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Archives at The Museum of Flight

Biographical Information Files - L

Individuals whose names begin with L:
Lacy, Clay [Pilot, businessman]

Folder 1:

"An Aviation Romantic," Professional Pilot, April 1985

Publicity brochure for Clay Lacy Aviation

Three decals for ONMI 64 P-51 racer

"High-Flying Retirement," Seattle Times, August 13, 1990

"Omni/Lacy...Right On!," Air Progress, July 1972

Pathfinder Awards program, October 2010

Folder 2:

Color photograph of Omni 64 (autographed)

Color photograph of 707 Human Fly (autographed)

Black-and-white photograph of Lacy hangar
Laddon, Isaac M. [Aeronautical engineer]

Biographical sketch

"Aircraft Designs in Current Production," by I.M. Laddon, Aero Digest's Aviation Engineering, January 1941
Lagen, Marc A. [Balloon service, World War I]

"Marc A. Lagen Funeral Today," no source, undated

Page from unknown book regarding dangers faced by men in balloon service
LaGuardia, Fiorello H. [Mayor, New York City]

Photograph with brief label of LaGuardia in Waco airplane, Aero Digest, November 1933
Lahm, Frank P. [U.S. Army balloonist and pilot]

Biographical sketch
Laird, Dean S. "Diz" [U.S. ace pilot]

"Dean S. "Diz" Laird," The Hook, Winter 1993
Laird, Emil "Matty" [Airplane designer, pilot]

"Designer of Air Champions Lauds Studebaker Style," no source, undated

Obituary, no source, February 9, 1983
Lanarche, Joe [Boy with flashlight]

"Small Boy and Large Flashlight Aid Navy Pilots in Easy Night Landing," no source, October 22, 1929

"Joe Lanarche, Valley Resident of Two Weeks, Hero of Night Landing," Lewiston Morning Tribune, undated
Lamb, Roland G. [Owner, Lamb Flying Service]

"Roland Lamb Pioneer Spokane Air Operator," The Buy-Plane, October 1945
Lamson, Robert T. [Test pilot, commercial aviation consultant]

Obituaries, 2011

"Beyond Human Endurance," no source, undated

Boeing news release about Lamson, undated

Lamson's professional resume

Line sketch of "Alcor," 1978

"The Development of the First Pressurized Sailplane," by R. T. Lamson, undated

Photocopy of photograph of Lamson in XF8B-1, 1944
Landis, Reed [World War I ace fighter pilot]

"'On the Roof of the War': By Maj. Reed Landis, Ace," Chicago Daily News, October 15, 1919
Langher, Doris Millie [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Doris Millie Langher," The AOPA Pilot, January 1970
Langley, Samuel P. [Aeroengineer, inventor]

"The Flying Machine," McClure's Magazine, June, 1897

"You'll Never Get It Off the Ground!," True, The Man's Magazine, February 1957

"The False Promise of Aerodrome No. 5," Air & Space, April/May 1994

Biographical sketch

"Threshold of Success," Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, undated

"Splashdown in the Potomac," FAA Aviation News, April 1969

"Langley Stamp, DC-3 Postal Card To Be Released at Air/Space America Show," news release, May 3, 1988
Langmack, Charles [U.S. Air Force test pilot]

"Pilot, 78, Remembered for Test Flights of B-17s," Register-Guard, March 16, 1986

"Pilot Played Mother Hen to the 'Big Bird,'" Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 30, 1986
Lanphier, Thomas G., Jr. [World War II fighter pilot]

"Thomas G. Lanphier Jr., 71, Dies; U.S. Ace Shot Down Yamamoto," New York Times, November 28, 1987
Lansdowne, Zachary [Commander of rigid airship]

"Zachary Lansdowne to Command Shenandoah," Aviation, February 25, 1924
Larkins, William T. "Bill" [Aircraft photographer]

"Down Memory's Runway," Flying Aces, May 1943 (photo-montage of aircraft; most photographs taken by Larkins)

"Aeronautica," Aviation News, September 28-October 11, 1990

Obituary from, printed September 20, 2021
Laroche, Raymonde de [First woman to earn pilot's license, aviatrix]

Photocopy of photograph of Laroche

"The Brave Baroness-First Licensed Ladybird," Air Progress, February/March 1964

"The Intrepid First Lady of Flight," Flying, March 1957

"The Brave Baroness--First Licensed Ladybird," Air Progress, February/March 1964

Biographical sketch

"The First Hurdle: Proving They Were Fit to Fly," Women Aloft by Valerie Moolman, p. 10-17

"Aviation and Airship News: The First Lady Flyer," Flight, October 30, 1909
Latham, Hubert [French pioneer pilot]

Photocopy of photograph of Latham
Laudan, Fred P. [Vice President, Boeing Company]

Obituaries, 1988

"Family Album," Boeing Magazine, undated

Transcript of interview with Laudan (40 pages), undated
Lauderback, Lee [Pilot]

"Lee Lauderback--Fascinated with Anything That Flies," Airport Journals, January 2005
Lavochkin, S. A. [Russian fighter designer]

Photocopy of photograph of Lavochkin
Law, Ruth [Early pilot, aviatrix]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

Signed Christmas card

Photocopy of photograph, circa 1917

Biographical sketch, Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, undated

"Ruth Law," United States Women in Aviation through World War I, by Claudia Oaks, Smithsonian Institution Press, undated (p. 39-41)

Folder 2:

Photograph of 1913 post card

Photograph of Law and other woman in airplane

Two (2) photographs of Law in Curtiss Pusher
Lawson, Alfred W. [Aviation pioneer]

"A Two Thousand Mile Trip in the First Airliner" by Alfred Lawson, Humanity Benefactor Foundation, undated

Biographical sketch

"60th Anniversary, World's First Airliner," The Benefactor, [1979?]

Correspondence between Sam Manson and Museum of Flight, 1987

Letter with biographical information about Lawson, 1942

"The Non-Sked [sic] Adventure of the First Airliner," True magazine, undated
Lear, Moya Olsen [Chairman, Lear Fan Ltd.]

Folder 1:

"Moya Lear to Deliver 1988 Pathfinder Banquet Keynote Speech," Museum of Flight News, September/October 1988

"Moya Lear: Jet Pioneer's Widow Still Soaring," Valley Daily News, August 23, 1990

Signed Christmas card

Biographical sketch, 1988

News releases regarding Shanda Lear

"2001...You Can Throw It Back," Business and Commercial Aviation, February 2002

"Museum's Red, White & Blue Gala Raises Money for Youth Education Efforts," Pacific Northwest Aviation & Business Journal, June 2002

Folder 2:

Photograph of Lear and others, circa 1981

Publicity photograph of Lear

Autographed photograph of entertainers Olsen and Johnson
Lear, William P. [Aircraft manufacturer, inventor]

Folder 1:

Signed Christmas card

Biographical sketch

"Bill Lear Was Aero-Magician," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 3, 1985

"For Outstanding Contribution to Aircraft Radio...," Aero Digest, January 1941

Folder 2 :

Black-and-white photograph of Lear
LeBoutillier, O. C. [World War I pilot]

"A Famous Sky-Writer Tells of His Job," Popular Science Monthly, March 1929
Leckie, Robert [Canadian Royal Air Force pilot]

Booklet describing aerial craft in North Sea during World War I with numerous illustrations, undated
Lee, E. Hamilton [Pilot]

"The First Million Miles," Colliers, June 6, 1931

"Safest Pilot in the World," Saturday Evening Post, July 20, 1946

"Capt. E. Hamilton Lee," United Air Lines News Bureau, undated

Biographical sketch

"555 Trips 'Round the Globe is Pilot's Record," no source, undated
Lees, Walter E. [Pilot]

"Walter E. Lees," Flying Pioneers of Aviation, p. 235-237

Biographical sketch
Leffler, Jack [Pilot, photographer]

Folder 1:

"Venerable Plane is Home," Seattle Times, March 4, 1966

Obituaries, 1990

"Backfire! Flying Bug? Maybe, But It Goes a Long Way," Seattle Times, undated

"Jack Leffler, Pilot and Photographer Known for His Keen Sense of Humor," Seattle Times, April 26, 1990

Photocopies of photographs of Leffler

Memorial program, 1990

Folder 2:

Photograph of Museum of Flight's B-47 (Leffler, photographer)

Photograph of Leffler and model plane

Photographs of people at Museum of Flight events (including George Kennedy, Leffler, Jean and Bill Owen, Robert Blodgett, Harold and Ruby Allen, Jerry Wildman, Max Conrad

Mounted color photograph of Harley Stewart, Jack, Helen, Harl Brackin at Renton airport

Photograph of Fred Ludke and Jack Leffler

Photographs of Leffler with other people (unidentified)
Lehman, John F., Jr. [U.S. Secretary of the Navy]

"Lehman Was Navy Secretary Who Really Rocked the Boat," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 15, 1987
Leib, Lawrence W. [Pilot, Boeing Company employee]

Newspaper articles regarding Midway Park Airport, Chicago, 1927

Receipt for Leib's pilot physical, 1934

Obituary, Boeing News, September 8, 1955
LeMay, Curtis E., General [U.S. Air Force commander]

Folder 1:

"The Airman Who Shook the World," Air Force Magazine, January 1987

Biographical sketch

"'Iron Eagle' Gen. LeMay, 83, Dies," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, October 2, 1990

"Non-Nuclear Bomber Forces," by LeMay, Aviation Week & Space Technology, May 28, 1984

"Guest Editorial: 'We Must Furnish the Tools,'" by LeMay, Aero Digest, April 1947

"Gen. LeMay Wanted It His Way, And Got It," Boeing News, February 12, 1993

"Air and Space Museum to Receive Collection of Air Force Gen. Curtis E. LeMay," Smithsonian Institution News, April 23, 1993

"World Battlefronts," Time, August 13, 1945

"How USAF's Aging Tigers Beat the Clock," Air Force Magazine, February 1959

"The Impact of New Weapons Upon the United States Air Force," Address by LeMay, January 25, 1960

"Address by...LeMay...Before the National Rifle Association Dinner...," March 25, 1959

Text of story in Washington Daily News about LeMay's call for a single military service, April 20, 1954

Numerous newspaper articles regarding LeMay in various newspapers, 1960-1967

Folder 2:

Photocopies of photographs of LeMay

Color photograph of LeMay at unidentified ceremony (3 copies)
LeMay, Harold [Collector of vintage automobiles]

"Harold LeMay Dies; Collected 2,400 Vintage Cars," Seattle Times, November 6, 2000
Leonard, Royal [Pilot]

Photograph of Leonard, China, 1935
Leonardo da Vinci [Artist, inventor]

"Leonardo's Flying Machines," Ulisse 2000, May 1997 (text in English and Italian)

Two, one-page articles describing da Vinci's flying machine (photocopies)
Le Penske, E. A. [Military and commercial pilot]

Autobiographical sketch
Letwin, Gordon [Microsoft designer]

"The Wizard of OS/2," Pacific Magazine, Seattle Times, March 27, 1988
Leue, Dave [U.S. Navy pilot]

"Fifty Years of Flying," The Hook, Winter 1998
Le Vier, Anthony W. [Lockheed test pilot and executive]

"Anthony Le Vier, 84, Dies; Helped Develop Jet Fighters," New York Times, February 16, 1998

"Remembering Tony Le Vier," by John Underwood, undated
Levine, Charles [Pilot]

"The Man Who was Almost Lindbergh," True magazine, May 1963

"Charles Levine, First Trans-Atlantic Air Passenger, Dies," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 19, 1991
Levy, Howard [Aviation photographer]

Biographical reminiscence about Levy by Jay Miller
Lewis, Harold [Boeing test pilot]

"Harold Lewis, Pioneer Pilot," no source, undated
Lewis, Jennifer [Museum of Flight Exhibits Researcher]

Staff memo introducing Lewis as new exhibits researcher-writer, 1995

Training materials for Lewis

Lewis' resume with samples of her work
Lewis, Julius V. [Pilot] Correspondence relating to Lewis
Lile, Greer Photograph of Lile, 1968
Lilienthal, Otto [German glider designer]

Folder 1:

“Otto Lilienthal and Octave Chanute: Pioneers of Gliding.” National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (booklet)

"First Controlled Flight in Glider," Famous First Flights, undated

Biographical sketch of Lilienthal, Above and Beyond, volume 8

"100: Lilienthal," WWI Aero, May 1991

"The First 'Magnificent Men,'" Taylor Aircraft Aircraft, undated

Two articles about Lilienthal, World in the Air, volume 2

"Conquests of the Skies," Model Airplane News, November 1970

"Pioneer of Pioneers," Flying, July 1958

Biographical sketch

"The Original Bat-Man," FAA Aviation News, August 1973

Folder 2: Photograph of Lilienthal flying glider
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow [Author, pilot]

Biographical sketch, Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation, undated

"Making America 'Glider-Conscious,'" The Literary Digest, February 22, 1930

"Anne Lindbergh--Then and Now," Modern Maturity, December-January 1977-1978

"Author Anne Morrow Lindbergh Dies at 94," Seattle Times, February 8, 2001
Lindbergh, Charles Augustus [Famed aviator]

Folder 1:

DVD of Lindbergh film reel footage

Research materials regarding Lindbergh from Richard S. Allen

“Odyssey of Charles Lindbergh,” MHQ: Quarterly Journal of Military History, Autumn 2003 (2 copies)

C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society newsletter, November-December, 2001

C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society newsletter, March 2002

Folder 2:

C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society newsletters, 1998-2000

Folder 3:

C.A.L./N-X-211 Collectors Society newsletters, 2000

“Lindbergh Before Paris,” Flight Journal, February 2004

“Remembering Lindbergh,” Airways, May/June 1997

“People & Planes: An Unexpected Visit from the ‘Lone Eagle’…,” Aviation History, May 2004

"'It Takes Your Breath Away,'" Seattle Times, May 30, 2015

Folder 4:

“Charles A. Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis.” National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. (booklet)

“Lindbergh Had Hand in Glenn Space Trip,” no source, [October 3, 1957?]

Newspaper photographs with captions regarding Lindbergh memorabilia

Biographical sketch

Newspaper obituaries

Correspondence regarding Lindbergh photograph, 1972

Photocopies of Appendix from The Spirit of St. Louis (pages 477-492) regarding engineering data on the plane

“Charles Lindbergh’s Heroic Role in World War II,” Man’s Magazine, November 1960

Folder 5:

Charles A. Lindbergh Fund, Inc. Newsletter, 1983-1986

Folder 6:

Sticker: Little Falls, Minn., Chas. A. Lindbergh’s Hometown

“Charles A. Lindbergh,” Daily News, June 8, 1977

“Lindbergh’s Legacy,” Flying, September 1977

“Retracing Lindy’s Victorious Trip Across the Country,” Smithsonian, October 1987

“A Tribute to Slim,” Airline Pilot, May 1977

“Tracking the ‘Lot’ Barnstorming Pal of ‘Slim’ Lindbergh,” [Smithsonian Magazine, May 1976?]

“Lindbergh is Gone,” Flying, November 1974

“’Lone Eagle’ Dies; Charles Lindbergh Buried in Simple Way at Kipahulu Church,” The Maui News, August 27, 1974

“City Appreciated Lindy’s Few Visits,” no source, undated

“Lindy’s New Plane Will Carry Four Passengers,” Popular Mechanics, undated

Lindbergh Commemorative Tour brochure

“Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh,” no source, p. 224-227 (photocopy)

“Lindbergh: The Heroic Curiosity,” Time, May 23, 1977

Folder 7:

Numerous magazine articles about Lindbergh generally around the anniversary of his flight, 1968-1987

“The Rocket-ship of the Future,” Literary Digest, June 25, 1927

Folder 8:

Journal and newspaper clippings about Lindbergh, 1930-1933

Newspaper articles regarding Lindbergh’s death, 1974

“The Story of Tragic Lindbergh Kidnaping,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 27, 1974

Newspaper articles on anniversaries of Lindbergh’s flight, 1977, 1986-1987

“Woman Remembers Night Lindy Paid a Visit,” Daily Times, Ottawa, IL, September 24, 1990

Folder 9:

Card with photograph of Lindbergh after his flight, 1927

Photographs of Lindbergh’s collection of medals, trophies and presents, Rhotogravure Picture Section, The New York Times, January 29, 1928

“The Literary Lindbergh is Celebrated at Yale,” Yale Alumni Magazine, April 1977

“Where’s the Crate that Carried ‘Luck Lindy’s’ Plane Home?,” Yankee, November 1974

“Charles Lindbergh: A Closer Look,” Yankee, October 1975

“Lindy’s Cockpit: Where Uncertainty Gives Way to Conviction,” Los Angeles Times, May 20, 1977

“The Wartime Lindbergh,” no source, undated

“A Lindbergh Remembrance,” Clipper, May 1977

Miscellaneous articles and publications regarding Lindbergh’s across-county tour, 1927

Numerous articles regarding Lindbergh, 1933, 1973-1974, 1977, undated

“Charles A. Lindbergh: The Lone Eagle in South Dakota Skies,” by Rev. Dr. Clayton F. Smith. Paper read for conference, 1998

Folder 10:

"New Qualities of Beauty and Danger" by Charles A. Lindbergh, May 22, 1944

"How We Built Slim's 60-day Wonder," Air & Space, April/May 1987

"Story of a Hero," Ulisse 2000, May 1997 (in Italian and English)

"Lone Eagle's Personal War," Aviation Heritage, June 1991

"Charles Lindbergh--War Hero," Air Progress, undated

"Historic Houses: Charles Lindbergh," Architectural Digest, June 1989

"The Lindberghs Learn to Glide," Modern Mechanics and Inventions for May, undated

Biographical sketch

Lindbergh's Trans-Atlantic Flight, Aviation Stories and Mechanics, July 1927 (brochure)

Souvenir program and Lindbergh landing ticket

Correspondence with Museum of Flight

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 11:

“The Atlantic Hop,” San Francisco Chronicle, May 29, 1927

Lindbergh 2002 (brochure)

Lindbergh’s Flight, Supplementary Pamphlet No. 2-1-4, undated (designed for children) (2 copies)

“When Lindbergh Few the Tin Goose,” The American Weekly, May 18, 1958

“Lindbergh Advises on Use of Gliders,” New York Times, May 18, 1930

Folder 12:

Log of “Spirit of St. Louis” From San Diego to New York” (photocopy)

“Fuel and Oil Consumption Important Factors on Light Distance Flights,” Aviation, June 6, 1927

Photocopies of letter from Lindbergh to Don, October 2, 1927

Miscellaneous items related to Lindbergh and his flight

Folder 13:

Menu (photocopy) for dinner honoring Lindbergh, Savoy Hotel, London, June 1, 1927

Folder 14:

Six (6) photographs of Lindbergh and Spirit of St. Louis

Four (4) photographs of Spirit of St. Louis stamped “Ryan Aeronautical Co. Official Photograph”

Lindbergh in cockpit of Stearman (?) airplane

Lindbergh and others with Mohawk Pinto, 1927

Lindbergh at glider camp, 1930

Lindbergh with Lockheed plane

Lindbergh and others at Cleveland Air Show, 1929

Three (3) photographs of float plane

Numerous photographs of Lindbergh and others (unidentified)

Postcard: “The Real ‘We”! (Lindbergh, mother, and plane)

Photocopy of Lindbergh and Boeing employee at Boeing Model 80

Folder 15:

Eight (8) color photographs of Lindbergh’s grave site in Maui taken by Lynda Kimball, 1989

Color photograph of Lindbergh’s grave stone

Three photographs of two statues of Lindbergh, “The Boy and The Man,” sculpted by Paul Granlund

Two color photographs of Lindbergh’s Curtiss JN4 Jenny, 1993
Lindbergh, Erik [Pilot]

"Grandson to Retrace Lindbergh's Big Flight," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, April 14, 2002

"Once Again, a Lindbergh Will Fly Atlantic," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, February 6, 2002

"The Spirit Soars Again," Parade Magazine, April 2, 2002
Lindbergh, Jon M. [Oceanographer]

"Jon Lindbergh Heads State Sea Unit," Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 22, 1969
Linderoth, Leslie W. [Boeing Company expeditor and manager]

Folder 1:

"Doctor X-peditor," Western Flying, November 1941

Boeing Award Dinner programs, invitations, etc., 1957, 1960, 1961

Folder 2:

Correspondence from Boeing Company to Linderoth

Program for the Seattle Management Club meetings, 1948

Conference Program for the First Annual Northwest Management Conference, 1948

Various documents relating to management

Folder 3:

Two (2) small black-and-white photographs of Linderoth, February, 18, 1969
Link, Edwin A. [Inventor of flight simulator]

"Innovations for Sky and Sea: The Ed Link Story," Elks Magazine, May 2014

"Edwin A. Link, Inventor of Flight Simulator, Dies at 77," Seattle Times, September, 9, 1981
Lishman, Bill [Ultralight pilot]

"Birds of a Feather," Air & Space, June/July 1994
Livingston, John [Air race pilot]

"The Irrespressible Johnny Livingston," National Aeronautics, April-June 1974
Lloyd, Al [Pilot, Boeing engineer, aviation historian]

Memorial service program

"Dreams of Flight," Journal American, July 27, 1989
Locatelli, Antonio [Italian ace pilot, World War I]

Folder 1:

Biographical sketch

Photocopies of articles from various Italian publications

Folder 2:

Sviluppo E Attivita' della C.M.A.S.A., 1973 [relates to Development and Activities of Air Force Aeronautical Engineering?]
Lockheed, Allan H. [Founder of first Lockheed company]

One-page article about Allan and Malcolm Lockheed, no source, undated

Obituary of Allan
Locklear, Ormer [Stunt pilot]

"Daredevil: Ormer Locklear: The Man Who Walked on Air!," Wings, undated
Loening, Grover [Aviation engineer and inventor]

Two (2) biographical sketches

"Our Interesting Members: Grover Loening," AOPA Pilot, March 1968

"General Flying Problems." Address by Grover Loening before International Northwest Aviation Council, 1962 (pamphlet, 2 copies)

"Wright Field Leaders, Work Lauded by Pioneer Airman," no source, undated

"Loening Revisits Aviation's Greats," The AOPA Pilot, January 1969

Photocopy of photograph
Lombardi, Michael [Boeing Company historian]

"In Boeing's Attic, a Century of History Spans Seaplanes to 787s,", July 14, 2016
Lomen, Ralph [Alaska bush pilot and third paying passenger of Boeing]

"Ralph Lomen Dies; Pioneer in Alaska," Seattle Times, December 5, 1976
Londo, Francis [Homebuilt pilot]

"This Homemade Plane Can Fly--But Its Builder Can't, Yet," Seattle Times Sunday Pictorial Magazine, April 9, 1967
London, Terry Lee [Pilot, aviatrix]

"Woman Pilot Breaks Sex Barrier," Long Beach Press-Telegram, June 4, 1976
Longfield, John N. [Commanding officer, Naval Air Station, Seattle]

Folder 1: Biographical sketch

Folder 2: Black-and-white photograph of Longfield
Loop, Paula R. [World War II transport pilot, aviatrix]

Photocopies of official material relating to a crash by Paula R. Loop while ferrying a plane out of Medford Army Airfield, 1944
Lorance, Paul [Airline mechanic]

"Lorance," Airwest, undated
Lotti, Armand [French pilot]

Brief note, Los Angeles Times, June 14, 1990
Loudenslager, Leo [Aerobatic pilot]

"Leo Loudenslager, Archetype of Aerobatic Pilots," Sport Aviation, January 1985
Lovelace, Randolph W. [Physician, medical researcher, and co-inventor of Air Force oxygen mask]

"Not Your Everyday Parachute Jump," by James Fraser (handwritten account)

Biographical sketch
Lovell, James A., Jr. [U.S. astronaut]

NASA photograph with autopen signature
Lovering, Howard [Executive Director, Museum of Flight]

Folder 1:

Articles regarding move of Spruce Goose to Oregon, 1992-1993

Japan trip notes, 1991

Resignation memo from Lovering to staff, 1991

Newspaper article about Lovering's resignation, 1991

Memoranda to museum staff and correspondence, 1986-1989

Mayor's Tourism Forum and Luncheon program and schedule, 1987

IATM Convention Notes, 1990

Miscellaneous newspaper articles, 1977, 1986-1990

Photocopies of photographs

Folder 2:

Color and black-and-white photographs of Lovering and Museum of Flight events

Group photograph with Barbara Bush, 1990

Color photograph of Lovering and others in front of B-17

Folder 3:

Color and black-and-white photographs of Lovering and Museum events

Low, David [U.S. astronaut]

"David Low, Alpha Alpha '78, Aboard Columbia Space Shuttle," Phi Kappa Sigma Newsletter, undated
Lowe, Thadeus Sobieski [Civil War aeronaut and balloonist]

Biographical sketch
Lufbery, Raoul [World War I pilot]

"U.S. Major Lufbery's 60 Unclaimed Kills," Bluebook magazine, June 1964

"Lafayette Escadrille Ace of Aces," Aviation History, January 2004
Luke, Frank [World War I ace pilot]

"Super Ace from Arizona," Air Progress, February 1968

"Frank Luke -- Immortal Balloon Buster," Climax magazine, November 1963
Lund, Wilfred James [Bush pilot and commercial pilot]

"W.J. Lund, Longtime Airline Pilot," Seattle Times, December 29, 1989
Lundquist, Gustav [U.S. Air Force test pilot]

Biographical sketch
Lusk, Hilton Frank [Aeronautical engineer]

Biographical sketch

Letter about developing a flying club, 1928

Business notes and correspondence, 1932-1933 (photocopies)
Lym, Art [Chinese American pilot]

Folder 1:

List of China Contacts (photocopy), undated

"Chinese Americans Were 'Nucleus' of the Early Chinese Aviation," Asian Week, August 12, 1982 (3 copies)

"More Men in Flying Machines," Asian Week, August 26, 1982

"Wings to China," Chinese Digest. Three-part series: November 22, November 29, December 6, 1935

Folder 2:

"Proposal for the publication of a book about the early days of Chinese aviation (7 page typescript; photocopy)

Official first day cover: "Aviation in Hong Kong," 1984

"Art Lym License No. 245" (plaque)

Correspondence from Office of Economic Warfare and the Foreign Economic Administration of the United States of America regarding employment of Art Lym, 1943-1945

Letter from Colonel Macaulay to Art Lym regarding his application for membership in The Early Birds (including application forms)

Folder 3:

Multiple copies of photographs of Lym in Curtiss Pusher, 1913

Folder 4:

Numerous photographs of Lym

Photocopy of postcard sent by Lym to Curtiss plant manager in Hammondsport, New York, 1914
Lyulka, Arkhip [Soviet propulsion engineer]

Folder 1:

“Lyulka, a Soviet Pioneer,” Air Enthusiast, November 1971


  • 20th Century

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