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Biographical Information Files - N

Individuals whose names begin with N:
Nance, John [Pilot and aviation writer]

"Aviation Expert Culls Material for His Novel, 'Scorpion Strike,' from Persian Gulf Experience," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 7, 1992
Navarre, Jean [French WWI ace]

"The Mad Ace of Verdun," Air Classic, undated
Nazir, Phiroze [Aeronautical engineer]

Black-and-white negative of photograph of Nazir
Neese, Kenneth [Pilot]

Photocopy of photograph of Neese
Nelms, Dick [B-17 pilot]

"Recollections of a B-17 Pilot" (typescript of interview)
Nelsen, Ibsen [Museum of Flight architect]

Folder 1:

"Five Buildings Receive Awards for Architecture," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 27, 1987

"Museum of Flight's Design Honored by Architects," Boeing News, October 30, 1987

Brochure from Ibsen Nelsen & Associates

Sketch of Nelsen

Obituaries, 2001

"Ibsen Nelsen, An Architect in 'Forefront for Intelligent Planning,'" Seattle Times Magazine, April 27, 1980

Folder 2:

Photograph of Nelsen
Nelskog, Scott [Flight instructor]

Photograph of Nelskog and another person in front of plane

Photograph of light plane "N9N"
Nelson, Becky [Airport manager]

"It's Plane [sic] She's a Whiz," Eugene Register-Guard, July 11, 1983
Nelson, Erik H. [World Cruiser pilot]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

Letter from Nelson to Mrs. Boeing regarding New Orleans trip from Kirkwall to Iceland, 1926

Narrative by Nelson regarding flight, 1926 (typescript)

Letter from Nelson, 1965

"Douglas Biplanes First to Span Globe," no source, 1974?

Brochure from Donald Douglas Museum

Program for 1974 Jubilee Dinner at Santa Monica Airport Association

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Two (2) black-and-white photographs marked "Sydero Island"

Round portrait of woman and small child

Black-and-white photograph of Nelson
Nelson, George "Pinky" [U.S. astronaut]

Folder 1:

NASA Biographical Data sheet and additional information regarding Nelson, 1989

Articles about Nelson from numerous Seattle area publications, 1984-1989

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Six (6) candid snapshots of Nelson and others

Multiple copies of NASA crew and activity photos for STS-26

Folder 3:

NASA photographs of crew and training activities for STS-26
Nelson, Harry [Pilot]

Small black-and-white photograph of Nelson standing by Parks Trainer, 1933
Nelson, Ivan [Aviation pioneer]

"Boise Aviation Pioneer, Ivan Nelson, Dies at 81," no source, undated
Nelson, Lou [Test pilot]

Photograph of Nelson and others
Nelson, Richard [Boeing engineer]

"Dick Nelson Helped Boeing Cross Atlantic, Reach for Moon," Seattle Times, November 20, 1995
Nelson, Richard [U.S. Army Air Force radio operator]

"'Enola Gay' Radioman Dies at 77,", February 28, 2003

"Richard Nelson, Radio Man on Plane that Dropped A-bomb,", February 7, 2003
Nesland, Virginia [Pilot, aviatrix]

Obituary, Seattle Times, June 9, 2002
Nesterov, P. [Russian pilot]

Photocopy of photograph
Neumann, Harold [Racing pilot]

"Folkerts Speed King," American Aircraft Modeler, February 1973
Newby, Warner E., General [U.S. Air Force administrator and liaison]

Correspondence between Museum of Flight and Smithsonian staff regarding Newby (director of B-52 and C-5 programs)

Interview with Newby regarding B-52 accidents, October 23, 2010 (on CD)

"Fire and Ice," Air & Space, October/November 2010

The Rip Chord, July/September 2010

Articles about first flight of C-5, 1973

"Gen. Newby New Director of C-5 Program Office," Skywrighter, July 24, 1970

Photocopy of photograph: "Lockheed Delivers 81st C-5 Galaxy to U.S.A.F."
Nichols, Fronty [Pilot with The 13 Black Cats stunt flying group]

Photocopies of photographs from Nichols' album
Nichols, Ruth Rowland [Record-setting pilot, aviatrix]

Biographical sketches

"Famous Flyers: Ruth Nichols, The Glory Girl," FAA Aviation News, March 1972

Newspaper articles, no source, 1932 and undated
Nicholson, Dale Garth [Restoration volunteer, Museum of Flight]

Obituary, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 18, 2009
Nixon, Richard [U.S. president]

Photographs of Nixon at door of helicopter and shaking hands with troops
Nixon, Rodney [Pilot]

Obituary, 1978

"Wash. Pilot Sets Straight-Line Record," Western Flyer, November 5, 1976

Correspondence between Nixon and Museum of Flight staff, 1976
Nobile, Umberto [Italian aviator and polar explorer]

Folder 1:

Letter regarding the Umberto Nobile Documentation Centre, 1983

"The Umberto Nobile Documentation Centre," 1983 (typescript)

Three (3) postcards about Nobile's first polar flight and Nobile Museum

"These Miners Stuck It Out in Lean Years," Seattle Times, July 22, 1973

"Lost in the Arctic," Popular Science Monthly, September 1928

"Airmen Again Fight Arctic," Popular Science Monthly, June 1928

Newspaper articles about Nobile, 1928

Folder 2:

Three (3) small photographs of Roald Amundsen, Lincoln Ellsworth, and Nobile in Seattle, 1926

Two (2) photographs from Nobile Centre
Noel, Louis [Pilot]

"Men of Moment in the World of Flight: Louis Noel," Flight magazine, November 15, 1913
Noggle, Anne [Women's Airforce Service pilot, photographer, aviatrix]

"Anne Noggle's Saga of the Fallen Flesh," no source, undated
Nolta, "Speed" [Pilot]

Two (2) photographs, one captioned: "Rice Sowing, Sacramento Valley, May 1931, Willows Flying Service"
Norby, K. F. [Pilot]

"Once Upon a Wing" (personal reminiscence]
Northrop, John Knudsen [Aeronautical engineer]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

"John K. Northrop: Aviation Pioneer Designer of Wings," NUance, Winter 1981

"Why The Flying Wing Was Shot Down," no source, undated

Obituaries, 1981

NUance (Special Commemorative Issue: John K. Northrop, Northrop University, Winter 1981)

"John Knudsen Northrop" (brochure)

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Two (2) photographs of Northrop
Norton, Gary [Collector of antique aircraft]

"Collector's 1928 Ford Really Flies!," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 18, 1986

"Gary Norton and the Temple of Fantasy," Washington magazine, January/February 1990
Norton, Leland F. [U.S. Air Force ace pilot]

"In Their Honor," Model Airplane News, December 1966
Noyes, Blanche Wilcox [Pilot, Director of Civil Aeronautics Airmarking Program, aviatrix]

Newspaper photograph with caption about Noyes flying an autogiro, no source, undated

"Blanch [sic] Noyes Champions the Private Flyer Skyways," The Air Traveler, April 1948

"Blanche Wilcox Noyes," Sport Aviation, November 1968

"Blanche Noyes," American Magazine, July 1948

Obituary, National Aeronautic Association Newsletter, January 1982
Nungesser, Charles [French ace pilot]

"The Search for L'Oiseau Blanc," Air & Space, February/March 1987

"The Air World's Greatest Aces: Nungesser," Air Progress, December 1964/January 1965

"Nungesser, Charles," Atlantic Fever, by Edward Jablonski

"Transatlantic Air Martyrs To Be Honored," [Popular Mechanics?], undated

Photographic postcard of Nungesser and co-pilot Francois Coli, circa 1927


  • 20th Century

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