspondence regarding photographs, 1994

Folder 2: Two black-and-white photographs of Paschall
Patelski, Kazimir J., Jr. [Aeronautical engineer]

A Tribute To Kazimir J. Patelski, Jr., An Outstanding Aeronautical Engineer and Manager (photocopy of pamphlet)
Patterson, Allen L. "Pat" [Aviation pioneer]

"Pioneer," The Asia Magazine, March 5, 1978
Patterson, Samuel F. [U.S. Marine Corps pilot]

Folder 1:

Letter to Museum of Flight regarding donations, 1967

Navy Department correspondence, 1945

"Recommendation for Regulations for Operations of Navel Aircraft, 1945 (carbon copy)

"The Mission of the Officer-in-Charge of the S-4 Section," U.S. Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina, undated

Folder 2:

Photographs of Patterson and others in uniform and with aircraft, circa 1932-1933

Photograph of King and Queen of American Samoa, 1943

Photograph of King and Queen (and Patterson?)

Group photograph (Samoans and American military members?)

Group photograph of military pilots, 1943

Folder 3:

Numerous photographs of Patterson, some with other people, some with aircraft
Patterson, William A., "Pat" [President, United Airlines]

"Builder of United Airlines Dead at 80," no source, undated

The Airplane in the Scheme of Post-War Transportation, by W. A. Patterson. An address delivered before the National Industrial Conference Board at New York, November 1942

"'In the Public's Best Interest,'" by W. A. Patterson, Aero Digest, April 1, 1945

"A Chair for Pat Patterson," Chicago Daily News, August 22, 1977
Paulhan, Louis [French aviation pioneer]

Clippings from Los Angeles and San Francisco newspapers regarding Paulhan, 1910

Two (2) pages from Flight magazine, 1910

"Louis Paulhan Que J'ai Connu...," Musee de'l Air, undated (in French). Describes William Boeing's meeting with Paulhan in Paris in 1910.
Pavone, Michael [Flight test engineer, Boeing Company]

Folder 1:

"The Man Who Saw It All," Seattle Weekly, May 16, 1990

Clippings and correspondence relating to Pavone (photocopies)

Memos, telegrams, letters related to testing of Boeing aircraft, 1928 (photocopies)

Photocopy of photograph of four men on airfield

Folder 2:

"Red Barn Reflections," Air Museum, undated

"Developing the Flying Fortress," Air Museum, undated

The Commemorative Years. Air Force Plant Representative, 60 Years, 1921-1981 (pamphlet)

Correspondence from Air Force, 1929-1970

Meritorious Service Award from Boeing Management Association to Pavone for restoration of Museum of Flight's B-47, 1982 (photocopy)

Transcript of interview of Pavone for Boeing's Oral History Program and related correspondence, 1990

"The First P-12" by Robert Cavanagh and related correspondence, 1990

Photocopy of photograph of Pavone and others

Folder 3:

Newspaper clippings about Pavone, 1983-1991

Photocopies of Boeing photographs of workers in the Red Barn in early years

Correspondence and related paperwork regarding Pavone's work with airplane restorations for Museum of Flight

Folder 4:

Photograph of ten men in front of Red Barn
Payne, Patti one folder contains printout of 2009 article from Puget Sound Business Journal
Peale, Mundy I. [President, Republic Aviation Corporation]

"The Aircraft Industry: Yesterday and Today," by Peale, Aero Digest, October 1949
Pearse, Richard [New Zealand aviation pioneer]

"Recognition Sought for Aviation Pioneer," Seattle Times, March 31, 2003

Negative of a page relating to Pearse from an unknown book
Pearson, Alexander [Early pilot]

"Scrapbook Depicts Life of Aviator," The Columbian, October 18, 2005
Pegoud, Adolphe [Early French aviator]

"Pioneer Air Pilots: Adolphe Pegoud," no source, undated
Pehling, Helen [Affiliated with Boeing Model 80]

Newspaper photographs of Pehling and Model 80

"Furniture and Aviation," no source, undated (text and photographs of Model 80)

Photocopies of photographs
Pellegreno, Ann [Pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

"Writing '30' to the Earhart Mystery," no source, undated

Letter from Pellegreno to Museum of Flight, 2013

"The 28,000-Mile Mission of Ann Pellegreno," Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine, November 19, 1967

"I Completed Amelia Earhart's Flight," McCall's, November 1967

"EarthRounders: The First Aerial Circumnavigation of the Globe," The Business of Aircraft Maintenance, undated

Folder 2:

Autographed photograph of Pellegreno in her Lockheed Electra
Pelletier, George [Editor, The Providence Journal]

Letter from Charles Furnas about being a passenger with Wilbur Wright in 1908, 1936 (photocopy)
Penaud, Alphonse [Early aircraft designer]

Brief biographical sketch

"Penaud Planophores," Model Aviation, August 1990

Letter to the Museum of Flight from Philippe Modave with drawings of Penaud's 1877 design, 1997
Pennell, Maynard L. [Engineer, vice president, Boeing Company]

Folder 1:

"Maynard L. Pennell," no source, undated

"Motivating Man from Maine," Boeing Magazine, July 1964

Biographical information, Boeing Company

"Five Boeing Engineers Receive 1965 Elmer A. Sperry Award, Boeing Company news release, November 9, 1965

"Large Transport Airplanes--Opportunity and Challenge." Talk given by Pennell in London, October 10, 1967

"Pennell, SST and 'Dash 80' Engineer, Dies," Boeing News, December 2, 1994

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Photograph of Pennell
Pentecost, Horace [Aircraft designer]

Photocopy of photograph of Pentecost with his Hoppicopter, circa 1944-1945
Pepka, Ray [Museum of Flight volunteer]

Photocopy of photograph of Pepka and Jack Lefler
Perkins, Leroy C. [Engineer, Boeing Company]

"Challenges: AWACS 'Eye' Was Born on Missile Program," Boeing News, October 15, 1993
Perrott-White, Alfred [British pilot who later served in French Foreign Legion]

Biographical note
Peterson, Frank [U.S. Marine aviator]

"An Eagle's Wings: Lieutenant General Frank Petersen is a Silver Hawk, a Gray Eagle, and the Marine's First Black Aviator," Air & Space, June/July 1988
Peterson, J. M. "Jack" [Pilot and flight instructor]

Two (2) newspaper clippings regarding Peterson and his wife/pupil, October 1935
Peterson, Raymond I. "Ray" [Alaska pilot]

Folder 1:

Biographical note, Sourdough Sky, 1969

Photocopy of photograph

Folder 2:

Photograph of Peterson
Petitt, Karlene [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Reaching for Altitude: Karlene Petitt Plots Flight Path as Pilot, Wife and Mother," no source, February 23, 1990
Petlyakov, V. M. [Soviet bomber designer]

Photocopy of photograph of Petlyakov
Petzold, Horst W. [German aviator and Boeing Company engineer]

Folder 1:

Autobiographical note

Miscellaneous items

"Kasper Wing Utilizes Vortex Principle and Can Revolutionize Air Craft Industry," by Horst W. Petzold, National Exchange, undated

Notes and letters relating to Rutan's canard airplanes and VariEze

Folder 2:

Correspondence and other materials from Petzold on a variety of topics, 1959-1982

Portion of an autobiographical document regarding Petzold's (?) life after being hired by Boeing Company including two pages of designs for different aircraft

Folder 3:

"Genie und Erfindergeist," articles by Petzold, Die Hausfrau, October 1982 (in German)

"Flugel Fur Die Welt," by Petzold, no source, March 1980 (in German)

Pages from Official Gazette with drawings and details, 1940-1969

Two news releases from NASA regarding Robert T. Jones

Folder 4:

Three (3) color photographs of Petzold and others, undated
Pfafman, C. Edwin [Boeing Company aeronautical engineer]

"Edwin Pfafman-Aeronautical Engineer; Pioneer Jet Transport Designer" (biographical sketch)

Materials related to Distinguished Service Award given to Pfafman from Tri-State University, 1989
Phillips, Oliver [Boeing Field's official photographer]

Brief note about Phillips, Western Flying, undated
Phillips, William [Aviation artist]

"Canvas Wings," Air & Space, June/July 1987
Piasecki, Frank [Boeing Company aeronautical engineer of rotary wing]

"Marking a Milestone," Boeing Frontiers, May 2003
Piasecki, Nicole [Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice-president]

"Born to Succeed, and Doing Nicely," Seattle Times, January 2002 (?)
Piccard, Auguste [Record-setting balloonist]

"...Lands in Italy Soaring Higher ...Any Other Human," Des Moines Tribune, August 18, 1932

"Piccard's Own Story of His Flight," Des Moines Tribune, August 19, 1932

"Aeronautics: Sentimental Journey," Time Magazine, August 29, 1932

Miscellaneous clippings with photographs, no source, undated

"Save Air-Tight Globe for Second Flight into Stratosphere," no source, undated
Peguet, Henri [Pilot, first official airmail flight]

"M. Henre Picquet [sic] and His Biplane at the Allahabad Exhibition," The Times of India Illustrated, January 11, 1911 (photocopy)

Photocopy of Pequet's card with photograph
Pierce, Paul [11-year-old with model of a SE-5]

"Father, Sons Build Replica of World War I Airplane," Auburn Globe, undated
Pierce, Sandi [Acrobatic pilot, aviatrix]

"The Lady Rides the Wing," The AOPA Pilot, July 1973
Piester, Lee [Model rocketry]

Flyer regarding talk given at the Museum of Flight, 2016

Pietenpol, Bernie [Airplane builder]

"Bernie and the Air Camper," Air Progress, August 1991
Pilcher, Percy Sinclair [British glider designer]

"Percy Sinclair Pilcher, The Birdman of Britain, 1966-1899" (biographical sketch)

"A British Gliding Pioneer," Flight, March 9, 1956
Pinkston, Bill [Model builder]

"Model Maker; Machinist's Childhood Memories Become Museum Exhibit," Skagit Valley Herald, March 9, 1989
Piper, William T. [Founder and chairman, Piper Aircraft Corporation]

Folder 1: "William T. Piper, 1881-1970," AOPA Pilot, February 1970

Folder 2: Two (2) photographs of Piper
Pirogaff, Kirik [Boeing employee ?]

Two (2), sepia-toned photographs of Boeing Model 40B (C742K) in the air with Mt. Rainier in the background

Five (5) photographs labeled "'Five Grand,' The 5,000th Boeing Built Flying Fortress Since Pearl Harbor"

Photograph of Boeing 707, December 1957

Photograph of retirement of Sarah Cartier, January 1962

Oversize photograph of Pirogaff getting pin from Eddie Allen (mounted on cardboard with many signatures). Located at back of file drawer.
Pisanos, Spiros "Steve" [American fighter pilot]

"My Life is the American Dream; The Exploits of Fighter Pilot Spiros 'Steve' Pisanos," Flight Journal, December 2004
Pitsenbarger, William H. [American Medal of Honor recipient]

"Posthumous MOH for Service in Vietnam," Flight Journal, June 2001
Pittenger, Fred W. [Boeing Company flight-test engineer]

"Fred Pittenger; Pilot and Boeing Engineer," Seattle Times, June 2, 1998
Pitts, Calvin [Chief pilot for flight]

"50th Anniversary 1931-1981 Around-The-World Flight" (collection of articles regarding pilots flying "The Spirit of Winnie Mae" to retrace historic flight of Wiley Post and Harold Gatty)
Platt, Lew [Chairman, Boeing Company]

One-page announcement regarding death of Platt, Wall Street Journal, September 15, 2005
Poberezny, Paul [Founder, Experimental Aircraft Association]

Folder 1:

"EAA Founder Paul Poberezny Passes at Age 91" (email)

"EAA Number One," National Aeronautics, undated

"Tom Poberezny New U.S. Aerobatic Champion," Sport Aviation, November 6, 1973

"Paul Poberezny," AOPA Pilot, October 1970

Biographical information from Experimental Aircraft Association (packet)

Folder 2: Two (2) black-and-white photographs
Pocock, George [Builder of wooden boats and wooden airplane parts]

Email exchange regarding Pocock's work at Boeing and on the B-17

"George Pocock of Crew Fame Also Built Pontoons for Boeing," Boeing News, February 3, 1989

"Building Airplanes at the Red Barn," Ready All! George Yeoman Pocock and Crew Racing by Gordon Newell. Pages 52-65
Pogue, L. Welch [Chairman, Civil Aeronautics Board]

"The Skies, The Limits," Air & Space, October/November 1994
Pokryshkin, A. I. [Russian fighter pilot]

Photocopy of photograph of Pokryshkin
Poleskie, Steve [Aerial pilot and artist]

"Smokin' Steve Poleskie," Air & Space, April/May 1987
Polikarpov, N. N. [Soviet aviation designer]

Photocopy of photograph of Polikarpov
Ponceti, Herbert D. [Boeing field representative]

Folder 1:

Letter from Camille Fullington regarding photographs, March 26, 1988

Ponceti business card

Folder 2: Three (3) small photographs of Ponceti plus photograph from 1939
Pool, Steve [Board member, Museum of Flight]

Black-and-white publicity photograph
Porter, Whitney Allen [Aerospace engineer]

Obituary, Seattle Times, November 16, 2000
Post, Augustus [Balloonist, early aviator]

Biographical sketch
Post, Wiley [American aviator]

Folder 1:

"When Wiley Post Hunted in Alaska," Alaska Magazine, December 1981

"Wiley Post: Pioneering the Stratosphere," Airline Pilot, March 1983

Wiley Post's Aerospace Achievements. Paper used at public unveiling of Wiley Post statue in Oklahoma City, 1963

"Sea Chest," Journal of Puget Sound Maritime Society, June 1978

"Floats on Post-Rogers Lockheed," Journal of the American Aviation Historical Society, Spring 1992

Numerous newspaper clippings

"Death Waits at Point Barrow," Man's Magazine, November 1959

"Siberian Flight Was Shrouded in Mystery," Seattle Daily Times, August 16, 1935

"Seven Days of Bad Weather," Aviation, September 1933

"Wiley Post and the Winnie May; Golden Anniversary," Vintage Airplane, July 1983

"Wiley Post--Circumnavigator," no source, undated

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

"Rogers-Post Article Sends Readers to Their Scrapbooks," Seattle Times, January 18, 1970

"Flyers Land to Fix Motor; Craft Dives Taking Off Again," Seattle Times (?), August 16, 1935

"Early Aviation Made Headlines," Seattle Times, August 8, 1984

"Funeral Plane in Vancouver, B.C. Will Stop Here for Brief Tribute," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 19, 1935

"Authors Blame Will Rogers' Death on Pioneer Pilot," Valley Daily News, undated

Folder 3:

"Nonscheduled Accident Report," U.S. Department of Commerce Air Commerce Bulletin, October 15, 1935

"Ballast for Wiley Post," Air Enthusiast, [August, 1985]

Handwritten notes on Boeing notepaper regarding Post's flight in 1935

Numerous newspaper clippings (mostly photocopies)

Folder 4:

Ballast for Wiley Post by Gordon S. Williams. 10-page typescript

Miscellaneous notes

Biographical sketch, Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, undated

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 5:

Photograph of Post and Rogers in Spokane with airplane Winnie Mae

Photocopies of photographs

Photographs of Post and others next to airplane

Photograph of Harry Coffey and others in Alaska when Post's airplane crashed

Photographs of airplane in Alaska, 1933

Will Rogers, Wiley Post and others

Microfiche of newspaper articles

Photograph of Post, 1933

Photograph: "Wiley Post with 'Winnie Mae'"

Oversize Folder:

1972 reprint of Seattle Times front page, August 16, 1935 with headline, "Rogers, Post Killed!"

"Rogers and Post Funeral Plane to Stop Here Today," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 19, 1935

"Rogers, Post Killed!," Seattle Daily Times, August 16, 1935

"Early Aviation Made Headlines," Seattle Times, August 8, 1984

Photograph of Will Rogers, Leonard Seppala, Wiley Post, and Joe Crosson at Fairbanks, Alaska, August 15, 1935

NOTE: See also folders for Will Rogers
Potez, Henry [French aerospace engineer]

Obituary, Flight International, November 28, 1981
Potter, Ilovene [Pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

"It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's Ilovene Potter!," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, May 22, 1979

Article about award in Powder Puff Derby, no source, undated

Folder 2:

Photograph of Potter in Piper Aztec

Color photograph of Potter and others, 1968
Potter, Ted [Television air patrol reporter]

"A Bird's-Eye View: Commuter Stress Makes Freeways a Mess," Seattle Times, October 8, 1991
Poulain, Gabriel [French bicyclist who attempted human-powered flight]

"Gabriel Poulain," no source, undated (in French)
Powell, Robert H. [U.S. pilot]

Autographed photograph of P-51 pilot with 352nd Fighter Group
Powers, Francis Gary [U-2 pilot]

Folder 1:

Personal reminiscence about Powers by Lois Pettit Kuolt

Clippings and brief articles about Powers and the U-2 incident

Folder 2:

Two (2) color photographs from Lockheed Martin of Powers standing next to U-2 N800X
Prandtl, Ludwig [German engineer]

"Taking to the Air," Science, undated
Prescott, Robert W. [Pioneer of air cargo industry]

Memorial brochure, 1978 (three copies)

"In Memoriam: Robert W. Prescott," Tigereview, February/March 1978 (publication from Flying Tiger Line) (booklet)
Preszler, Sharon [U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, aviatrix]

"Today's Top Gun," Valley Daily News, November 7, 1993
Pringle, Andy [Pilot, vice president of Puget Sound Aviation Association]

"Pilots' Group Spreads Magic of Flying to Youth," Whidbey Weekend, August 15, 1989
Probyn, Harold M., "Daddy" [British pilot]

"Flying High at 90," The Oregonian, December 10, 1981
Pugh, Alastair T. [British aeronautical engineer]

Folder 1: Biographical sketch

Folder 2: Photograph of Pugh labeled: "Managing Director of British Caledonian Airways"
Pugh, Thomas S., Colonel [U.S. Air Force pilot on SR-71]

Typescript of story about Pugh

Biographical sketch
Pullan, Gloria [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Channel Ducking Ends Bleriot Memorial Flight," The Times, July 26, 1989
Punches, Joel [Navigator with 8th Air Force]

Punches' flight log, September 5, 1943 to February 21, 1944 (photocopy). Includes photocopies of photographs of B-17F crew (two copies)

Account of bombing of Hamberg [sic], Germany, February 21, 1944
Pyle, Ernest Taylor, "Ernie" [World War II journalist]

"Miracle at Sunset," by Ernie Pyle, Aero Digest (?)

Biographical sketch (10 pages)


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