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Biographical Information Files - O

Individuals whose names begin with O:
Oberth, Hermann [Rocketry and astronautics pioneer]

Biographical sketch

Obituary, Seattle Times, December 30, 1989

Photocopy of photograph
O'Callaghan, Claud V. [General traffic manager, Varney Air Lines]

"Varney Advertising Proves Profitable in Building Air Mail Volume," Air Transportation, September 1, 1928
Odom, William [Record-setting pilot]

"Odom Finishes Flight, Sets New Solo Mark," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 11, 1947
Ogden, Henry H. [Pilot on 1924 round-the-world flight]

Fact sheet/biography
Ohnick, Benjamin S. [President of Patco air traffic company]

Folder 1:

Correspondence from Barbara Ohnick to Museum of Flight regarding donation, 1998

"Experienced Pilots Control Pateo Planes," Manila Herald, May 20, 1936

Folder 2: Small photograph of group standing in front of airplane, undated
Oliver, Dale [Glider pilot]

"A Glider Pilot's Day of WWII" (biographical information)
Oliver, Ruth Law [Record-setting pilot, aviatrix]

Biographical sketch
Oliver, Susan [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Hi There, Susie!," The AOPA Pilot, May 1967
Olivi, Fred [Co-pilot of Bockscar]

"Fred Olivi, 82, Aided Drop of Atomic Bomb," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 11, 2004
Olds, Robin [U.S. Air Force fighter pilot]

"Forty Six Years a Fighter Pilot," AAHS Journal, Winter 1968
Olson, Harold Three (3) copies of photograph
Olson, John J. "Jack" [Boeing aerospace designer]

Folder 1:

"Jack Olson Lets His Imagination Soar," Seattle Times, July 24, 1984

"Olson Paintings Accepted by Smithsonian," no source, July 19, 1984

"Boeing Designer's Illustrations Bridge Gaps in Space Travel," Boeing News, July 19, 1984

Exhibit catalog for Olson's "Advanced Space Concepts" show at the Museum of Flight, July 25-August 10, 1984

Folder 2:

Artist's rendition of Boeing Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
Olstadt, Walter B. Aircraft designer]

"NASA Aeronautics R & T -- A Resource for Aircraft Design." Paper delivered by Olstadt at the AIAA 1981 Annual Meeting, Long Beach, California
Omlie, Phoebe Fairgrove [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Phoebe Fairgrove Omlie; USA's First Woman Transport Pilot," AAHS Journal, Fall 1968
O'Neill, Norah [Transoceanic jumbo jet pilot, aviatrix]

"This High Achiever Had Gone Unnoticed," Seattle Times, July 19, 1981
O'Neill, Ralph [U.S. ace pilot, World War I]

Folder 1:

"Ralph O'Neill's Last Flight," Air Cargo News, December 1980

Biographical sketch (includes photograph)

Obituary, 1980

Correspondence with Museum of Flight staff, 1984, 1990

Folder 2:

Two (2) small black-and-white photographs of Jane Galbraith in B-40 cockpit (wife of O'Neill)
Opitz, Rudy [Me-163 test pilot]

"The Man Who Rode the Komet," Aviation Heritage, January 1991
Ormsbee, Ralph [Boeing engineer, airplane builder]

Folder 1:

Correspondence about Renton air show, 1965

Specifications for Smith DSA-1 miniplane

Folder 2:

Color photograph of N215R
Orteig, Raymond [Financed Orteig Prize]

Page regarding Orteig Prize from Scott Berg's book on Lindbergh, Lindbergh

"Puts up $25,000 for Paris Flight, New York Times, May 30, 1919

Additional articles from the New York Times regarding the prize and Paris flight
Ortman, Earl Hill [Racing pilot]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

Newspaper clipping with photograph of Ortman flying the NR-14215

Folder 2:

Small, black-and-white photograph of Ortman in cockpit of Kendall Oil #3
Osler, Edward Scott [Boeing flight engineer and test pilot for Boeing XB-47 prototype]

Correspondence regarding Cook's donation of the manuscript to the Museum of Flight

Biography of Osler by Tandy Y. Cook, 2007 (typescript) (two copies)
Osterud, Joann Hull [Commercial and aerobatics pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Obituary,, October 20, 2017

"The Flip Side of Flying," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 18, 1990

"Bird of Play: Aerobat Spreads Wings, Astounds," Valley Daily News, July 8, 1994

"Alaska Airlines Hires Female Pilot," Contact, April 30, 1975

"Joann Osterud and the Hiperbipe," 1988 Washington International Air Fair program

"A Facelift for an Aerobatic Standard," Aviation News, undated

"Joann Osterud: An Airline Pilot, An Airshow Pilot, A Record Setter!," Ninety-Nine News, July 1992

"Sky Princess Passes on Her Scepter," no source, undated

Additional articles about Osterud

Folder 2:

Publicity packet from Osterud Aviation Airshows, 1996

Folder 3:

Four (4) color photographs of Osterud with airplane N78JN marked "Osterud Aviation"

Color photograph of Osterud in front of airplane

Four photographs of Osterud's airplane, N78JN, in the air
Oswald, Steve [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1:

NASA Biographical Data sheet, 1992

"Astronauts Retrieve Spartan, Overcome Payload Glitches," Aviation Week, April 19, 1993

First International Microgravity Laboratory, NASA (brochure)

Folder 2:

Ten (10) color NASA crew and activity photos for STS-56 many autographed by Oswald and the crew
Oswald, William Bailey [Chief of aerodynamics for the Douglas Company]

Obituary, Engineering & Science, 1998
Otto, N. A. [Father of the four-cycle gas engine]

Strut & Axle, Transportation Museum, Owls Head, Maine, 1986 (pamphlet)
Overmyer, Robert [U.S. astronaut]

"Astronaut Robert Overmyer Dies in Small-Plane Test Flight," Seattle Times, March 23, 1996
Ovington, Earle L. [Pilot]

"Ovington Brings the Mail," Aero Digest, October 1946

"Winning $10,000," by Ovington, no source, undated

"First U.S. Air Mail Flight-1911" (stickers)

"The Man Who Lived Nine Lives," Success, August 1922
Oyster, David Fairfax [U.S. Navy pilot]

Black-and-white photograph of Ensign David F. Oyster, 1943 (autographed to Don Ulmer)
Ozawa, Kyunojyo [Mitsubishi Aircraft designer]

Folder 1: Biographical sketch, Tokorozawa Aviation Museum, undated

Folder 2: Small, black-and-white, interior and exterior photographs of MC-20 and L34 with captions in Japanese


  • 20th Century

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